Bob Harper and his 800 Cal Diet

Bob Harper and his 800 Cal Diet

Just in case you missed it, there is a big kick up about Bob Harper and his 800 cal diet pitch he has going on in his latest book "Jumpstart to Skinny". I am posting about this because this example is perfect to practice some deductive reasoning skills and try to figure out exactly what is going on here.

For those that do NOT know who Bob Harper is, well, think The Biggest Loser and Jillian Michaels and lots of very overweight peeps losing obscene amounts of weight in short periods of time with LOTS of drama and ON CABLE TV for all our enjoyment and entertainment. YES that Bob Harper. He would be the one I refer to as "the one who doesn't drop f-bombs" well, maybe he does now too. Gotta have the DRAMA and apparently gotta swear at the overweight folks to make that happen. I always wonder just HOW LONG LYNN and I would have keep our Personal Training Studio going if we behaved that way? Hmmm Ok well enough of that.

OK so what is the big fuss about anyway? I'm pretty sure lots of the folks who are proclaiming disgust and 'shame on Bob' statements is due to the fact that up until this time Bob seemed to be from the fat loss school of thought that we HAVE TO EAT to lose weight. Hmmmm And now with this NEW BOOK he is asking folks to decrease calories down to 800 cal and HOW COULD THIS BE? How dare he?

Well let's think here. He is pitching a NEW BOOK. Hmmm He is getting OBSCENE amounts of attention going AGAINST everything he has said to date about losing weight hmmmm. So I think his plan is working. He is going to get TONS of reaction from this and prob sell quite a few books in the process. LOOK I am even writing about it:) Lol

Folks this is a perfect example of looking at the person, situation and deciding WHY is he doing this? Does he believe it? Maybe you are thinking:

"Can I lose weight going down to 800 calories?"

This is where it is important that we start to engage our brains a little. NOT OUR EMOTIONS and WANTING IT RIGHT NOW! Like a child but, but, but I want to be skinny RIGHT NOW! RIGHT NOW - sounding like a 3 year old lol

Have you EVER LOST WEIGHT IN THE PAST by really restricting your cals? Yes you have and I am sure some of you reading this RIGHT NOW are doing it and YES LOSING "SCALE" WEIGHT.

Not so surprising, YOU ACTUALLY DO LOSE WEIGHT WHEN YOU RESTRICT YOUR CALORIES. Yes you do. But now think about this. Ask yourself these questions?

"Of all the times I have restricted my cals to lose weight how good has it really worked for me?"

"Was it the RIGHT SYSTEM to use for me if I wanted to also get firm and tight not sloppy, droopy and tired?"

AH and that is the KICKER of this whole situation going down here. Yes you can and will lose weight going down to 800 cals a day just as Bob suggests in his book. BUT in the process you lose muscle and mess with your metabolism and hormones and IN THE END IT WORKS AGAINST your hopefully healthy weight loss goals. Which MANY, MANY and MANY folks in the fitness industry KNOW and which is why they are up in arms on Bob and his new book.

OK so why would Bob do this? Why would he apparently SELL OUT and sell you the ignorant folks (folks looking for THE DREAM without the work or just don't KNOW how your body works) that are going to buy his book, use his book and end up in worse shape physically, mentally, emotionally and more discouraged than when you started?

I am going to leave that answer for you to decide. I will tell you this is what I think is wrong with the WHOLE FITNESS and WEIGHT LOSS industry. Now listen not ALL folks are out to sell you regardless. There really are a few folks THAT CARE ABOUT YOU and your health and fitness and are not just looking at their bank statements. But YOU can't be lazy. You can't be complacent. You can't be ignorant. You can't just sorta try this and sorta try that. Find a healthy living system that isn't going to leave you worse off then when you started and stick to it.

As a rule, if ANY program is asking you to cut cals LOW, asking you to eat 4 shakes a day or really anything EXTREME then it prob is just a sales pitch. Sorry. Gotta work for stuff and your health and fitness is a LOT OF WORK. A LOT OF TIME and EDUCATION on how your body works. If you just knew the basics then you would NOT FALL for these gimmicks. So get learning and doing and get yourself healthier today then you were yesterday.

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  1. Janette says:

    And here you are selling a book while slamming his motivation. I see you think your approach is better than his. Well, you have not read his book if you think his diet will make you loose muscle and wreck your metabolism. Perhaps you should research the material before slamming.

    • Janette, I don’t have to read a book that says to eat 800 cals and no carbs after breakfast. Maybe you should read mine. You might learn something. Just a suggestion 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and offering your ideas.

  2. DINAH SUTTON says:

    Restricting your calories that much DOES NOT WORK for the long term. I did this a few years ago with a “Dr.’s approved” diet that restricted mine to 800-1000 per day, and did lose weight fast, but gained all but a few pounds back, which I am now losing sensibly, by eating anything I want and working out. Some people will naturally lose weight faster than others. The main key is eating healthy foods and exercising. There is no magic pill or fix that will work for long.

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