5 TOP Tips on Weight Training!

5 TOP Tips on Weight Training!

5 TOP Tips on Weight Training!

*In watching this vid from almost a couple years ago, like when I first started this blogging journey I'm like WOW! So important sometimes to look back and NOTICE how far you have come. I wasn't IN SHAPE yet and really just starting to LIVE HEALTHY and sharing my knowledge of 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'  and all I can say is ENJOY the vid and I guess we all just gotta sometimes enjoy the ride. Relax, have fun, LEARN and grow. We are becoming better than we were yesterday  in every way 🙂 (added today 10/7/13)

Hope that you have had the chance to watch my video and hopefully you got some helpful tips on WHAT to do when weight training. Initially stepping out of your comfort zone and even going to a coach, trainer or a gym can be really intimidating and when you are NOT really sure WHAT and HOW to do something it is much, much more difficult.

If you have just 'the basics' you will know more than many folks currently visiting clubs and gyms know and apply. In fact, with just these basics you can help yourself and all your family and friends get a heads up on this weight training stuff.

A short recap of the video. 5 TOP Tips for you ...

1. Posture - sooooo important. It protects your back and ensures that you don't hurt yourself while weight training

2. Control the weight - either on the up side or the down side of lifting the weight. DON'T let the weight DROP and DON'T swing it. SOoooo important. Now this is an incorrect technique unfortunately you will see in EVERY gym you visit. Make sure you are not practicing it and be sure to pass this information on to ALL the folks YOU know who weight train too.

3. Be in THE MOMENT  - YES be paying attention to WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it. YOUR mind should NOT be wandering anywhere but on your weight training and the muscle you are working on in 'that moment'.

4. Mind & Body CONNECTION - this goes with #3 and being intentional with your weight training. You should FEEL the muscle you are working on. Visualizing what you want that muscle to 'look like'. Think about that muscle and so on... staying in the moment and thinking, feeling the muscle YOU are exercising with weight training at that time.

5. Breathe - well it doesn't get more basic than this. Must feed your muscles oxygen WHILE weight training. Sometimes we think it HELPS to hold our breathe and use that holding in the movement of working a rep of a set BUT no it is not necessary. SO don't do it.

ALL 5 of these tips can be expanded upon. In fact in later blogs and vlogs I will get into more detail about each of these tips. Yes there is MORE to this BUT these tips will get you started in the right direction. Stay Strong and make sure to take care of YOU today. SO then YOU will be around for much, much longer to bless all those whose lives you impact for years to come.

Please make sure to comment if you found this post at all helpful and as usual I want to know how YOU are doing.

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  1. I wanted to visit and allow you to know how , very much I loved discovering your web site today. I’d personally consider it a great honor to operate at my workplace and be able to use the tips discussed on your site and also engage in visitors’ responses like this. Should a position regarding guest writer become available at your end, please let me know.

    • I absolutely would love to have you share your knowledge as a guest writer here on my site, I will be in touch. And thank YOU for the compliments regarding my site and the very positive feedback 🙂

  2. Maria K Torres says:

    So helpful tips Evey. And as I have written before, I love the encouragement and the accessibility. This is something that we all can do. Thank you also for writing about the benefits of lifting weights. Some people think it is a waste of time because they don’t know the facts. I studied Education just after I thought I was going to be a Lawyer or a Psychologist (I haven’t given up in the last one ) I think I have the heart of a teacher, I love to pass out the message and inspire others. Blessings to you!

    • Thanks Maria, keep on participating and staying involved. Love the feedback on what helps YOU!

      • Great topic. I watch my eating very cafurelly, but I weigh a few pounds more than I did in past training cycles, and they really don’t want to budge. I’m okay with the idea of muscle weight, or glycogen storage/water weight…what I’m not okay with is the idea that maybe I am in such good running shape that my body has adapted and no longer burns as many calories running. I hope your expert will not say that is the case! (I also had my body comp tested, and it is fairly low, 15.2% body fat, which may be a factor as to why it is hard for me to lose more fat while still maintaining muscle….)

        • Preeti, everyone’s body adapts pretty quickly to ANY training program whether running, weight training or any other activity. In all programs folks should try to find a way to MIX it up to keep your body on it’s toes and have to keep adapting to NEW stuff your doing. Otherwise, as you suggested might be the case, your body will adapt and therefore not burn as many calories. Staying at a certain body fat is tough as lots to balance. Make sure to read my blog post on “What is A Calorie and Why Does It MATTER” – lots more info to help you out.

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