Details of MY 90 Day Transformation Pics

Details of MY 90 Day Transformation Pics


So here they are: My before photo from the Monday before Christmas till Monday March 12, 2112. My 90 day (or 12 week) transformation. Someone recently asked WHY all the pictures? For me I wanted to SHOW with pictures small changes over a period of time to the BIG change. Sometimes when we are always seeing ourselves on a day to day basis we miss the small changes that are happening to our bodies. When we take the pics we can then SEE clearly that YES, something is happening. YAY! See for some reason we often imagine that, well, we went to bed fat and because we are working out and giving up stuff well we should wake up the next day fit and that is so, so NOT how it works. It is small steps taken repeatedly over a period of time and one day you wake up and REALIZE you are NOW very fit. Lol In my case it was 12 weeks.

So someone recently asked me what I thought the most important element is for someone just getting started on 'getting and living healthy and fit', and really I would have to say it is giving up - yes "giving up" all the past experiences you have had with dieting or losing weight and what you think and believe works or has or has not worked for you in the past. So basically cleaning the slate of your mind from OLD thougths and patterns you have acquired over the course of your life to being open to NEW patterns and thoughts. It sounds really, really easy but, but hmmmm I am thinking not so much so. Empty your mind of the old thoughts and second most important, OPEN your mind to new thoughts.

I recently started a Beth Moore Bible study of the book of Daniel at my church and she actually starts the bible study by having everyone doing the study sign a paragraph that looks like this:

On this day, ___________________________________, I ___________________________, commit to LEARN!

I believe her intent is to make us make a committment to learn as we will be learning about some stuff that we might not WANT TO LEARN about as it just might contradict what we currently THINK. Hmmm sorta like this fitness stuff. Give this new stuff a try. Commit to LEARNING new things and along the way you just might get healthy and fit too.

THE Details: Here is a brief summary of what I did during this time period to make these physical changes occur.

Food - If you are following my blogs or have been around me AT ALL you already know that this is the MOST important step of changing your patterns for success with your health and fitness. I eat 4-5 small meals a day, depending on how long I am awake. I space them apart every 2-3 hrs and this is not regimented. I might go 2 hrs and 45 min or I might go 3 hrs and 15 min but I do try to stay in that window of time. Reason being to keep my metabolism purring along and to NEVER sit down to a Big BUTT meal. Body can't handle all those calories in one sitting so...soooo why do it. Every meal has a quality protein source and a carb. Earlier in the day I will have complex carbs (ie potatoes, sweet pot. brown rice) for my carbs and towards evening I will have veggies for my lean carbs and always with the protein. Usually have 2 meal replacement shakes a day. Lots more on the food so make sure to check out my Healthy Eating category to read some more on this.

Weight Training: I weight train 3 times a week. I work every body part (chest, shoulders, triceps, back, biceps, abs, quads and hamstrings) once a week. I use a progressive sets and reps scheme as I am always trying to build muscle. Which, by the way, is hard to do. No she-men around here. For more info on this go to my weight training category on here. I have videos and written blogs to help you along.

Cardio: yes cardio is in the mix but it is NOT the most important. Yes you will do it the most, well with the exception of your eating, but still it is just a finish on burning calories to shrink those fat cells. I cardio an hour a day. I usually run for 30 min 6 days a week and I also cardio in the evening after I weight train for another 30 min. Now you might ask if that is necessary for YOU to do all that cardio? My answer would be NO but then do not expect my results either. Can you cardio just 3 times a week and weight train 3 times a week? Yes you can. Or you can do more or really whatever BUT, it will take you LONGER to get my results. Cardio speeds up the process of your transformation. SO if you are on a time limit as you are doing a challenge or something then I would suggest you cardio 6 days a week for an hour. Or if you are just making some changes to get healthier and fitter and ARE NOT IN A HURRY to see RESULTS then do your cardio just here and there.

This is what I did and really it was not that hard. Initially in the beginning it is a little hard as you are starting NEW HABITS but every day that you continue on with the new habits it will get easier and easier. I am working on getting my FREE E-BOOK on this site in the next two weeks so that you will have a little help on YOUR way. The eBook will be a health and fitness journal packed with food tips and health and fitness information and of course, pages for you to track your food, weight training and cardio. Just so you can SEE your progress written down. I am also going to be setting a date for a future competition I will be starting to train for. It will be either a Figure Competition or a Bikini Competition. When I decide and sign up for the competition I will be sure to let you know. Very exciting stuff coming ahead here on this site so be sure to join my RSS Feed here or bookmark to be sure to get my blogs as they come out.

Over the next couple weeks I will be reposting some of the more popular blogs and vlogs and having a few new ones added to the mix. Look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments. Thanks for participating...


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  1. Maria K Torres says:

    I love to speak my mind here! I am so grateful you decided to do this. It’s an excellent tool. I get motivated, I also get very clear information, you are adorable. I connect easily with your personality and your way of writing. I wish you all the success. I know If I feel encouraged, many are going to feel the same way. I would say for me personally the hardest part of my Transformation is to keep focused in Clean eating during a whole month. I haven’t had a month where I don’t fail at some point with my food. It’s like my hormones take control over me, even over my thoughts. So what I am trying now is to work very hard and being strong and constant when I feel focused and strong. When I am in “those days” I try to keep thinking I have to re-focus ASAP, and of course, I am accepting myself and enjoying the process. I have to keep connected. I say to my self: Never throw the towel, this is a path, not a destination. I don’t know if I will get a fitness model of myself but at the end I know i will be strong and healthy, full of joy and blessings to share.

    • Maria, I really appreciate YOUR feedback and I am so happy to hear that this site motivates and educates YOU. Keep on posting and sharing as I look forward to it. Remember it is not about PERFECT either. In fact, about once a week I would eat whatever I had been craving that week. SO if it was chocolate I might have a dark chocolate bar or maybe some kind of BREAD ( I love bread). It is OK and I recommend once a week window of 4 hrs to eat whatever. It gets the junk eating out of your system and actually helps your metabolism. See good new:)

  2. Lynn Lingenfelter says:

    Just AMAZING!!!

  3. Amazing results Evey! And as I read your blogs I keeping I need to clean up my eating! And downsize it, and weight train… Thanks for the inspiration!

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