Example of a Healthy Day

Example of a Healthy Day

So many times I have been asked "what is an example of a healthy day?" I think sometimes we just can't see what a healthy day consists of and don't know quite what to do to make our day a healthy day. So with that in mind, here is a healthy day in my life. If you do other things and want to add to this please leave a comment below as I would like to know what YOU do to make YOUR day healthy for YOU.

Now before reading MY HEALTHY DAY and maybe starting to compare yourself to me, remember I am an advanced EXPERIENCED FITNESS person (16 years of doing this and helping peeps too). I am going HARD and focused with my Member's Next Level Group and our 12 Week Lifestyle Change program and this day DOES REFLECT that.

7am - get up and get kids ready for school and eat a Greek Yogurt or small protein pancake plain. Basically something small or maybe not eat at all as I am going to run after they catch the bus. I really like to cardio in a fasted state in the morning and if I wasn't so lazy and didn't stay up reading and posting on facebook I would and should get up and run BEFORE the kids get up. But it is what it is at least for this week. Which means, who knows maybe next week I will get up at 6:30am to run. FLEXIBLE

8am - run 3 miles - again I like to do this in a fasted state (no calories in my body) and I like to do this early in the day before the day gets in my way and it DOES NOT GET DONE. Def think early is better for me with my cardio.

After run, I eat. I am NOT a picky eater. I can and do eat the same breakfast almost everyday. YES I found something I love that is healthy and FILLING (very important) and so that is what I eat. It is 1/2 c old-fashioned oatmeal, with stevia and cinnamon and about 8 walnuts plus a scoop whey protein and water in a glass mixed. YUMMY and filling and I am not hungry again for a solid 3 hours. Yes I tend to get hungry a LOT so this meal is PERFECT for me. I suggest you find 1, 2 or 3 meals YOU LOVE and THAT FILL YOU UP for breakfast and then eat them MOST OF THE TIME.

9am - read bible and/or watch Joyce Meyer's. NOW  I LOVE Joyce and really love the way she communicates. And she happens to be talking right now about forming NEW positive habits and getting rid of OLD negative habits. YAY So I get some problem solving and positive messages in my life early in my day which sets me up for a positive mindset for the rest of my day. This is HUGE to my success.

11:30am - EAT again. I tend to cook 2 times a week lots of foods, proteins like chicken, pork chops, fish and prepping of veggies and making my complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes, organic brown rice or quinoa. So this meal is usually a protein like chicken breast (3-4 oz), a carb like sweet potato and some sautéed or steamed veggies.

WORK, WORK and WORK which for me is this blog site. BUILDING it and writing blogs and getting my speaking career going and talking, writing, writing and posting and LEARNING NEW THINGS because I have come to the conclusion that I STILL HAVE TONS to learn about this blogging stuff. CONSTANTLY READING NEW THINGS to make me better and trying new things. Gotta be willing to LEARN NEW THINGS always.

2:30pm - EAT again. 1 cup Fat Free Cottage Cheese and an apple (LOVE apples and in fact, LOVE ALL FRUITS)

3:30pm - Kids home and time to do HOMEWORK or at this point make sure THEY ARE DOING their homework. lol Yes sometimes I still HELP too.

4:30pm - WEIGHT TRAIN today for me. I only weight train 3 days a week and I make them count when I do it. So lots of intensity and I also follow my weight training with another short steady state or interval cardio. About 20 - 25 min.

6-7pm DINNER with the family. Prayer and talk about our HIGHS for the day and our LOWS for the day. Almost always when I am LIVING STRICT and being FOCUSED with my food I will eat a leafy green, veggie salad with tuna, chicken, pork chop, eggs (protein) on top with home-made salad dressing. YUMMY. I LOVE SALADS!!

Clean, laundry and stuff around house done.

9-10pm if hungry a scoop whey protein and glass water mix!!

Important RULE!

When done eating for the night STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN till morning.

Obviously my days change. This just so happens to be my day TODAY. Yes I have errands to do sometimes. I spend lots of time in the evenings also working on projects like my eBook and constantly learning about blogging and how to do it better.

And lots of family obligations and social obligations and always stuff to do. We all have lives and commitments and stuff to do but if our health and fitness is IMPORTANT to us it should then become A MUST DO with focus EVERYDAY.

Now before bed I get my agenda book our and PLAN my next day. ALWAYS.


Yep, so when I get up in the morning I know what my work schedule is, what my exercise schedule is, what my eating schedule is, what my kids and husband's schedules are and so on. This sets me, and YOU TOO if you do it, UP FOR SUCCESS in reaching all my goals and moving forward regardless of LIFE.

Hope this helps some of you with an idea of what a HEALTHY DAY looks like spiritually, mentally, physically and maybe even emotionally as you won't be living by the seat of your pants wondering why you aren't getting anywhere anymore with any of your goals. Please LIKE below so your friends can see this too and/or Pinterest, Google+ or Tweet however you socialize. Be sure to check out my NEWEST eBook "The Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit". A great tool to help you maybe FINALLY get healthy and fit. Right here is the LINK: The Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit



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  1. Nanna Fritts says:

    Good read!! Finding that our days have many similarities, – except for double hitter workout…LOL!! Something to strive for in my schedule! Thank you for sharing this information! Gives good perspective and DOES “de-complify” how to life a fit and healthy lifestyle. Good blog!! ~ Nanna

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