9 Week Pics - YAY

9 Week Pics – YAY


So excited that I am at 9 WEEKS with my TRANSFORMATION. Whew I am DOING it - are YOU? It's a process I am working. I know sometimes we really, really want it RIGHT NOW and don't want to have to give up the bread and sweets but still want to LOOK and FEEL great but, well all I know is 'NOTHING tastes as good as FIT FEELS'! Am I done yet? Oh noooooo, in fact if you see the pictures here I have my before's, my 6 week and my current pics (9wks). Some changes in the last 3 weeks but I am going to pick it up now and finish strong. In fact I am thinking about starting training for some type of competition after this 12 weeks so no, I am NOT done yet. Maybe this time I will do a bikini contest or maybe another figure competition. We will see... lots of opportunity for me after this first 12 weeks.

At this point I have been doing this regular weight training, cardio and healthy eating for 63 days (9wks). Now I want you to think about what YOU have been doing for the last 63 days. My before photo was taken the Monday of Christmas week and I have gone from that to what you see today in ONLY 63 days or 9 weeks. Still 3 more weeks till I have 90 days into this health and fitness change happening here. So basically what I am saying is sometimes it seems like a really, really long time and other times it seems like I just blinked and DRAMATIC changes.

Have YOU started to achieve YOUR fitness goals? If not, why not? Time is going by so you can either do or not but time is going by anyway...

So here are MY NUMBERS: remember the numbers are just a measuring tool just like the pics so .... just keep that in mind. They DO NOT tell the whole story but instead just capture a small part. DON'T want you or me to FOCUS only on the numbers as much more is happening with our bodies than any scale can tell us.

Right NOW: I weigh 125.4lbs, body fat is 22% and my lean body mass (LBM) everything but fat is (125.4 x 22%) = 27.58 lbs of fat on my body. 125.4lbs - 27.58 fat = 97.82

At START 63 days ago: weighed 133.3lbs, body fat 27.2%, LBM = 97lbs and fat lbs = 36lbs

So the numbers tell one story but the PICTURES tell another. Numbers, so dry, pics so alive. What I love about pics and clothes is that you can see and feel the change. It is real and your senses can see/feel it too. Not just some dry numbers. Because really if I was just going by the numbers I should be a little depressed. I mean really, there are folks out there losing what 8lbs in a week or two and look here, it has taken me 63 days or 9 weeks. What is that all about? Ahhhh and there is the $10 million dollar question. THE SCALE doesn't matter, at least if you are trying to get healthy and fit by weight training, cardio and healthy eating. It is again just a measuring tool. YOUR body will change in so many ways that THE SCALE can NOT measure. Your numbers might go up and down and all around but YET your body continues to get smaller and healthier. Well muscle will do that.

Remember if I just wanted to lose WEIGHT on a scale I could just starve like I use to in my 20's, or I could take legalized speed to starve and exercise more, I could eat and puke or I could cut my calories down to 500cals a day (starving again) eating lots of veggies/fruits and taking legalized speed to get SMALLER. Or I could cut calories and become a cardio machine and put in 3, 4 or 5 hours of cardio in a day. Yes there are folks like that out there. You know you have choices. I mean you could just say screw it and go to McDonald's, say this is all too hard and eat crap and get fatter for the rest of your life. Ahhhh choices. Well I have made my choice and as you can see it is to take the healthy and fit road to getting lean and mean. Well maybe not the MEAN part lol.

I want to be able to eat all day long. I don't want to starve or take drugs or puke in a toilet or cardio like a machine. I want to be able to eat 5 small meals a day with protein, carbs and fats and live my life. Weight train 3 times a week and cardio. I am in a grove now and it is not so hard to eat healthy. After you do it a while it starts to become your habit and then it gets much, much smoother.

Hopefully you are thinking or already doing your own transformation. Make sure to check back here or sign up for my RSS feed so you know when I post again. I will be doing a shoulder weight training vlog tomorrow so be sure to watch. Ohhhh and I love YOUR comments. Let me know what is going on with you!

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  1. María K Torres says:

    Holy cow! You look awesome. Congrats. I have 20 days since I started my transformation. I am planning to take my pics every 4 weeks. I feel motivated, I am eating right and exercising 5 to 6 times a week. I am committed to build the body I want. I like sweets (too much) but nothing compared to the feeling of enjoying myself being disciplined, exercising every day, planning my meals and taking care of my health in general. My flesh is weak but I repeat every time I need it: I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. Evey, of you can do it, we can do it too! Thanks for this 1 on 1. I want to make you feel proud of me. God bless you!

    • Maria, you are on it! Thanks so much for your encouragement and I KNOW you will be a shining example of what someone can do with their health and fitness. I am going to enjoy the journey with you 🙂

  2. Jackie Gartner says:

    Hey Evey,
    You look amazing. Wow girl! So very proud of you. I am forging forward. I am not giving up nor am I quiting. Working through life stuff is all apart of being healthy. The scale may not say what I want it to, and I may not be the size I want to…both of those things are goals. Despite the things going on around me at present (you are aware) I am getting healthy and maintaining that momentum. When I was at the doctors the other day I spoke to him about not losing weight, or at least not with any speed. He looked at me and said that the lab and other test results tell a story. He said that my good cholesterol is nice and high and that is so good and he said… Jackie that is because of your exercise. He said your blood pressure and the ECG show a healthy heart …nice and slow and low. He said that all the tests are good. He said he isn’t “worried” about my weight but would like to see it lower so that I stay healthy and don’t let it go back to where it once was. BUT compared to my past history with the above with high cholesterol, not great BP and kidney and liver…he said I am healthy. None of those things are a concern now. Stress and hormones are the biggy, but I refuse to get pulled under by them. So… I have kicked up the work out a HUGE notch and trying to eat good. Lately the problem is eating enough. Stress does that… so…not a problem… just life and that is part of this transformation .. to work through the life lumps and bumps. Thanks to you, your journey and iwilldoit2 I feel like I have a beacon. God placed you here and now in this span of time for lots of reasons and one of them I know is to be the one…and to have this place (iwilldoit2) to help me on my road to a size 4 pants 🙂 Hugs and thank you! Again girl… YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!

    • Jackie, you are right where you are suppose to be. You know what is required and YES you are in challenging times, much more challenging than the challenges of regular life. Focus onyour day to day like you plan to and I will continue to pray for your situations. You will overcome this moment. SO pleased with your Dr.’s results, see some positives. Keep moving forward 🙂

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