Weight Training - Biceps

Weight Training – Biceps

Here is another video blog to help you on your way weight training in your home with dumbbells and a bench. It is biceps day and I will tell you biceps are one of those muscle groups that really, really show YOUR work pretty quickly. In fact, if you ever go to a gym or have gone to a gym in the past you will ofter see guys and sometimes girls working their biceps OFTEN. This is because it is noticeable quickly that you work them out. You can SEE the results of your efforts much more quickly than with other body parts.

Now I do want to remind you that just because THE GUNS are a focus for folks they still are not the biggest muscle in your upper arm. The biggest muscle in your upper arm is your tricep or back of the upper arm. Biceps are the smaller muscle so they are important and noticeable maybe more than tricpes but triceps are BIGGER and really help with the under arm jiggle. YAY

Again with this work out like all the other work outs it is important to CHALLENGE the muscle. SO what I suggest is to do 4 sets of reps in with your sets decreasing and your weight per set increasing. What that looks like is this:

Dumbbell Curl

15lbs for 12 reps  - did all reps with FOCUS, SQUEEZING Bicep at the TOP and CONTROLLED

20lbs x 10 reps - continued to focus, sqeeze and control weights

25lbs x 8 reps  - struggled to get last 1 rep

25lbs x 6 reps  - struggled to get last 2 reps

Really important to make every REP of every set count. If you are going to set the time aside to work out with weights then do NOT waste your time. Make it count and that means follow the FOCUS, SQUEEZING the biceps at top, and ALWAYS control the weights EVERYTIME you weight train. In fact, I often look at my weight training time as a quiet time for me. Because when I train I am thinking only about what I am doing 'in that moment'. Not about anything else. Not about the bills, the cleaning I have to do at the house, what's for dinner or that argument I had with the hubs - none of that. Soooo for me it is like a BIG BREAK from the day and the stresses and well I LOVE IT. At the end I am less stressed and feeling much better about usually everything. Exercise is a MOOD changer - remember that.

Next bicep exercise I did in video was the HAMMER CURL:

15lbs x 12 reps

15lbs x 10 reps

20lbs for 8reps

20lbs x 6 reps

And there you have it - your bicep workout. If you notice in the hammer curl exercise I only went up to 20 lbs for my 8 and 6 rep sets. I did that because biceps are a small muscle group and well they tire quickly and usually when I am getting to the latter sets it is often getting a lot harder and sometimes even staying with the same weight like I did with the 8 and 6 reps sets here the last set was still hard. That is OK. Remember it is all about challenging the muscle. If you are still challenging the muscle staying at the same weight then stay at that weight. There will come a time when you can and will increase it.

Remember that I do have an RSS feed right here so sign up if you haven't already. You will know right away when I have posted a NEW blog. Or make sure to bookmark this site and check back often. And as always I LOVE the comments. Let me know if this was helpful to you and or if there is a certain topic you would life me to talk about. Really this blog is to help you so let's TALK...

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