3 Days of Meal PLANS

3 Days of Meal PLANS

recipe friday!

Here is 3 Days of Meal PLANS

So we have the plan and we are working our plan, we have the vision, we are thinking with a positive mindset that YES we can do this. Yes I am becoming a different person. I am becoming a person who cares about my health and fitness. I am someone who can get up and walk/run outside, go to Boot camp, go to Zumba, go to the gym and MOVE my body. We now BELIEVE that we are capable to FINISH STRONG!   That yes we can do THIS!! AND do this we will.

If you've followed this blog at all then you know that the food you eat is SO, SO, SO very important. You CAN NOT change your body and your health without changing your FOOD. So with that in mind this blog today is all about the meal plans. Listed below is three days of meal plans that will help you change your health and your body.

These are not written in stone. You can mix and match and replace this with that. I do believe that folks should eat 3-5 small meals a day - and this is pretty much the common thinking NOW. Each meal should have a protein and carbohydrate and two meals should have veggies (yes veggies are lean, fibrous carbs) or you can have one big salad a day (lots of veggies).

Drinks should be water and maybe some coffee and tea. For most women you should eat about 3-4oz of protein and 1/2c - 1c of carbs. Basically the size of a deck of cards/palm of your hand, for protein and your fist size for carbs. If you eat nuts, or salad dressing or meats you will be getting your fats.

All food listed should be as close to nature as possible or as "God made it" as possible. Nothing processed unless it is a QUALITY processed food like Meal Replacement Shakes or Whey protein... food sources that still have LOTS of nutrition and nutrients that your body needs to continue on.


Meal Plan Day ONE:

6-7am - 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 1/2 c (uncooked) oatmeal, stevia to sweeten

9-10am - scope protein powder/shake w/ H2O and handful of berries

noon- 1pm - 3 oz ckn, sm sweet pot, veggies

3-4pm - meal replacement/protein shake w/ almond milk

6-7pm - tuna salad (leafy greens, onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers basically any veggies), salad dressing

If 9-10pm hungry then have scoop Whey Protein w/ H2O or 1 cup fat-free or low-fat Cottage Cheese

This meal plan is for someone who is regularly working out. Someone who is weight training and getting cardio in regularly.

Should be taking some kind of vitamin and mineral supplementation (www.evey.idlife.com) and can eat REAL food all day long. However, in my experience, most folks have the best results losing weight with supplements and with  protein shakes or meal replacement shakes once or twice a day. It helps you CONTROL your calories through out the day and if it is a QUALITY supplement, lots of nutrients.


Meal Plan Day TWO:

6-7am - 1/2 c oatmeal w/ stevia, 1 scope protein powder with glass H2O

9-10am - 1 c fat-free cottage cheese, 1 granny smith apple

n00n-1pm - turkey burger w/ salsa and sw pot fries (homemade), veggies

3-4pm - handful of almonds (15-20), with 1c berries

6-7 pm - 4oz salmon, 1 1/2 c mixed veggies


Meal Plan Day THREE:

6-7am - Greek yogurt and fruit

9-10am - meal replacement shake w/ Almond Milk

noon-1pm - 3oz Tuna, 1 c brown rice, veggies

3-4pm - 1 scope protein shape w/ H2O and berries

6-7pm - center cut pork chop, asparagus, and broccoli

So there you have a 3-day meal plan. The way I look at it - you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner and then have two snacks in between. If you are a bigger guy and your palm and fist are bigger than the serving sizes I suggested here then definitely make your sizes larger. Calories do count and most important is making sure to eat food that does something for your body and health. So no foods without NUTRITIONAL VALUE.

Personally I am NOT a great cook. In fact I do NOT LIKE to cook or really spend too much time in the kitchen. I can tell you that all through my 20's I can probably count on both hands how many times I have actually cooked something.  Since meeting my husband that reality has changed and now with Recipe FRIDAY? Hmmmm Do you have to be a good/great cook or even like to cook to eat healthy or feed your family healthy meals. That would be a NO! It doesn't matter either way.

You can and WILL make it work for you. I do KNOW that if I want to be healthy and I want my family to be healthy I MUST get in the kitchen and MAKE some food. Food is healthiest when it is as 'close to nature' as it can be and when I am the one who seasons it. I have found that WE ourselves tend to make things A LOT harder than they really are or than they need to be. Keep that in mind this week as you are making lots of changes in your food and schedule.

Now you have to experiment with what WORKS FOR YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Maybe you are allergic to nuts or dairy or you are a vegetarian sooo all that means is you take those restrictions and CREATE a meal plans with those in mind but still are healthy. Still have a protein source, a carb source and some lean fibrous carbs YES?

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God bless YOU,


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