WHO Is Responsible For YOUR Health & Fitness?

WHO Is Responsible For YOUR Health & Fitness?


You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.– Jim Rohn

 As some of you reading this know I run a Strength and Conditioning Class in my town 3 days a week. In that class we focus on lots of cardio with circuits of strength moves like push-ups, lunges, squats etc. I have been inspired to write this blog for ALL the folks that I have invited to my class in the hopes that they read this and decide that NOW is the time to make their health and fitness a PRIORITY. So often we (and me included) go along with our lives UNTIL something wakes us up and we then start to pay attention and realize WOW, well how did I get here?

What is it going to take for YOU to realize that if YOU are not making it a point, making it a priority to GET healthy and fit, then let me tell you, you are slowly getting unhealthy and unfit. Yep you read that right. NO ONE stands still. We think we do but we don't. So you are either moving forward and getting healthier or you are moving forward and getting unhealthier.

YOU have choices about YOUR direction. If you are unfit and unhealthy RIGHT NOW it DOES NOT mean you have to STAY there. You can DECIDE to start living different than you have been doing. YES. YES, YES you can. Believe me when I was a pack a day smoker person and I just thought about getting into health and fitness I do believe I broke a sweat and definitely QUESTIONED if I could do it. Did it stop me?

Well one step at a time is the way to move forward. Like if you LEARN that eating processed foods causes all kinds of problems for you like it messes with your hormones, causes inflammation, causes Type 2 Diabetes, certain cancers, high blood pressure and heart disease do YOU still eat processed foods? And if so, WHY? Do you think you are immune to the consequences of eating food that has no nutritional value and is PROVEN to cause health problems? Or do you think you are FAT just because that is 'THE WAY" you are and nothing can change that.

I posted on FB the other day about a lady that got gastric bypass because she "COULDN'T lose fat no matter how she ate or exercised" - her words. DO you know what I think about that? I think it is bullsh*&! Yes it might take a while for your body to remember what to do with quality foods that has nutritional value BUT, BUT, BUT your body WILL CHANGE. You will lose weight (hopefully fat), gain energy, get clearer thinking and well look at photo above for the long list of benefits to cardio not even counting the benefits to eating healthy. A long, long list. Also you might LIVE a lot longer with much less health problems. Hmmmmm What to do.

So if you have to change your eating and your daily grind is that so bad? If you have to give up the BREAD, CEREAL, SWEETS, CRACKERS and basically anything in a package that you eat right out of the package, can YOU DO IT? I remember going to the store many, many a time and buying veggies for salads and many, many a time those veggies rotted in my frig instead of me eating them. WHY? Because really, I didn't care for veggies. I much preferred crackers, sandwiches, pasta and well YOU KNOW;) But I kept at it. I kept buyng those veggies and over time, yes lots of time I eventually PREFERRED  to eat the veggies.

So what was like IMPOSSIBLE became POSSIBLE. Do you know HOW MANY times over the 14 yrs I have been in fitness I have heard "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO WORK-OUT " or "I DON'T HAVE TIME TO EAT HEALTHY". Really? Really?

If you can spend hours on fb reading and writing or playing games then surely you can FIND TIME to COOK or workout. Or if you can find time to complain to anyone who will listen that you HATE BEING FAT but do NOTHING about it. YOU have time. Or watch TV or ____________ you fill in the blank. What is YOUR STORY you are letting control YOUR life?

Listen, we make our lives HOW we want them. Where you are right now is a product of DECISIONS you have made. Now I am not saying you actually thought through those decisions because that would require WORK and well.... SO probably you FELL into where you are right now by just going along and sorta moving a little this way and a little that way and NOW here YOU ARE.

Are you happy with your current situation? If I had a buck for every person who COMPLAINED to me about their being FAT I would be retired lol. Just kidding I would still be preaching this.... Hahaha But you get the idea. Get over it and CHANGE. Stop complaining and CHANGE what you are doing because what you are doing IS NOT WORKING.

And if you keep starting and stopping WHY? Maybe it's time for YOU to make a conscious DECISION and FOLLOW THROUGH. If you have never or hardly ever follow through on stuff maybe that needs to be addressed. Listen ALL I am saying is you are the LIMIT to what YOU can do. Because you really CAN change. You really can eventually LIKE to exercise. I don't care if you hate it right now. You can learn to like it. I did. I hated, hated and hated to cardio. In fact if I was cardio'ing in whatever manner, no one could talk to me. I just had to GET THROUGH IT. Now I LOVE IT. Now I LOVE salads. And I really love how I FEEL.

What is holding you back? What excuse are you using this year for not following through and making the changes you need to for you health and fitness? Is it really to hard? Are you really so very busy that you can't find the time to cook or learn to cook? Even if your families health depends on it? Well it is up to you. As a person and particularly as a personal trainer the one lesson that I have learned and continue to learn is that you can change no one but YOURSELF. YOU have to make the decision and YOU have to FOLLOW THROUGH on it. ONLY YOU can do it. Not your husband, not your wife, not your kids, not your friends NO ONE but YOU.

Hope this helps inspires you to GET MOVING!


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  1. Jackie Gartner says:

    Awesome Blog!!!! I am working my tushie off and eating better than I ever have….and loving it. One sad thing though… you live too far away. I would love to come to your class… I know ya would kill me with it, but would love to try! 🙂 Hugs Jackie

    • Thanks Jackie, you are doing AWESOME! Keep moving towards healthier and fitter otherwise … lol 🙂

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