Don't wait to get healthy and fit

Don’t wait to get healthy and fit

permanent results come from permanent changes

Don't wait to get healthy and fit!

Are you waiting till everything is JUST RIGHT before you focus on getting healthy and fit?

How many times have you said,

"Oh when things slow down at work I will start exercising or
"Oh when the kids get older I will start learning about healthy foods and trying new healthier recipes?"
"I just don't have the TIME."
Many folks think that next week or before they turn 40 or 50 or 60 is when they will FINALLY focus on getting healthy and fit but ...

What are you waiting for?

I'm a mom of 2 kids and all I gotta say is for the first 5 or so years as a parent I often could not believe I was really a parent and since then it has all just SPUN BY. TIME FLIES the older you get. I am sure of it 🙂

We will always be busy. We will always have things going on. There will ALWAYS be more fun or relaxing things to do ...

We have to make THE DECISION to make our health and well-being a PRIORITY in order for it to become important to and in our lives.

To many times I have trained folks that had double bypass heart surgery or triple bypass surgery or had undergone radiation or chemotherapy or were on 20 or so medications from various ailments of which most can be controlled through what foods are eaten and through moving the body, whose biggest wish was that they had focused on their health earlier in their lives. Maybe made small changes for big rewards and so then not so unhealthy now. Not so far to go to get healthy and fit.

I don't know about you but as a former fat person and a former skinny, non eating person who has experienced a few things in my life, I much prefer my life with the energy and vitality and well-being I FEEL when living healthy and fit. Yes it is harder as in I MUST FOCUS  and MAKE A PRIORITY on doing things many others in my life refuse to or just don't want to but I KNOW IT IS WORTH IT. I know what the results are from my choices. I personally know what it feels like and looks like to live unhealthy and I CHOOSE TO DO THE WORK TO LIVE HEALTHY. Especially as I am getting older now and well .... who wants to FEEL OLD and no energy or vitality and just sorta slouching through life.

Yes I had to focus on making habits that correlated to my lifestyle so eventually I did not have to do so much planning and thinking about what to do next. Started thinking "I am a healthy person who thinks this is important to my life and important to teach my kids" and guess what? My life has to reflect those beliefs.

Over and over again making the decisions that reflect that my health and fitness is important and so it influenced my food choices and my movement and now I EXERCISE regularly so like now it is a habit for me to make healthy meals regularly and to exercise.  NOW folks around me don't ask, "what are you doing?'' as it is not NEW TO THEM and it is almost EXPECTED OF ME NOW. Expected by me for me and by others for me too. As that is NOW WHO I AM to me and to others.

This did not happen OVERNIGHT. It happened over lots of TIME, CONSISTENCY and PERSISTENCE to living healthy and fit.

It is just important to KNOW IT CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU TOO. You can become a healthy and fit person no matter how unfit and unhealthy you are right now.

I recently had a Next Level Club member as well as an old client tell me, "I just want to  live and not have to PLAN and THINK so much about what I am doing everyday with this living healthy." Hmmm and I was like, Uhh huh and like that is how I live now. But I have the habits to support that kind of living, do YOU? I think this should ultimately be our goal. No constant to-do's, not constant measurements or constant planning but JUST LIVING HEALTHY. Doing it because that is WHO YOU ARE AND THAT IS WHAT YOU DO.

So what are your habits doing for you now? Are they to grab whatever food is around and eat it or it your habit to go shopping, prep healthy fruits and veggies and make healthy meals with your health and families health the center of your focus?

Do you have the habit of EXERCISING everyday? SO like it is not a question of you actually exercising but WHEN you are doing it?

You see, your habits will determine how you live and if you have UNHEALTHY habits then they must CHANGE. Yes they must change to form healthy habits and then you life can be lived through your habits again. UNTIL THEN, you must FOCUS on what you are doing when and ....

If you are interested in learning more about healthy living and learning how to change those unhealthy habits into healthy habits then check out my MEMBER'S ONLY Next Level Club. Registration is open till Monday October 14 and you can begin YOUR 12 Week Lifestyle Change.

Lots of support, accountability and information to help you start to live a healthy and fit lifestyle 🙂

Don't wait to get healthy and fit any longer. Look forward to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.

expect change

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