Book REVIEW: "Adrenal Fatigue" by James L. Wilson

Book REVIEW: “Adrenal Fatigue” by James L. Wilson

I don't know if you have heard about Adrenal Fatigue but it's been out and about as a HOT Topic for a few years now in the Holistic and Health and Fitness worlds. This book today that I am reviewing is THE BOOK that got this topic out there. This book was published in 2001 and I have to admit the first time I read it was last year shorty before MY TRANSFORMATION. Why did I look for and BUY this book? Well, probably for the same reason some of you are reading this blog today. I wanted to read it and FIND OUT if I had ADRENAL FATIGUE. Early last year I had a LOT OF STRESS in my life and A LOT OF SYMPTOMS of stress like NO ENERGY, bouts of respiratory problems, craving SUGAR/simple carbs, low blood pressure and feeling faint when getting up fast and weak and YES, knowing that yes, I am hypoglycemic and after reading this book and reading that most hypoglycemic folks usually ALSO have adrenal fatigue well ...

  • Tired for no reason?
  • Having trouble getting up in the morning?
  • Need coffee, colas, energy drinks, sodas, salty or sweet snacks to keep going?
  • Feeling run down and stressed?
 Adrenal fatigue is a collection of signs and symptoms, known as a syndrome, that results when the adrenal glands function below the necessary level. Most commonly associated with intense or prolonged stress, it can also arise during or after acute or chronic infections, especially respiratory infections such as influenza, bronchitis or pneumonia. As the name suggests, its paramount symptom is fatigue that is not relieved by sleep but it is not a readily identifiable entity like measles or a growth on the end of your finger. You may look and act relatively normal with adrenal fatigue and may not have any obvious signs of physical illness, yet you live with a general sense of unwellness, tiredness or "gray" feelings. People experiencing adrenal fatigue often have to use coffee, colas and other stimulants to get going in the morning and to prop themselves up during the day.                                  Quoted from Adrenal


Anyone use sugar or foods that spike blood sugar levels for a pick me up most mornings or afternoons? Or CAFFEINE? How about that 3-4pm afternoon slump time? Do you also experience that? I know I did experience it and almost like clock work at about 3 - 3:30 in the afternoon always feeling like I REALLY NEEDED A NAP. Increased PMS symptoms, mild depression, lack of energy and the book lists even MORE common SYMPTOMS that I know you and many of your friends probably have and talk about regularly.

SO what about the book? Besides explaining the history of Adrenal Fatigue which goes back a 100years or so it also lists symptoms like stated above. It has a questionnaire both in the book and at Dr. Wilson's website - Adrenal  that you can take to find out if you HAVE Adrenal Fatigue. But I will say at this time what I LOVED most about the book is the EXAMPLES of folks that Dr. Wilson listed who had different experiences with Adrenal Fatigue both through their symptoms, how they became and realized they had a health problem and if they did or did not set out to RESOLVE their health problems. TONS of info in just the examples. BIG PLUS!

Another HUGE bonus with this book is that it is so THOROUGH. I mean, after reading this book, if you actually understood it, you really would NOT HAVE too many questions about your adrenals, about vitamins and minerals and supplements, your eating and lifestyle factors or anything else that will or will not help you improve your adrenals. So TONS of information. Dr. Wilson spends a LARGE chapter on FOODS. I hope you are NOT surprised by this lol.  Also food allergies and sensitivities and really, really important the TESTS you can take to find out if you are indeed experiencing Adrenal Fatigue. A couple really simple tests you can take right at home and of course, there are also Lab tests too like the now popular Saliva Hormone Test. So NOT just the questionnaire.

I have to tell you here that I am a READER, LOVE to read and I love to read A LOT. However, I do not LOVE TO READ textbooks or books written like textbooks. This book has lots of illustrations that are easy to follow and lots of lists and folks personal stories ALL PLUSES to me but some parts not so much. Like when it got to the Dietary Supplements chapter not so interested. I sorta just skimmed through to get an idea of what supps he recommended and made sure I was taking them. I will say, however, he went into detail about kinds of supps and which were better for you and why so if you don't know a lot of this stuff already this will be very educational to you.

At this point and with all the info that I briefly mentioned already you would think "THAT'S ENOUGH" but no, noooo the Dr also goes into the ANATOMY and PHYSIOLOGY of your adrenals and you might think YUCK but soo, sooo important. YOUR adrenals are HUGE in the big picture of YOUR HEALTH. Like did you know "that many women suffering from premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and have difficult menopause have low adrenal function, and vice versa." And this little tidbit is just a very small fraction of HOW IMPORTANT your adrenals are to your WHOLE HEALTH. But yes, I did know that little bit of info would be interesting to any women having PMS or a menopause problem! LOL Just keeping you interested 🙂

Lastly, on page 145 in the book is a recipe called Adrenal Recovery Soup that I will admit I am thinking of making and trying. Looks easy and tasty YAY!

So, would I recommend this book to my clients, my friends and my family? YES, I would and YES, I have. In fact, when reading it, really try to absorb all the info because in my opinion, this book is a GOLD MINE of information. Excellent book!!



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