Weight Training Back

Weight Training Back

Woohoo I hope you had a chance to watch this video on back exercises you can do in your own home with JUST a bench and some dumbbells because it is ohhhh so simple. Anyone can do it, anytime. It is NOT MAGIC and does not take anything special to build YOUR body. ALL it takes is a little knowledge and the willingness to put 'to work' that knowledge regularly. And this goes for men and women.

Remarkably women STILL think that weight training is for men or that weight training will make them look like a she-man and this is soooooo not true. It takes a LOT just to put a LITTLE muscle on. Lots of factors PLUS actual weight training with intensity and challenge. If you have been to a gym lately you might have noticed STILL very few women in the free weights section or on machines but look over at the cardio and WOW every machine is occupied by a woman trying to get smaller.

SO this again makes me think we ALL just need to get a little more knowledge of HOW our BODIES work. Like let me ask you a question here. WHY is weight training a benefit to YOU? Yes I know I wrote a blog entry about this before BUT do you KNOW now WHY weight training is a benefit to YOU in your quest to LOSE FAT? So maybe I needed to be more specific here and ONLY relate putting muscle on your body and the benefits you get from that in achieving your FAT LOSS goals.

OK well here is a BIG reason you might want to FOCUS on putting some muscle on YOUR body. For every pound of muscle you put on your body your body requires 50 extra calories a day to maintain that pound of muscle. So let's imagine here that you worked out and ate well and put on 5 lbs of muscle (very doable) how many calories EXTRA would your body require to maintain that muscle? Yes 5 lbs x 50 cals = 250 cals a day. WOW now think about that a minute. Let that SINK INTO your BRAIN. Do you know that these folks getting on the cardio machines usually burn about that many calories in whatever time it takes them? And do you know that from weight training maybe for a total of 1 & 1/2 hrs a week and you put on these 5 lbs of muscle that is EQUIVALENT to you getting on that machine and putting in 30-60 min of cardio?

NOW I want to make sure you are getting this point here.... SO what I am saying is that if, if, if YOU put on MUSCLE and in this example 5lbs that THAT is the same as someone going out for an easy run for 30 min or getting on the dreaded cardio machine daily BUT you are just being or existing for that muscle to burn that 250 cals.... DID YOU GET THAT!

So WHY WOULDN'T  you want to put on muscle? Hmmmmm is it because it looks bad? Hmmmm Is it because it will speed up your metabolism and require lots more calories to maintain it and therefore help you burn body-fat? Hmmmm is it because it will make YOU STRONG physically and help you prevent LOTS and LOTS of problems with your body with age and wear and tear? Hmmmm

SO you get the picture that I am a BIG, BIG, BIG proponent of WEIGHT TRAINING and I really, really, really don't get WHY everyone IS NOT DOING it. So I have come to the conclusion that a) they either just DON'T KNOW or b) just don't care and well most of the time I stick with a) just don't know - THE BENEFITS from so little investment of TIME and ENERGY!

OK on that note here is my BACK WORKOUT

Dumbbell Rows:

12 reps with 30lb dumbbells

10 reps x 35lbs

8 reps x 40lbs

6 reps 50lbs

Wide Dumbbell Rows

12 x 15lbs

10 x 20lbs

8 x 25lbs

6 x 30lbs

And there you have it. A maybe 10 minute workout followed by some quality nutritious food and some consistency over time and GREAT things will happen. I will start to develop muscles in my back. Great protection for my back so as maybe protect and/or prevent future back problems and I WILL speed up my metabolism and start to get this fat burning machine primed to BURN FAT! YAY

Anyway, hope this was helpful to you and I sure hope you get out there or in there and WEIGHT TRAIN. All the benefits are a POSITIVE to you so DO IT! Remember I LOVE the comments so be sure to let me know what YOU think 🙂


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