Different Flour Breads - Are They Any Healthier For You?

Different Flour Breads – Are They Any Healthier For You?

So the questions is:

Different Flour Breads - Are They Any Healthier For You?

If you have been reading this blog or catching any of my Recipe FRIDAY blog posts then you know I have ventured out into Paleo breads and healthier desert land. Yes I have tried a Paleo Bread recipe and I have tried several healthier alternative dessert recipes but today I want to concentrate on the FLOURS that go into some of these recipes and if they are truly healthier for us or what.

A member of my Member's ONLY Next Level Club has been making home-made bread and trying different versions and wants to know what are the healthier versions and WHY. So here goes. Let's look into this a little more.

First let's address briefly what makes regular store-bought bread and flour baked products (pasta, crackers, muffins, wraps etc.) unhealthy for us.

1. Breads high in carbs spike sugar levels (high glycemic loads)
2. Low in Nutrients
3. Contains Sugar
4. Contains High Fructose Corn Starch
5. Contains Gluten and lots of peeps have probs with gluten whether they know it or not

Really nothing nutritious about BREAD which is why folks SHOULD STAY AWAY from bread, pasta, crackers and wraps and ALL those PROCESSED foods that some of us really LOVE and yes even WHEAT bread products. They are the most convenient foods and texture wise and taste wise ..... hmmmm you are starting to see the problem.

So this is a problem for folks and yes even with some of the cave-men, cave-women peeps which has caused lots of experimenting with DIFFERENT kinds of flour products to make breads and desserts that just might be HEALTHIER and still tasty and that definitely FILL A HOLE left out of our daily eating if we take BREAD, CRACKERS, WRAPS and CEREAL and DESSERT out of our lives. For those of us who just apparently CAN'T give up the bread or muffins or flour products.

OK, so are these different flours and their products healthier for us? Let's look briefly at a few of them.

Let's take ALMOND FLOUR. Is it healthier for us?

From reading Empowered Sustenance apparently it is HORRIBLE for you. Click this link to get the low down.

Now I gotta admit here that after reading this very enlightening blog post I recognize some really valid points. Like the calories associated with almonds and how many cals would it really add up to in a slice of the almond bread or the whole loaf. Or for any dessert type recipe. This is something I should have thought about as I am well aware that ALL NUTS have TONS of calories.

With all Empowered Sustenance's other points I NEVER KNEW. If  you are baking with Almond Flour make sure to read this article and do some research before deciding on continuing to use the Almond Flour or to look for an alternative.

How about Wheat flour or Sorghum Flour?

I thought this post by Elana's Pantry was very enlightening on this topic. Elana's Pantry shows the different Glycemic Index Loads as well as protein and carbohydrate percentages and right from their labels. She also shows how Almond Flour is a better choice. Hmmmmmm now didn't we just read that Almond Flour isn't so good for us?

OK, yes we did and we also read WHY it isn't so good for us and that there could be a better choice. YEP Coconut Flour.

How about Coconut Flour?

I found The Stone Soup which has a great blog post about why THEY love coconut flour. And I have to say I enjoyed the post and agree with the pros listed as to why Coconut Flour is the stand out FLOUR right now for a replacement flour industry.

The Stone Soup also has what looks and sounds like an incredible and healthy BREAD recipe in this blog post. Be sure to give it a try. I plan on trying it and hey maybe even making it a Recipe FRIDAY recipe review.

So what do you think? Has this talk of different flours in place of regular white or regular wheat flour just seem too complicated to you?  I recommend you click on the links in this blog post to get a clearer picture of these flours and some of the pros and cons. THIS is a very LARGE topic and I just wanted to touch on it briefly because really what matters is what YOU THINK YOU CAN DEAL with in regards to the foods you eat. I think it also boils down to HOW OFTEN and HOW MUCH you eat of these products.

Like really, if you are learning a LIFESTYLE CHANGE like I have my groups do, you can have your HEALTHIER versions of bread or a desert type food but again it has to be in moderation and not too often. Which is a healthy lifestyle. So then discipline and handling preparation of our days and preparation of our foods and well lots more issues to continue to live healthy and fit, inside and out.

So what I am saying is if you can't control yourself around regular store-bought bread are you going to be able to control yourself around your somewhat healthier version that you made with coconut flour? How about with the healthier version of desserts? Can you just eat one and leave the rest or are you going to eat ALL OF THEM?

This is the questions you have to ask yourself. And if you answered that NO YOU CAN'T control yourself around that coconut bread and eat the whole thing then maybe even if it might have healthier ingredients with some nutritional value is it something you should MAKE AND HAVE AROUND YOU if you are diligently trying to control your calories and make smarter choices when eating?

That is the question you have to ask yourself and answer honestly before worrying about whether the Almond flour is healthier than the coconut flour.

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