Avoiding the "All or Nothing" Approach

Avoiding the “All or Nothing” Approach


Michael Albrough "FITPRO" is our guest vlogger today. He has generously agreed to share some of his incredible knowledge and expertise with us here at www.iwilldoit2.com and for that we are very thankful. Michael is a true CHAMPION in every sense of the word. Here are just a few of his accomplishments.

Michael Albrough
Certified Fitness Professional Since 2002
NSCA/ACE/NASM Certified Personal Trainer

3 Body-for-LIFE Challenges from 2000-2003
3 Transformation Challenges from 2010-2011

My personal journey to a healthy lifestyle has taken me down many paths. I have become aware that a holistic approach including mindfulness through the practice of meditation, honest self examination to help uncover the hidden reasons for a state of disrepair or ill-health, along with sensible individualized fitness training and fundamental from-the-earth nutrition are vital for creating optimal health that is sustainable long-term.

We know through individual experience, that our surface level reasons for wanting to change simply do not stand the test of time. We must search within and look to our true self to unlock our hidden potential in order to discover meaningful and lasting change. Another fad diet or quick fix simply will not do.

Allow me to be your Lighthouse. I will help you navigate the choppy waters of misinformation, weather the storms created by negative self-talk and an excuse driven life, and successfully create the health and vitality you deserve.

I hope you enjoyed Michael's vlog as much as I did. He continues to educate, motivate and inspire others to follow along and have success on the journey to 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out.' Hopefully he will join us again and share some more insight into this life change we ALL are currently striving to master in our lives.

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  1. Thank you so much Evey for that kind and complimentary introduction. The work you are doing is important. I love how you share your unique insights while also leading by example, demonstrating to all that you have the courage to fully practice it as well as espouse it. Blessings.

  2. Hey Evey & Michael…
    Michael…proud of you for your accomplishments as Champion. Ya look awesome dear. 🙂
    Great vlog. Strange picture though lol. I just keep on keepin on and working at doing my best. Weekends are the tough one, but I am working through that too.

    Thanks Evey for all you do here and for bringing folks like Mr. Fitpro on board 🙂

    Have a wonderful day.
    Hugs Jackie

    • Hey Jackie, thanks for the compliments 🙂 Yes I love Michael’s vid too. I think it is so unique…he is like a talking avatar! And he has so much knowledge and experience to share…

    • Strange is my First, Middle and Last name Jackie 🙂 … LOL. I enjoy delivering the message with a certain Je ne sais quoi . Thank you for your input and kind remarks. ~Michael

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