Body Weight vs. Free Weight Training Exercises!

Body Weight vs. Free Weight Training Exercises!

Body Weight vs. Free Weight Training Exercises!

PROS of body weight exercises:

  1. no gym equipment needed
  2. can do anywhere: home or on the road
  3. whole body work-out, compound exercises

Cons of body weight exercises:

  1. Not huge muscle gains
  2. Limited to working with your  body weight ONLY.
  3. Possible limitation of exercises due to your body weight.

Examples of Body Weight Exercises:

  • push-ups
  • plank
  • pull-ups
  • chin-ups
  • chair dips
  • squats
  • lunges
  • calf raises
  • wall squats


Pros of free weight training:

  1. Versatility in training same muscle group
  2. Functionality: strength for functional movement in everyday life.
  3. Quick work out - if you don't talk all the time.
  4. Can build muscle mass

Cons of free weight training:

  1. Can be difficult to learn
  2. Risk of injury is higher

In the lists above on the pros and cons of body weight vs free weight training exercises you will notice that both are relatively cheap as you can do both right in your living room. If you have not watched my weight training vids I have a COMPLETE weeks worth (working all muscle groups for that week) of work outs using dumbbells that you can start today. PAY ATTENTION to the details. I explain exactly how to do it. FOCUS and stay in the moment.

So which would you use for YOUR goals?

For folks doing my Member's ONLY Next Level Club I would suggest doing both initially. If you already do body weight exercises then start watching my videos with dumbbells and start incorporating them into your work outs. I explain how to do set and reps and explain about your form and all the details.

If you have never done any exercises I would start with WHAT I CAN DO. For example, maybe you can't do walking lunges with weights but you can do lunges with body weight. START there but DO NOT STAY THERE.

Good article on this topic from Love to Know so check them out!

OK way too much info on this topic and I want to keep it simple for today's post. Just remember one thing whether you are a beginner or been weight training for years:

YOU MUST ALWAYS CHALLENGE YOUR BODY. So if you have been doing x and y maybe it is time to do z. Of if you have been doing x and y and doing it exactly the same because you don't track it and you sorta show up to work out then it is time to take it to The NEXT LEVEL. Start tracking what you are doing and do more. Do more reps, do heavier weights, or change your exercises you've been doing for 6 months. CHANGE IS GOOD with weight training.





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