"How do I get abs?"

The MOST asked question, I believe, in health and fitness. Always, always always the folks are asking what exercises do I have to do to GET MY abs? Do I have to do 1000 crunches every morning? Do I have to BUY the Ab Roller? Are reverse crunches better than regular crunches? What should my exercises and sets and reps plan be? Ayyyyyyyyee

The very FIRST thing you have to do is ERASE WHATEVER YOU ALREADY THINK you have to do. Just because you watched Rocky or whatever movie or read in a muscle magazine what some TOP fitness person said they did for an ad selling something to get abs: that you have to do 1000 crunches every morning or do hanging leg raises with 25lbs weights on your ankles plus, of course, purchase this amazing supplement, gizmo or what ever... it all whooooeyyyy!

Listen it took me a LOOOOOONG time to swallow THE TRUTH on this one too. Mainly because I, like you, had been conditioned to believe that I could just do this and this and viola I would have a six pack. Hahahahaha if only! I mean you do know there is a REASON that so FEW folks have their abs visible right? Do you think the reason is because it is so EASY? Nooooooo if fact most folks WANT their abs visible BECAUSE so few folks have them and they want to be one of the few. Alright so if you agree that they CAN'T possibly be easy to get OUT or else EVERYONE would have them. SO then therefore is can't be so easy as 1000 crunches every morning because really HOW hard is that? For some of you hmm well really hard but others who still have NEVER seen their abs after trying for a LONG period of time by doing 1000 crunches and still DON'T have them visible well hmmmmm!

There is a certain truth about abs that really is in all the research, all TOP fitness folks will also tell you if they are NOT selling something and it a proven FACT! In fact I have personally proven it over and over in my OWN life. Now listen or read carefully here because THE SECRET of getting anyone TO SEE YOUR ABDOMINALS is :


Now I did NOT say to get YOUR ABS - I wrote to SEE your ABS! Mainly because most of us ALREADY have nice, beautiful abs!


Yes, yes we do already have abs. If you have ever had any kind of abdominal surgery and then tried to move your body at all - you would then realize JUST how much you actually use your abs. I would say like in almost ALL your movements all day, everyday. Now this is not to say your abs can't get or be weak. In fact they can. But with proper posture and just HOLDING your abdominal wall in you will be strengthening YOUR abs. And of course you can do crunches too:) Or really any other ab exercises.

NOW will doing the exercises GET YOUR ABS OUT?


So if you want to stop reading now because you just don't want to hear that then please do. Because really maybe you should just go back to doing what you have been doing for like what  6, 8, 21 yrs now and yet still have NEVER seen your abs. Now what was that saying about INSANITY = someone who continues to do the same thing over and over again and EXPECTING a different result? Oh ya, I have met a lot of those folks with this abs stuff here. Asking and asking for info and yet I give it to them and for some reason or somehow they revert BACK TO their OLD way of thinking and end up doing AGAIN what they had done in the past and again WITHOUT success. Hmmmm Now why is that?

Now repeat after me:


When you say, hear or read this I want you to think : FOOD

WHAT you eat and for HOW long you eat healthy foods will determine mostly if or when you or anyone will see your abs.

Does exercise have NOTHING to do with it? No exercise is a component of helping you get to see your abs. Most especially weight training. And the biggest asset in the weight training would be training your BIG muscle groups. Because of their potential to grow and so then therefore burn FAT! What about the ab exercises or the calves, or tri's - sure important but not as important. Not as much potential to grow. You see?

So this can really, really get in depth and I just want to give you the basics. SO here they are, what we have covered so far:

1. You already have abs. Can strengthen them by just holding your abs in or do any ab exercises

2. Weight training is HUGE help to burn FAT so we can hopefully eventually SEE your abs

3. FOOD is the real answer

4. Healthy food over a period of TIME

5. Cardio is just a finish - burning cals to help burn FAT

When I say abs are made in the kitchen I want to be very clear about something. Yes it is ALL ABOUT the FOOD but more importantly it is about the FOOD THAT YOU CAN'T EAT!

For example: If you see someone running around with a six pack you can be sure they have not EATEN any sugar or simple carbs in a LONG time. Now yes some YOUNG guys who are active with lifting and exercise MIGHT be able to get away with bread SOME but for most of us NO!

SO it would be: NO BREAD! NO CEREAL! NO PASTA! NO CRACKERS! NO SUGAR! NOTHING PROCESSED so NO PRE-MADE ANYTHING either. Oh oh myyyyyyy your thinking but, but, but that is ALL I ever eat. Hmmm and that folks is why you may be unhealthy and why you will NEVER see your abs.

AND now live with this kind of food for MONTHS. Yes MONTHS and if you have to lose more than a 100 pounds possible years of eating as fitness folks call it CLEAN! Clean eating for well however long it takes... I will tell you right now that many folks are under the assumption that CLEAN EATING is really boring and the same thing over and over again. The reality is - it is as boring as YOU who are making it. You can LEARN new things and NEW ways and really eat some good tasty food but again YOU gotta WANT to.

THAT is why so few folks have abs:) Or I should say that is why so few folks have their abs OUT!

Not much left to say after that except to ask you a question. HOW BAD DO YOU WANT IT? Depending on your answer - that will determine if or when you or anyone EVER sees your abs. Can you do it? Only you have that answer. YOUR body can but your mind had to agree and then your body has to DO THE WORK! Yes folks it is WORK! And many would say sacrifice. I however, do not think it sacrifices so much. Because the reality is that all the food you MUST give up to see your abs is REALLY, REALLY bad for you anyway. In giving up all THAT CRAP I personally have found energy again, vitality again, brain power again and just plain feel GOOD and healthy. When was the last time YOU felt healthy? Think about that.


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