Recipe Book REVIEW: Tosca Reno's "The Eat-Clean DIET Cookbook"

Recipe Book REVIEW: Tosca Reno’s “The Eat-Clean DIET Cookbook”

LOVE Tosca Reno!! For those that don't know Tosca was married to Robert Kennedy, an icon in the fitness industry. He was the man behind Oxygen Magazine and many, many other endeavors. Tosca actually came late to the fitness field. One of the biggest reasons I really, really like her is because she is the REAL DEAL. So often you here about authenticity and in fact almost to the point now that you just want to puke because 'you know' the ones using the word really aren't living it. But Tosca is the real deal and AUTHENTIC. From all that I've read about her and from the stuff she has written herself she had lost a LOT of weight herself and really turned her life around later in life. Her website is

She had competed in Figure Competitions IN HER FORTIES!!! For all you woman out there that think it can't be done. And YES she has children too sooo that excuse doesn't work either. So anyway I just think she is a truly inspiring woman that folks can learn a lot from. I am reviewing this book as it was a gift to me that I received earlier this week and I thought why not for this blog today. Maria Torres here is a shout out for an AWESOME gift that is something I can and will use.

If you are like me and sometimes feel challenged in the kitchen to find something to make that tastes good and is healthy this book is for you. She covers many different kinds of meals with all the new hot stuff like quinoa -  her recipe in this book on page 77 "Quinoa With Sundried Tomatoes" that I have marked to make with my son Brent. YUMMY and quite a few others we are interested in making.


Here is a recipe I am looking forward to trying this next week with my son Brent and hopefully my daughter Erica too. It is called Brown Rice Meatloaf  - page 107 in her book - yummy. Brown rice as you know is a complex carbohydrate and has lots of nutrients and tastes GREAT. So this might be a keeper for the family if we all like it and it tastes like it looks.

The only thing I did not like about the book is the fact that she included wraps in some of her recipes and she had a section on pasta. NOW I know some of you new to this blog site might ask WHY that is a big deal and well they are basically SUGAR in your body. You see MY GOAL with this blog is the help folks BELIEVE they can ACHIEVE their health and fitness goals but to ALSO TEACH about HOW their bodies REALLY work in relation to FOOD and EXERCISE. You know healthy living with vitality, energy, wellness and just a great quality of LIFE. And if that is your goal with YOUR life you have found the right BLOG. YAY!

Overall an excellent resource to help you change up from the same old, same old you might be doing now. If you get the book and try some of the recipes make sure to check back in here with me and let me know HOW it turned out for you.





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