What You BELIEVE Will Decide YOUR 2012 Triumphs. Steps to GET Healthy and FIT!

What You BELIEVE Will Decide YOUR 2012 Triumphs. Steps to GET Healthy and FIT!

OK so if you watched my vlog or you are reading this blog then I guess you have decided to make 2012 your year to get healthy and fit. YAY good for you. It is never too late or too early to get on it. I am writing out your steps to success here so you can follow them and achieve, maybe finally, your 'best fitness' this year - 2012. So make sure to get a piece of paper out and start writing this stuff down. Cause this year YOU WILL DO IT!

5 Steps to ACHIEVE Your GOAL:

Step 1: Specific

  • You must be specific with  your goals. For instance my goal is NOT to just lose weight. My goal is to lose 15 lbs of fat over a 12 week period. Maintain my muscle. I started 2 weeks ago with my bodyfat being 27% and my weight being 133 lbs. Means I have 36lbs of fat on my body. I want to get down to 18% body fat and weigh 118 lbs. So doing the math, it means I have to lose 15lbs of fat. I want to maintain my lean body mass of 97lbs. In fact I would LOVE to add some muscle but that is not my goal at this time.

Step 2: Measurable

  • Goal has to be measurable. You can NOT just say I want to lose some weight. You have to measure where you are right NOW and figure out where you want to be LATER. HOW are you going to measure is up to you. I am using body fat and weight as my measurement tools. They will help me regularly MONITOR my PROGRESS to my success. Also the very unforgettable 'before video' and my 'before photos'. They always make us face our REALITY! Some folks might measure their bone density or their blood pressure or there cholesterol.... or a combination of the above.

Step 3: Achievable

  • You goal or resolution must be achievable. You would think this is a no brainer but noooooo. In a recent post of mine I talked about YOUR Expectations. What are your expectations - how fast, slow do you want this to go? Well I believe that you should focus on what is achievable in a 'HEALTHY' manner to getting healthy and fit. You should shoot to lose 2 lbs of fat at most a week. That is achievable if , if, if, you follow THE PLAN. Also a post from last two weeks. Will be getting into the details in later posts.

Step 4: Realistic

  • So we have our specific, measurable, achievable goal - now we have to be realistic. LOVE that word realistic - most especially in health and fitness. Someone said to me the other day, but I want to lose 60lbs in the next 3 months and I am like.... huh, really? And HOW do you plan to do this? LISTEN can you lose 60lbs in 3 months? YES if you have 60lbs to lose. Personally I don't. BUT listen again. I ONLY want to lose 15lbs of fat and I really could lose that in about 10 - 14 days IF I did it in an UNHEALTHY way like starved. I would also lose my precious muscle too. Basically except for the scale and body getting smaller EVERYTHING else would be against me and as soon as I ate again - can you say BALLOON UP!! So we are going to be realistic and adopt a lifestyle of LIVING that reinforces our slow and steady weight loss goals.

Step 5: Time-Based

  • Oh yeah, you gotta have a start and stop date. Many folks are starting TODAY - Jan. 2, 2012 as their first day living healthy and fit. AWESOME!! So glad you are starting - you are already ahead of all those folks still 'thinking' about starting. OK, so you have your start now you will decide by WHEN you will attain, reach your goal weight, body fat or whatever it is that you are measuring. By when do you want this achieved? Personally I like to make small, attainable, measurable goals withing a short time frame and then just keep making more goals. What I mean is if you have a LOT of weight you have to lose I would start by following these steps and making it a 12 week, 16 week or 20 week goal to achieve and expect to lose at MOST 2 lbs a week. Once you have accomplished that goal then set ANOTHER.

If you really, really want to conquer this health and fitness thing then you need to start thinking this is WHO YOU ARE. Yes you are a person who is focusing on your health and fitness and this is the NEW YOU! If your friends and family can't handle it just remember they will come around. Before too long YOU WILL be the one THEY come to for health and fitness advice. WHY? Because you will have BEAT IT and are NOW the example to follow. So do ya think you are a leader? Ohhh yes, that is for another post.

Happy New Year. Wishing you the very best Happy, Healthy and Prosperous NEW YEAR!


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  1. Posted where I am on my blog. Not sure if I am going to put my before pic there. I might… gulp.
    I posted my weight and measurements.
    I am going to lose 2 lbs a week. 24lbs. That WILL take me to 163 as my 12 week goal. I haven’t been 163 since my son was born 26 years ago.
    I AM … a creature created by a Loving Heavenly Dad
    I AM… worth taking care of
    I AM… going to do this.
    I AM …. human and full of faults….. I know what success is… I know failure, but in all I know that I can do all things through Christ and that includes becoming the healthiest me I can be.
    Thanks Evey for being such a great lady to shadow. Love ya! God Bless and Happy New Year.

    • Jackie, you are right on track. Make sure to post your PICS where YOU can see them regularly. We will take this one step at a time.

  2. Awesome, awesome work on this blog post, Evey! Did you type all of this content? This blog post is very informative!

    Keep up the good work in your blogging efforts. I see your search engine rankings improving on Alexa


    Wishing Lynn & you a prosperous 2012. Keep blogging away, as Google has much:

    $ gUaP $

    in store for everyone! 🙂

    • Thanks Shawn, yep that blog post was written and typed by ME. I KNOW this health and fitness stuff and I LIVE IT so it is all right on the tip of my mind, tongue and fingertips lol. Wishing you the very best in 2012! And THANK YOU for your continued support of my blogging efforts. You are still TEACHING me. TY

  3. Before picture posted, eating 5 small meals a day, cardio 5 daysa nd weight train three days a week, let’s hope all this hardwork pays off for me! I believe I will lose 20lbs in 12 wks. Starting weight 140.7

    • Sounds GREAT Lisa, yep you CAN lose realistically 20 lbs of fat in 12 weeks. Very doable. NOW make sure you conquer your food. Plan sounds great so now all there is to do is DO IT!! In two weeks, must retake pics, try tight pants on and evaluate WHAT progress has been made.

  4. Thanks William, make sure to check back as I post regularly. Hope you had a chance to check out my video posts as well.

  5. Thanks Trent!!!

  6. Thanks ruff neck, I am so glad you have found us and will continue to visit us in the future. Be sure to keep talking and letting me know where I can help you out on your journey to ‘getting & living healthy & fit, inside and out.

  7. Frances, so happy you liked the site and all the information I am putting out there. Make sure to check back often as I post several times a week.

  8. When I need to think about these things I will definitely come back here

  9. I’m impressed, I must say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. Your idea is outstanding; the issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my search for something relating to this.

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