Change Till YOU Find What Works

Change Till YOU Find What Works

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My primary focus with this blog site is to HELP people BELIEVE they too can ACHIEVE their health and fitness goals and that they can achieve these goals without having to go to college and get a PhD in health and fitness. Or buy expensive programs, or buy series of expensive books, dvd's, or do 1000 steps or really anything but a few KEY changes in their eating and activity every day. Yes that is my intent with this site. It is NOT as complicated as folks sometimes try to make it. Yes it can become complicated but it doesn't have to be. I mean I have transformed my physical self and emotional as well as gave up some bad habits right in front of your eyes and ears and really I am NOT using any deep thinking or formulas here lol. Check out my transformation and my spiritual transformation that I just keep renewing as often as necessary.

Sixteen years ago when I met my husband who was in TIP TOP shape and had just won Bill Phillips' Body-for-Life contest I did NOT know anything about health and fitness. I believed as many of you believe and that is that the scale matters and if I just stop eating I will get smaller and that is it - I will BE in great shape. Or that those folks that are in GREAT shape are SPECIAL and only they can be and LOOK like that. If that is you and you don't KNOW HOW to get HEALTHY and FIT... you see I wrote that HEALTHY in there right? Yes I am talking about healthy not just smaller - then this blog site is for you. I am going to keep it simple stupid (KISS). However, I will be writing and talking about some of the mindsets that hold many of us back as well.

We each have to figure out what works for us but it is not as complicated as lots of programs and peeps seem to preach. But you do HAVE TO WORK and you do have to do things DAILY to reach ANY health and fitness goals. AND you have to keep changing tillΒ  you find what works. Keep trying NEW things till you find exercise you enjoy doing. Keep trying and keep changing till you find meals you and your body likes for you to eat. Keep learning and keep growing. Yes it almost sounds exhausting but the REWARDS, the rewards are INCREDIBLE. You will invite discipline, balance, hopefully Jesus and positiveness back into your life and really who knows who you will BECOME. Very exciting if you let it be.

In a few of my vids I repeatedly stated that your body does not lie. It doesn't. If you do a few simple things repeatedly then you can expect certain results from those things. Or in some folks cases if you continue to talk about doing things repeatedly then that is exactly what you will have - a lot of HOT AIR! So maybe it is time to make some changes and see if those changes will result in the outcome we are searching for.

Listen I am in the same boat as you with the change till you find what works. I do have this health and fitness stuff down hence my transformation. BUT I am still in a big learning curve with this blog site. I am trying and trying to get MY WORD out there and it currently is not growing as I anticipate. SOOoooo I will change it and try other things till I FIND what works. With that in mind I am working via my Member's ONLY Next Level Club and my ebook "The Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit'' and future eBooks to SIMPLIFY and make this easy and attainable for everyone.

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  1. Sounds great Evey! Thanks for setting a good example for us and all that you are doing! Am following what you say to do and am excited because I am seeing good results! Went out today and bought myself a couple pairs of good walking shoes. Had my 8 yr. old daughter walking with me and doing yoga, she thought it was fun. She wanted to try the stretch band workout with me but realized real quick that it was harder than it looks lol1 Kep up the good work!!

    • Thanks Mary, you are doing AWESOME and so glad you are getting info and encouragement from this site. Let me know how you like the new format after I run it next week. Thanks for YOUR encourgement πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Evey,
    Hugs to you! You are an amazing lady and a great example of what you say…it shows in your pictures that you believe what you teach. That is soooooo inspirational.

    I love the way you are going to have the vlog/blogs laid out. I think that is awesome. I alway feel more encouarged when I read and watch what you put out there.

    I will keep putting the word out there and do what I can to show people the path to find encoaurgement here at “iwilldoit2”.


    • Thanks Jackie, yep I am walking the talk. Glad you are enjoying and learning from the blogs. That tells me I am accomplishing what I set out to do. THANKS for your continued encouragement too πŸ™‚

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