Weight Train QUADS

Weight Train QUADS

So far with my weight training at home with a bench and dumbbells series I have covered 2 exercises for the following body parts: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps, Back and Biceps. Today begins our lower body exercises and I am starting with the quadraceps. Big muscle groups in the legs with a large potential to grow. Do you remember WHY weight training is such an important factor on our road to 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'? Why it matters that the muscle has potential to grow and WILL grow when we use resistance training with weights (series) to cause that growth? It's all about metabolism and hormones.

Remember the more muscle you have on your body the more calories (energy) you require everyday just to maintain that muscle. For every pound of muscle you put on your body your body requires up to 50 extra calories (energy) a day to maintain that pound of muscle. So like if you put on just 5 lbs of muscle that would mean that your body requires 250 extra calories (energy) a day just to maintain that 5 lbs of muscle. That is equivalent with you going out and running 2 miles a day without you going out and running that 2 miles a day. Get it?

A great example of this in action is the following real life conversation that I have had with many, many women in the past. It would start like this:

Woman:  "But I don't understand, my husband/boyfriend/brother (whoever the male in their life happens to be), well he can eat all kinds of crap and he hardly has ANY fat. I just don't understand."

WOW if I had a buck for everytime I heard this one. So OK well HOW come this man can eat crap and get away with it while the woman cannot? If you said MUSLCE mass then you would be correct. Now don't get me wrong, if the guys continues to eat crap and does no physical exercise then he will chunk up just like the women but when he decides to start working out and cleaning up his eating a bit, yes it will happen, he will get FIT much, much quicker than ANY woman.

Then we go on to the next very common conversation between yours truly and some woman COMPARING herself to most ANY man. She says:

"but I am working so much harder at this healthy eating and am more consistent with my cardio then he is but he has lost more than twice the amount of weight as me and all he does is weight train!" and she sobs!

Yes, yes, yes NO WOMAN (ok, you know like 99% which you are) can compare herself to a MAN and this is coming from a WOMAN. At least not when it comes to PUTTING muscle on so then therefore speeding up that metabolism and the fact that the man had A LOT more testostrone then any woman and so then can the ability to PUT on much more muscle, more quickly than ANY woman. Sorry ladies it is not fair and it will never be fair. God made us different and it will always be harder for a woman to put muscle on which will make it harder for her to then shrink those fat cells too. Two different engines.

But you can set yourself up for success in your weight loss goals by WEIGHT TRAINING legs whether a man or a woman. Biggest muscle groups in the body so then the biggest opportunity to GROW and help you burn those fat cells. Not even talking about how GREAT your legs will look with some muscle on them. Hey SUMMER is coming. Let's get to it!

Remember know matter what body part you are training with your weight training, always, always challenge yourself. Every week when you set out to weight train make sure to go a little harder then you did the week before. The muscle grows when you challenge it. Have some intensity and really, really struggle to get those last two reps. Will be doing a blog soon about intensity. It is that important.

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God Bless YOU!

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