Weight Training Triceps

Weight Training Triceps

Now I know that weight training triceps is NOT a glamorous topic, in fact, ALL weight training blogs are just not that exciting but, but, but the RESULTS from the effort... well can you say EXCEPTIONAL! Oh yes, yes, yes... the results from the EFFORT put in is well worth all of it. I will tell you I have had many, many a person walk into our Personal Training Studio and start shaking their arms and you know, basically showing my the waving arm pit and well you and me, we both know that is not too pretty. Maybe you have the waving arm fat and you are curious HOW to get rid of this problem. If that is the case you are in the right place and at the right time too.

Because TODAY it's all about the triceps. If you don't know what your tricep is, it is the back of your upper are. Like opposite of your bicep. And although most folks tend to think the arm is ALL about the biceps or GUNS well that is really not so true. In fact almost 2/3 of your upper arm is made up of your triceps, not biceps. To help towards solving the swinging arm fat you MUST learn to strengthen that area. Best way to strengthen that area is to weight train. Do some resistance training that targets that area.

Hopefully you had a chance to watch the video above. In it I go over two exercises with weights that target your triceps. The first one is called a Kickback. Generally your triceps are a small muscle group so you probably will not be swinging around 50lb dumbbells but maybe starting with 5lbs for a woman and maybe 15 or 20lb dumbbells for a guy, and again using a progressive system for your sets and reps scheme. Progressive just means that you will up the weights and decrease the reps per set of exercises you do. For example here is what I did:


12 reps of 5lbs

10 reps of 15 lbs

8reps of 15lbs

6 reps of 15 lbs

Now just because I worked up to 15lbs quick DOES NOT mean you will too, unless your a guy in which case you will probably start there. I have been weight training on and off for 14 years and I am pretty strong for a small woman. I definitely did NOT start out this way. In fact, I probably did mostly all sets with 5 lb dumbbells and maybe went up to 8lbs for my last set or my last two sets. And form is pretty important here. AND feeling where you are feeling it while you are doing your reps. Perfect time to practice that 'being in the NOW' that I talked/wrote about in an earlier entry. You should be focused and intent on working that tricep muscle and feeling yourself working it while working it. Comprende lol.

The second exercise I did for my triceps is DIPS and here is my sets and reps scheme:

12 x straight legs - slow

10 x straight legs - slow

10 x straight legs - slow

10 x staright legs - slow

OK so I stayed at the 10 reps because straight legs is not that challenging to me but I also did it SLOW to make it harder too. You might start with the straight legs and then have to bend your knees to finish or maybe so it just like I did. The beauty of dips is first they are tough and you can really feel them if you are focused and keeping your butt close to the bench and they have so many varieties. You can improve to always another level with dips and it will remain challenging. And that is a WIN for us.

Hope this helped you and make sure to comment YOUR thoughts right here on this blog site. You know I love the comments.


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  1. Triceps are one of my favorite body parts to train. I guess it’s because you can see results pretty quick.

    • Margie, you are so right. That under arm flapping can be turned around so fast. YAY and that is a GREAT thing.

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