Getting Healthy and Fit is About More Than Losing Weight

Getting Healthy and Fit is About More Than Losing Weight

Yes getting healthy and fit is about more than losing weight on a scale or fitting into a smaller pant size. So, so much more.

I don't know if it is because I am now 46 yrs old and you know, getting a little older, or if it is just where I am emotionally, intellectually and spiritually in life, but exercising a few days a week and making smarter choices with the foods I eat really matters so much more to me now.

I recently ran into some old friends of mine from years back and got to talking to the wife. She asked me how I could focus so much of my time and energy on exercising and prepping and cooking healthy meals for me and my family and I have to say I was flabbergasted. Like WHAT? Can you repeat that?


Like, I don't know, maybe I want to FEEL GOOD, HAVE ENERGY, HAVE VITALITY and be healthy and maybe, just maybe I want the same for my husband and kids too. Hmmm



So then this wife asked me about aging and such and like I am getting older and maybe I shouldn't be doing these things and well, for those that know me well, this would be the point where I would have to really BITE MY TONGUE so as not to get myself into trouble with being too forward and such πŸ™‚ lol

OK, so maybe you are thinking this eating healthy and exercising is all about you looking good in your bathing suit or about fitting into a smaller size pant or finally getting THE SCALE to reveal some special numbers you've been after most of your life but to me and hopefully, after reading this article, for you too, maybe there is a bit more to it than that.

I have met so many folks through my personal training and through this blogging and my group coaching who are in SLUMPS. Who are stuck in a place they no longer want to be stuck but don't know HOW TO GET OUT.

I mean this is a place that is physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually not a good place. Just in a hole and they haven't been taking care of themselves lately if ever, in ALL areas, like not eating healthy foods, not getting enough sleep, not moving their body except from car to work and to couch which is NOT ENOUGH. No regards to learning new things or trying new things or reading the bible or finding another spiritual outlet. Stimulating their brains and their bodies in any way.

We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings and really ALL areas have to be addressed.

Now with my coaching (Next Level Club) and such we tackle a lot of the physical like eating healthy and exercising but also the mental and emotional because folks tend to have some STUFF to change. Most often HOW THEY THINK about some things.Β I gotta tell ya when it comes to some folks food choices, well this can be EMOTIONAL, very emotional as well. Spiritual is so important too.

Habits and how you think whether you tend to be positive or negative most of time and literally what you do with your time all day, every day.

Like do you wake up thankful to wake up? Or do you wake up and think 'oh know, another day urrgghhhhh'.

I want you to understand that EVERYDAY you have a choice about HOW you are going to live that day.

You can choose to continue doing what you have always done and so then continue to get the same results and same outcome or you can make the choice to change some things.

Like you don't have to wait till you get breast cancer to start watching what you eat and exercising. Same goes for heart problems or some kinds of cancers and hypertension and high blood pressure.

You really can make a decision today to make some positive changes in your daily life and work towards getting healthy or healthier. You can also make a goal to get off any medications you might be taking that can be reversed or changed with eating some quality foods and moving your body regularly and addressing some stress you have in your life or removing some negative time suckers.

We don't have to age badly. We don't have to be in our 30's taking 8 medications a day to get through the day. I don't have to be 46 years old and be unhealthy, overweight and sluggish just because some folks around me made the choice to live like that.

Yes you can be healthy and have vitality and energy and be excited to get up in the morning.

Choice is yours. Now what are you going to do about it?

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  1. I totally agree. I agree with the fact that we have a choice how we live each day. I agree that our health is holistic – – involved mental, physical, emotional, spiritual. I agree that we need to work on all of that for weight loss. And I agree that exercise and eating right is about more than just looking good in a bikini. I’ve been working on viewing exercise as a gift to my body – – a gift of health and energy and fitness.
    Leanne Chesser recently posted…Create a Gratitude Calendar ChainMy Profile

  2. There is a saying ” You can take the Horse to the Water, but you can’t make it drink “. What you say is true, but I have learned just to leave information with people. If they want what I have then they’ll come back. I’m too old now to be in the persuading business.:) Thanks for your post.

    • I agree, ‘Γ‡an’t make folks DO anything’ but can educate them and allow them to make their educated decisions πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by Gertraud.

  3. Wise words (again!) have to say that you don’t look 46 so that’s proof enough that a healthy lifestyle is better than any make up or supplements
    rachael recently posted…Monday Inspiration #001My Profile

    • Ah thanks Rachael for the compliment. Yep how we live our life and the choices we make do show up on our face and bodies.

  4. Hi Evey, Excellent article, I have in recent years turned my attention to a healthier life style. We all have a choice to let whatever we want into our bodies and I choose to let in the good stuff. As they say your health is your wealth although some people have this the wrong way round at times πŸ˜‰ Thanks for sharing
    Paudie Callaghan recently posted…Create ValueMy Profile

  5. Exercise is not just about the number on the scale. It’s about the health of your mind, body and soul. It’s about loving yourself and taking care of yourself. I know how important it is to get moving, and to put healthy foods into my body. I also choose to live my days in the most wonderful way possible. It’s amazing how joyful your life can be when you acknowledge that it already is. πŸ™‚
    Keri Kight recently posted…7 Ways to Make the Most out of PinterestMy Profile

  6. I eat healthy to feel good. I don’t wear swim suits and wouldn’t no matter how much I weigh.
    Debbie recently posted…More fun in the countryMy Profile

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