What is Healthy Eating

What is Healthy Eating

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  1. “are you scared now”? LOL Lovin’ the vlogs! I’m into it. (3) Questions: Did God make coffee? Did God make natural peanut butter? Did God make Stevia? If so, I may be able to do this. Love ya, Evey! Sal

    • Sal, oh yeah, coffee is OK in moderation, LOVE stevia – in fact I put it in my oatmeal every morning and natural peanut butter is GREAT. Glad to have you join us. Keep on checking us out and if on facebook, make sure to check out my iwilldoit2 fan page where I often post my daily eating plan. Thanks Evey

  2. Evey the hat looks so cute on ya. 🙂
    I have a question. We are often on the go for meals. I am wanting to stay away from restaurants as much as possible. In doing that it means that the meal I will have to take on the go is a sandwich. Bread for sure is an unhealthy choice I get that, but at times when I am on the go I have to eat in the car. Can’t drive and and use a fork. lol The best thing to do would be to pack a lunch and stop but sometimes it just isn’t that easy. So… is eating home made bread ok? Not white bread but whole grain bread made at home?
    Thanks for your patience with my questions.

    • Jackie, as a rule even homemade bread is using flour (wheat flour) or processed grains so not the best choice BUT there are other things you can eat on the run.(Can use Ezekial Bread, in moderation – the bread that has to be refrigerated) They take preparation but…. for instance any fruit and any nuts. That is a perfect snack. Like say an apple (carb), nuts (protein and fats) see perfect. Also can use protein bars or a cheese stick and grapes – stop and buy a Greek yogurt or pack in a cooler – you get the idea. Soon I will post actual menus and will post some ideas for on the GO. Hope this helps. Evey

  3. Thank you Evey for doing this! I know about a lot of this stuff already its just a matter of sticking with it to reach my final goal. I am very happy that you are posting up what you are eating and what is considered healthy eating. It is absolutely wonderful and selfless of you for caring about other people enough to share your knowledge. I am looking forward to more and will be doing this along with you! I am very excited about all this!! There is alot I still do not know about all this that is why I am so happy and thankful for you and all your hard work! Blessings to you and your family!!

    • Mary, you are VERY welcome. This is my passion and it is a field that I have been involved with for the last 14 yrs. So glad you are doing this with me and we will both take it to the finish. I will be posting regularly on my facebook fan page iwilldoit2 what I am eating and what weight training and cardio I am doing. Please keep me updated with your progress. Evey

  4. Ok I will, thanks!!

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