Benefits of Weight Training

Benefits of Weight Training

It has been my pleasure over the years to share with many, many different people on many, many different occasions and in many different ways the importance  and benefits of weight training in their lives. Their ages ranged from teen somethings to 70 somethings and all of them wanted to understand WHY they should weight train. Why go to a gym, why get a personal trainer, why do a resistance class, why do push-ups ...what does it DO FOR ME? Why is it so important? They wanted to know HOW it would improve their lives and HOW did it impact everyday stuff. Well here it is; your list of benefits you will receive from weight training, lifting weights, plyometrics, strength training, resistance training and any other words that describe weight bearing exercises that cause your muscles to adapt, change and grow.

Benefits of Weight Training for Everyone:

1. Metabolism, metabolism, metabolism...did I write that enough times? Sorry but if you are a women over 30 and you constantly wonder why you just keep getting bigger and bigger while eating the very same amount of food ...well here it is. Your metabolism naturally slows down as you age and if you are not being proactive and working to prevent that natural slow down well? And men, is your belly expanding larger and larger?  Will write/talk about a bigger problem for lots of folks nowadays that has developed over the last few years called Metabolic Syndrome. Will get into those details in a later entry.

2. Osteoporosis  - the weakening of your bones.  Weight training strengthens your bones. And guess what? Amazingly YOUNG women are now developing this issue. You say huh? Oh yeahhhhh And it is NOT necessary. It can be stopped and eliminated in our lives - don't care how OLD you are. Recommend you get a bone density test done prior to beginning a weight training program and a few short months later repeat the test. You and your Doctor will be pleasantly surprised at your improvement.

3. Weight training makes you STRONG. We have helped many people just get strong enough so they can now walk across a large parking lot without taking frequent breaks or being able to walk up a flight of steps without a break or doing the steps one by one. Maybe you aren't that weak NOW but lately I've been seeing more and more people young and old alike getting into the motorized carts to shop in the big outlet stores like Sam's Club or Walmart. What's up with that? A little weak in their legs? Carrying too much weight around? Get yourself stronger so EVERYTHING is easier.

4. Weight training makes you less prone to back injuries and/or helps people with back injuries lead less pain filled lives. How? By making your back stronger, core stronger and supporting your lower back and therefore making everything easier for you. We  have worked with many, many people with back problems from the very minor back problems to people who've had back surgery and have pins in their back. Always a positive.

5. Weight training improves your posture, your balance and your coordination. Wow lots of stuff you take for granted when you are young but start aging and these skills fall by the wayside. But if you keep weight training and continue developing these skills then guess what? Yes you can and will maintain them.

6. Weight training increases your good cholesterol, lowers your resting heart rate, lowers your resting blood why NOT do it? All good things improved from a couple hours of weight training a week. Well worth the time and effort. Much better than taking and paying for medication.

7. Regular weight training has been shown to help people's self-esteem, help depression and build confidence.

Pick anyone of these 7 (well really about 13) benefits of weight training and it is in itself a good enough reason to 'find the time' to do it. Combine all 7 benefits and all I have to ask is WHY NOT do it. Get started today. Don't wait till there is a problem, be proactive with your health and make some positive changes in your life. If you have never lifted a weight or even been in a gym find someone who can help you. Stretch out and try some new things and who knows you just might live a long and healthy life.

If you can get all these benefits from 1 1/2 - 2 hrs a week (30 min 3 days a week) - WHY WOULDN'T YOU DO IT?

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this benefits of weight training STUFF! Do YOU weight train or ...

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