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Yep here it is - the working abs video and blog. A few folks have asked about this for some time with the idea that doing abs is going to get them visible abs versus a fat layered belly that most folks have. I am going to tell you right here that you will not get a visible 6 pack abs just from doing ANY abs exercises. I have talked on video and written about this before and the short version is 'abs are made in the kitchen.' So don't message me countless times asking about ab workouts and if they will get you a visible 6 pack abs. THEY DON'T!

Yes they will strengthen your abs and then therefore strengthen and protect your lower back muscles too. And that is a great thing for all you folks out there with back problems. SO your question now might be , 'How much should I train abs?' Well the short version of this is once a week like you do all your other body parts. Can you do it more? Yes you can but what is your objective to doing it more? Do you think doing ab exercises everyday or every other day is going to make it so all of your fat will miraculously disappear and you will have visible abs? If that is what you think, and by the way I KNOW many of you do think that, the answer is NO WAY! It is NOT POSSIBLE, physically, for you to do that.

And here is why I firmly believe that folks NEED to be educated on HOW their bodies actually work. Like how do you actually shrink body-fat? YES shrink because you NEVER lose your fat cells once you have them. You only shrink them. Is it by doing crunches? Do any ab workouts? NOOOO Yes putting on muscle which is a calorie burning machine helps you shrink fat cells but really how big can your ab muscles get? Not to big especially if you compare ab muscles with your quads, glutes, back, chest muscles.

Mostly visible abs come down to what you are feeding your body. Is it quality food as God made it? You know, unprocessed foods that you eat in their natural form. As they came off the tree, out of the ground, from the plant or from their mother. Food that man has had limited messing with. Eat this quality food through out your days, weight train and do some cardio and OVER TIME ( and how long will depend on HOW much fat you have to lose) you will slowly peel off the layers of fat till one day, yes one day, you will SEE with your own eyes you abdominal muscles.

Of course, you can't quit before then or you may NEVER see those abs. Yep if you quit or if you stop eating health, quality food through out the days and weight train and cardio regularly then hmmmmm you get the picture. So when it comes to seeing your abs the KEY is to continue on.... DON'T QUIT. Stay the course. RESOLVE to finish. Yes this will be my next blog tomorrow so stop back - RESOLVE. And if you LIKED this post then write  a COMMENT. Don't be shy, I want to hear from YOU!
God Bless YOU!


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  1. Tara Summers says:

    You wrote … “Like how do you actually shrink body-fat? YES shrink because you NEVER lose your fat cells once you have them. You only shrink them.”

    So fat cells… Are these something that we are born with (in a shrunken state) or are these something that we cause to be created through poor nutritional choices, and then live with the resulting “new fat cells” for the duration of our lives? If they are something that we inadvertently create and then are stuck with (albeit in a shrunken state if we course correct & shrink them) does this then play into the yo-yo issues that happen to individuals who must reverse what has taken place with their bodies? (versus someone who has pretty much maintained a healthy body weight — ie: 2 people eat the same unwise stuff one guy balloons right back up, the other might add a couple pounds that come right off really fast when they eat right again.) I guess what I am wondering is are the fat cells that are already there like sponges that in essence fill up “faster” than might the bloat from production of new fat cells would eventually manifest on the body. (This concept of never losing fat cells is something new for me— as someone who did not enter into the realm of being chunky until my early 40’s and then rapidly moving into the fat group, it causes my mind (at 50) to go “OH, WHAT DID I DO”??)

    • Tara, this never losing fat cells (unless by lipo) has been around for a long while. There a many, many variables to why someone would “balloons” up. So with your example of two folks with one never having been heavy and/or never having the fat cells, whether they are currently shrunken or not, and the one who has gone up and down or inflated their fat cells and then shrunken their fat cells, I don’t know. I do know that as a 50 yr old woman, YES, what you have DONE TO YOUR BODY over the years matters. Lot’s of metabolic issues if you have used the starvation, dehydration system and at 50 you are already in or going into menopause so you already have hormone changes to contend with. Hormones are HUGE in the weight loss process. If you are untimately asking me if your past adding of fat cells is responsible for your current weight and health situation I would say NO, you having fat cells that you added over the years is not responsible for your current situation. Listen, although many variables again have to do with HEALTH and WEIGHT LOSS you still HAVE TO CONSUME a certain amount of calories to maintain or gain weight. Now I don’t know anything about you or even know you but I would suggest you stop eating ALL PROCESSED FOODS as they are USUALLY the culprits in folks unexpained weight gain. Yes like ALL breads, crackers, cereal, pastries, wraps, pasta and so on. Our bodies tend to have a hard time processing these “foods” and it seems the older folks get and woman with hormone issues as a menopausal or perimenopausal woman would have this gets worse. Now Balloon up is often a side effect of someone who really reduced their calories for a time period in the hopes of losing weight and then started to eat again about where they should be eating and there body just immediately ballooned up. It is really important to learn what YOUR Basil Metabolic rate is and EAT healthy, real foods and take the time to get healthy and fit. No get fit quick and no reducing cals and OVER TIME you will get where you want to go.

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