FREE "Food and Exercise DAILY JOURNAL" ($18 value) (2nd)

FREE “Food and Exercise DAILY JOURNAL” ($18 value) (2nd)

Did you watch the video above about our FREE "Food and Exercise DAILY JOURNAL" (2nd)? If not, I have to tell you, of ALL the questions that folks have asked me over the years with 'getting healthy and fit' still one of the most popular questions is "what am I doing wrong because what I am doing is not working"? Uhhh huh I say and then ask "What are you doing? Like what did you eat all day yesterday and how about the day before? How about your sleep? Or how about exercise? What have you been doing?" Can you guess how most folks might answer this questions? How would you answer that question?

Yep, they or you might hee-haw around and then come to the conclusion that you can't really remember and you're not sure exactly of how much of that spaghetti you had and so on. Well folks the very first thing  to figure out and answer is WHAT ARE YOU REALLY DOING. Not what you think you're doing but what you are actually doing. Until you see it written down in pen or pencil, well it is not FACT. And the writing down goes for your eating, your weight training and your cardio. I even have room at the bottom of each exercise page for you to write notes. Like was it a hard and intense work-out or maybe you just got through it as you weren't feeling it today. How about your sleep? How about your moods? Hmmm

You must track and record what you do if you intend to make progress. As human being we tend to think we eat a lot less than we do and we also like to think we work out and move a lot more than we really do. Hmmmm YES so write it down. It is like taking those first before photos. Yes it is a reality check. You might notice that you don't eat all day but after you get home at 6pm you pretty much eat till 9pm. Is this something you are aware of or is it just a habit that you fell into and no longer pay attention too? And what do you eat at that time? Quality as God made it food or whatever you can get into your mouth quickest?

Alright so this journal sets you up with Food and Exercise pages so you can track your eating and your exercise (weight training and cardio). I have also included a goals section. Yes a couple of pages for you to WRITE DOWN your goals. To use several measuring tools as a start position. Like photos, body fat measurements, tape measure measurements and monitoring any health situations you have. Yes we are looking for progress and improvement in ALL areas and again we are going to RECORD it all.  So we can track it and tweak what we are doing if need be. It's really not that complicated.  ALL part of creating THE PLAN.

Again if you don't know exactly what you are doing and sorta remember what you did then how can you come to an awareness with full conviction that this or that is or is not working? That is right. You can't. You can however complain and make statements that are not true but let you off the hook for being more disciplined and recording what you are truly doing. Hmmm

Is this a lot of work just to lose some weight and get healthy? I wouldn't say a lot of work but yes NEW Habits. If you plan on changing from an unhealthy lifestyle to a healthy lifestyle I can promise there will be lots of changes and it might seem like work initially. At least until it becomes your NEW HABITS. Then you will just do it without thinking. Exactly like you are living right now:) but this time with HEALTHY habits that lead you towards an active and healthy lifestyle.


Approved Foods List - which you will notice, the list is most foods you already eat. It's how the food is prepared and how close is it to its natural state that is most important. When it comes to your food, it is not about taking away from you but instead about GIVING MORE TO YOU. Giving you more choices to feed your body nutritious and tasty foods. Every week I post a blog geared towards helping find foods YOU LIKE/LOVE that are easy, quick and delicious so make sure to check them out and try them too.

Shopping tipsSome great tips on how to navigate the grocery store so you can avoid the NOT SO GOOD for you foods.

6 DAY MEAL PLAN: Yes if you can't quite wrap your head around how this will look with eating healthy through out the week this is a good visual. Or for ideas of what to eat or when to eat and so on. Great and necessary info to help you move forward to your healthy lifestyle.

And SO MUCH MORE INCLUDED but you have to subscribe to find out what else is in there lol In fact you can subscribe RIGHT HERE. Just put your info in down below....


So there you have it, tool to help you on your way but you gotta actually use THE TOOLS to get from where you are right now to where you want to go. APPLICATION. Did you really DECIDE to get healthy and fit? If so, then your decision should be followed with action. So let's do this.

Like anything worthwhile, this getting health and fit will take a COMMITTMENT or a resolve to get healthy from you. Yes a time committment. Yes a 'lots of changes committment'. Yes a situation that most likely will make you uncomfortable because the only thing that will keep you comfortable is if YOU DO NOTHING. And if you do nothing, than nothing changes and YOU DO NOT GET HEALTHY AND FIT.

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  1. Lisa Bane says:

    I want my free journal please! Lisa

    • Right away Lisa! Lol did you subscribe on top left of my home page. Yes where it asks for your email? Ok we will get that right out to you 🙂

  2. me too..i subscribed yesterday..and again right now… NO follow up email confirming my address or anything ?? and no e-BOOK?

    • Lyn I will check and see if your email has gone through. Once you subscribe you will then receive an email back that you MUST respond to in order to VERIFY your email is a LIVE person’s email and not a spammer. Once you verify your email then within a couple hours you should receive the eBook as an attachment to an email thanking you for subscribing. The eBook is a PDF ebook to be downloaded or reviewed online. Hope this helps and I will check for your email.

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