Body Types: Which are you?

Body Types: Which are you?

Body Types: Which are you?

I think educating ourselves is an important first step to moving forward as long as while getting educated you don't also get discouraged and presume you can't do this or you can't do that because that would be SOOOOO untrue. In some ways it is important to know your body type because then you will understand why you put weight on so easy, or why you are naturally thin or why you have a really hard time losing body-fat and so on. However, don't let your body type prevent you from being the 'best you' you can be. And there is a 'best you' you can be that is a healthy weight, healthy body-fat and healthy body structured (muscled) YOU!

With almost 70% of our adult population overweight and obese, our number one priority should be to help folks lose some body-fat, gain some lean muscle and get and live a healthy lifestyle. Attain a 'best you' and reach your healthy potential. As you go more through this process of getting and living healthy we are going to be learning that our bodies are systems that are all integrated and they all affect each other. Like when you know your body type then you will also better understand your metabolism, your ability to gain muscle, gain fat and lose fat. Hormones come into play with all this potential stuff here and well it can get a little complicated so I will try to simplify. Will have posts later about "Metabolism" and "Hormones" as they are BIG players on your road to health and fitness. Even more so as we get older!

Another point - if after reading these body types you still can't figure out your type and you are overweight and/or obese then I want you to think back to when you were a kid. Were you always overweight? Did you start to gain weight at 10? Were you a skinny little thing till 12? Where you solid but not fat when younger? How did you look at 18? At 15? At 10? Think about back then when reading these body types.

If you still don't have a clue then take this test and answer some questions to find out what body type YOU ARE.


1. ectomorph:

  • Thin
  • Fragile
  • classic 'hardgainer'
  • flat chest
  • finds it hard to gain weight
  • fast metabolism
  • lightly muscled
  • small shoulders
  • muscle growth takes LONGER

2. Mesomorph:

  • athletic
  • hard, muscular body
  • rectangular shape (hourglass for women)
  • strong
  • gains muscle easy
  • gains fat easy

3. Endomorph:

  • soft, round body
  • gains muscle and fat easily
  • round physique
  • hard to lose fat
  • slow metabolism
  • underdeveloped muscles
  • over-developed digestive system


body types


So there you have it. Some of us are a combination of these types. For example, I am a mesomorph/endomorph combo and I will also tell you I did NOT know anything about this body type stuff till several years after I got into fitness. It really just made NO never-mind to me because my focus was to lose fat, in a healthy and realistic manner, put muscle on to make my body have structure and speed up my metabolism and just BE HEALTHY. Have vitality. Have energy. Accomplish something I always believed only the chosen few got to have - and that was a firm, healthy and fit body and life.


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