What is ZUMBA? Ck it out With Vanessa D.

What is ZUMBA? Ck it out With Vanessa D.

So - ZUMBA is dancing with GREAT music. Yes I joined Vanessa D's class at Sylvan Lake Park in Sanford, Fl this am to get the scoop on exactly WHAT is ZUMBA? Vanessa is an old friend who has been teaching Zumba for a few years now. She is a certified Zumba instructor who runs her classes out of a very nice, large neighborhood park and she is AWESOME. Check out here website at www.zumbatoday.com for more information if you are interested in attending any of her classes.

To me Zumba is the opportunity to get a great sweat on, hang with the girls and DANCE. If it is a question between listening to great music, dancing and hanging with friends and getting on the treadmill weeeellllll really do I even have to answer that. Come on... I will tell you I have had so many folks tell me they HATE to cardio. See now I just don't believe that. I think folks just need to step out and TRY new things UNTIL they find something they really, really like to do. When that happens they will enjoy it soooo much they will do it regularly. And then you are on your way.

And Zumba is one way that many, many folks - no not just woman, have used to get their cardio done. It's easy dance steps that the instructor repeats through out the song so just about anyone can do it. If you can't dance one of the slogans I have heard repeatedly with Zumba is 'Dance like NO ONE is LOOKING" because really does anyone care? NO so let go, have fun, make new friends, and BURN SOME calories.

Did you catch that part about burning anywhere from 500 - 800 calories with a fun hour of Zumba? If you did that right there is another DARN good reason to show up. So have I convinced you NOW? If not and you are just totally not into dancing be watching because next week I will be visiting a BOOT CAMP. Now what is that all about? Stay tuned....

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