Cardio KINGS/QUEENS Versus Weight/Resistance Trainer's

Cardio KINGS/QUEENS Versus Weight/Resistance Trainer’s

Ohhh the cardio kings/queens versus the weight/resistance trainer's? I have to admit I picked this topic because of posts I see on facebook. Yep everyday I get on facebook and read other folk's posts on what is happening with their lives and everyday I see folks write about their cardio exercise while simultaneously complaining about lack of RESULTS. It reminds me of when I use to work-out at the YMCA. I got to know a lot of people at the Y and what I noticed most was that people would go and CARDIO 4-6 times a week with classes or machines and yet they would NOT change at all and they did this for YEARS. In fact, some of my women friends would ask me "Why am I still gaining weight even though I am working out 6 days a week?" Hmmmmm

I will also admit that this topic DRIVES ME NUTS. It drives me nuts BECAUSE I repeated and I mean repeatedly say/said YOU MUST WEIGHT TRAIN & eat healthy to many, many folks and I am very sure it falls on DEAF ears. WHY? That is the question. WHY if someone looks incredible and they weight train, eat healthy, quality food through out the day and do some cardio and YOU SAY you want to look like that then WHY wouldn't you do the same things as that person does? Do you remember the quote by Albert Einstein?

Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Yep, that's the one. So here is your question, "Are you doing the same thing and getting the same results (none) but still expecting a different outcome? If so, why? Albert says that is INSANITY. And really HOW MANY YEARS are you going to continue on as if something is gonna change?

NOW for the visual pictures. Who can argue with visual proof? On one side we have the CARDIO KINGS or marathon runners and on the other side we have my husband, Lynn who OBVIOUSLY weight trains. Can you see the muscle?










Now it is not that weight trainer's don't cardio because we do but, but cardio is NOT the end all, be all of getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out. Cardio is usually a finisher for folks in fitness. NOT the catalyst. No the catalyst is the weight training. The putting on of muscle so that the muscle works to burn the fat and speed up the metabolism and look darn nice doing it. And the most important factor in living healthy and fit is THE FOOD you eat. When you eat it. How much you eat. How often you eat, WHAT you eat and so on. So really cardio probably falls to third place because of it's benefits to our health and fitness. So FOOD is first, followed by weight training and lastly is the cardio. Make sure to check out my blog on the benefits of weight training because there are plenty of reasons and NOT just to do with HOW it looks for you to be weight training regularly.

Now does that mean marathon runners are not healthy? I didn't say that. All I am saying about marathon runners is that the serious, competitive ones tend to be THIN not muscular. And they tend to be thin BECAUSE they run a LOT! So they cardio a lot and so the question is do you want to look like a person who cardio's a lot? If so, become a marathon runner. Not for me though. I LIKE having strength and muscles. Never been interested in being a stick. Sorry to any serious runners out there but...

And AGAIN the benefits of weight training WOW!!!! Check out my blog Benefits of Weight Training

So why is it that many folks won't use this method to help drop the body fat? Is it because you have preconceived ideas of what happens to your body when lifting weights? This is for the women: Do you think you will turn into a she-man by weight training? Or is it that you are afraid or uncomfortable with the free weight section at your gym or you don't know what to do? Well like with anything else, find someone to teach you to weight train. Or buy a video, download a program or get on YouTube. Really there is information for FREE  everywhere if you LOOK for it. Including right here on this blog site. Just click on the Weight Training tab and I have vlogs and blogs you can do in your own home to utilize this very effective method for firming up and losing body fat.

So if you are really set on losing body fat and changing your health and fitness then weight training should be an important step to that goal. Is it all?  NO but very, very important especially as you age. When I recently did my transformation back to my (old) fit shape I had someone remark on my fat. They said to me, "Even when you were fat you had very little cellulite or fat hanging." And that was true. I was fat but I was also STRONG. Because even though I was eating crap I was still sometimes weight training and you can see it in my before photos. Solidness! And I will tell you as a 46 yr old woman there is NOTHING better to prevent the sagging then weight training. Hands down best way to age BETTER. Inside and out!

recent before and after


before and after

Are you going to stop complaining about WHAT you are doing because it is not working and START to use a system that does WORK to help you get firmer, fitter and healthier? Or at least try to LEARN your own body and figure out what works to get YOU healthier and fitter? Let me know... are you cardio kings/queens versus weight/resistance trainer's? Don't be shy!


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