RIPPED & Body Pump W/ Carrie @ Ymca

RIPPED & Body Pump W/ Carrie @ Ymca

Hope you had a chance to watch my vlog above with THE Carrie Dent doing TWO group fitness classes this past Monday night at the YMCA. Carrie was awesome enough to allow me to participate in her classes, video some of them and also do a short interview with me after the classes. YAY!

Carrie has been in fitness a LONG, LONG time and I don't think there is too much she hasn't done. Here are some of her acheivements and certifications:

  •  President - Forever Strong Fitness Personal and Small Group Training
  •  Pilates mat Certified
  • Pilates Reformer Certified
  •  Kickboxing Certified
  •  Body Pump Certified
  •  Body Combat Certified
  •  Bootcamp Certified
  •  RIPPED Certified
  • Cycle Certified

Go Carrie, Go Carrie, Goooo WOW now that is what I called well rounded. I had such a blast in Carrie's Body Pump and RIPPED classes this past Monday night. In the video it starts out with the RIPPED class. Now from what I learned RIPPED is a relatively NEW group fitness class that is choreographed to music much like Body Pump but it has many different layers. RIPPED was a smaller class in the vlog due to it being new at the Y and folks are just starting to experience it. I really, really liked it because it was NEW and because it just seemed to cover a lot of things.

For me RIPPED was cardio with a lot of jumping around. It was kickboxing a little with some punches thrown out there for a bit. It was weight training with some triceps and bicep moves and GREAT, GREAT music with a solid beat to keep the energy up. LOVED IT!

Now Body Pump is  a group fitness class put out by Les Mills that is also choeographed to music and is all about WEIGHT TRAINING. It is basically a group weight training class. In the vlog all the videos that show us with a bar is the Body Pump class. I enjoyed the class although I personally know HOW to weight train and like to do it solo and with heavier weights and less reps. BUT I have often recommended Body Pump to folks that do not know HOW to weight train and do not want to pay someone to teach them. A group fitness weight training class will be great because they will be able to at least get SOME weight training in.

If you have followed me at all you KNOW I am all about THE WEIGHT TRAINING. Everyone should be doing it, somehow, someway - every week.

Both classes made me sweat and work out hard. Burned lots and lots of calories. I personally really, really enjoy group classes as it tends to be very social. Everyone gets to know everyone else and it is FUN to sweat with other folks. Also it helps you stick to your exercise program if you go to classes and make friends. Because then folks expect to see you and you make it a habit and get to know the instructors and so on. SO get out this week and join in some group ecercise classes. If you don't want to do that then look Carrie up at for some personal training or group training. You gotta MOVE YOUR body to change your state of being.

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