Finding the Strength to live life after PML and HIV/AIDS

Finding the Strength To Live Life after PML and HIV/AIDS!

Lynn SpeakingFinding the strength to live life after PML and HIV/AIDS. Yes in thinking back on one of my most difficult recent experience of “ PML” I can only say I just did not believe that God was done with me yet. I know that sounds so simple but to me it is a deep, deep faith that truly believes down into the core of my being that first there is a God and second that my God has a purpose for my life here on this earth and here in this time of trouble.

I believe that God has allowed situations to occur in my life that have shaped and molded me into the man I have become so as to fulfill His purpose for me here and now. Am I saying that God brought down on me these illnesses? No, but he certainly allowed them to occur in my life. For what purpose? Who am I to say! Was it difficult to be molded and shaped? To handle the health situations that I never asked for but that somehow ended up overtaking big chunks of my life? Extremely difficult! In fact life-changing would be the words used to best describe the impact my situations had on my life.

In looking around and being involved in many people's lives through my ten plus years of my Personal Training business and in my present and future through my speaking engagements and my next book - I am confident that now more than ever people are looking for HOPE! So many of us are in trying, trying situations with our health, our mental state, financially, spiritually, in our relationships and we just don't see a way out. Who reading this doesn't agree that we have all been there. We have all been disappointed, let down, treated unfairly, abused and the list goes on. But there is an answer. There is a way through it. Not an easy road but definitely a road.

So did I just make a decision and then by magic everything was great? NO! In fact, I can say that many, many times over the course of those dark moments I questioned my faith or my lack of faith in My God. I lost hope. I felt, why bother? I thought - this is too hard. I even considered what’s the point? And like all of us I had choices to make. I realized when I was thinking in a fatalistic way then I was focused just on me. So I would consciously change my thinking until I was thinking of my kids or my wife, and all the folks in my life that matter to me. Of stuff I wanted to be remembered for. Did I really want my kids to think their dad was a quitter? That he was too selfish to move beyond thinking just of himself and not their future as well? No, I want them to remember me for someone who relied on his faith in his GOD and always with hope and a firm belief that GOD has a plan for all our lives.

I have to say that here on iwilldoit2’s Blog Site that Evey, my wife, has a very clear road map for anyone to utilize. We all need some help to go from failure to Strength for Living. She has created this site and her FREE ebook-“Food & Exercise DAILY JOURNAL” to help us all grow and become more Healthy “Fitter” folks. She will soon have more eBooks available to take us further on this journey of 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'. I couldn't ask for a better environment to be actively involved in.

At the end of the day we will find our strength through the trials and tribulations of others and how they have overcome and we will find the strength through our personal beliefs in our purpose for being alive! First find your Health and you will then find a better purpose for living your Life. But you must take that first step with faith. Please spread the word. Like below if you LIKED my post or make a nice comment. I love feedback.

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  1. Deb Frederick says:

    Excellent blog today, Lynn. Even though I’m your Mom and mother-in-law, you two never cease to amaze me how you get up and keep going. I am proud of both of you. We keep pressing on and thrive high.

  2. Just what I needed to read today! Thank you so much for sharing!! You are truly an inspiration!

  3. Love your story Lynn and am always inspired by how you have handled so much adversity. You and Evey are so motivating!

  4. Michelle Solberg says:

    You are one miracle man…and very inspiring!

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