Book Review: Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

Book Review: Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

Don't you find it interesting how you notice things for a time period (years) and then all the sudden you are reading a book that actually explains the phenomenon that you have been noticing but did not quite understand what was causing it or how it was coming about to be. The perfect example for me is folks with the big bellies and little legs phenomenon that is everywhere. I noticed this strangeness, initially, way back when Lynn and I got engaged in Alaska back in 1998. I had only been INTO fitness for about a year or two and was at that time very fit as I had just completed a Body for Life 12 week program and was in TOP shape and had really just started to realize how what, when, where and how much what I ate effected my body shape, size and health. Hiking through Alaska for a month the summer of 1998 Lynn and I had the opportunity to meet lots of local folks. One of the first things we noticed about the local folks (Indians) was first that they usually had very bad teeth and second they had big old bellies and skinny legs.

I remember this still to this day because Lynn and I were both like WHAT? Why do almost ALL of them look that way? No joke. Like 90% if an adult. So we asked about the teeth and found out that many could not afford to go to the dentist and we asked about the food and many said they ate cheap and drank beer. As in ate breads, pasta, crackers and so on. YEP! Sorta got a hint from that. Not only that but I had just gone through 12 weeks without ALCOHOL, without bread, without pasta, without ANY PROCESSED foods whatsoever as I was told by my abs out, as in 6 (5pack for him as he was shot through one of his abs) pack abs HUSBAND that you CAN NOT EAT PROCESSED FOODS AND LOSE BODY FAT. Low and behold he was right and I had just lived it and confirmed it.

Over the years with our Personal Training Studio one of the BIGGIES for our clients was always the replacing the processed foods with quality as God made them foods and oftentimes they suffered withdrawal symptoms and always off the processed foods for a while they would start to resolve medical issues that may have been plaquing them for years HMMMM Yep we were always on the EAT REAL FOOD plan for ourselves and for our clients. Not to say we also have not fallen of that wagon a time or two ...

SO this book, WOW this book. There is not much I DON'T like about it. First and foremost it is NOT DRY. It is not all facts and studies. Thank you. thank you William. I can't stand a DRY BOOK. In fact, I won't read it so .... THIS book I read last night. Yes the whole thing and I was intrigued by it.

In the first few chapter OK a little history so if you can't handle facts, figures and history you can just read sections and get the gist of it. This was where I realized that I DID NOT KNOW that ALL wheat is genetically modified. In fact if you still don't quite get the whole GMO movement this section of the book will help you understand WHY it is so important to YOU and well to ALL OF US! He goes on to talk about so many topics that are influenced by wheat. Like Gluten Intolerance and Insulin Resistance and aging an heart disease and so many factors involved when you choose to eat wheat. WHO KNEW?

I began to realize that I really liked this book right from the beginning and the reason I like it is that I AGREE with this guy, this author, William Davis. He ties instances that you might not think to relate to each other and shows how they do and how they influence each other both in our own bodies and in our economy. Like on page 109 he states (direct quote)

"To this day, the notion of treating diabetes by increasing consumption of the foods that caused the disease in the first place, then managing the blood sugar mess with medications."

WOW! Powerful and hitting on my TWO favorite topics. Food and Prescription Drugs.

I remember once doing a poll with all our clients over a time period about diabetes. I asked those that were Type 2 Diabetic why they would continue to eat foods that they new caused their problem (this is if they truly knew this as some DID NOT) with diabetes if they knew they could just give up the food and control their diabetes with HOW THEY ATE - so why didn't they? Almost ALL of them said 'why give up the food I LOVE if I can just take a medication to control the situation and still eat the food." HUH? Yep that was me with mouth open saying "REALLY?" This book backs up my little study with our clients lol YEP

Something else in this book that I did not mention in my video blog that I wish I had is RECIPES, lots of healthy recipes and lists of foods that are good to eat and lists of foods that contain wheat. In looking through the lists I am confident you will find stuff on there that you will say NO WAY is that bad for you but, but, but yep it is. The author also touches on switching over from a eating wheat program to not eating wheat program and the issues that you will encounter. Yes change will HAVE TO OCCUR if you currently eat wheat. Hope this is not surprising you.

And lastly, he gives people examples who have given up the wheat in ALL IT'S FORMS and resolved many different kinds of HEALTHY ISSUES. LOVE IT and totally believe this should be REQUIRED READING for anyone with diabetes or anyone looking to get healthy and lose fat. It will never hurt you to learn something new.

OK let me know what YOU THINK. If you go out and get the book stop back and let me know your thoughts and opinions. How did it influence you? And if you liked this post make sure to LIKE below so your friends can read/see it too. Or tweet, Google+ however your roll 🙂 Thanks for stopping by I really appreciate it and YOU!


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  1. Lynn Lingenfelter says:

    Just beautiful!!

  2. I liked this book but I had issues with some of his science and “causality” statements. With that said, the plan outlined in the book is a great way to walk this planet and feed your body. I even more loved the book “It Starts With Food” by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig. This is a great, life changing read. Maybe a consideration for a future book review? Cheers. DJ

    • Thanks Daniel for your comment. I will check out “It Starts With Food” and yeah maybe a future book review. Hope you stop back often 🙂

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