How to Get Healthy and Fit

How to Get Healthy and Fit

I have to admit this question, 'How to get healthy and fit' truly is the most often asked question any Personal Trainer or Lifestyle Coach/Healthy Living Coach gets asked.

I'm not sure why folks think they will get a two sentence or less response on the question but the reality is probably one word can safely and accurately describe HOW TO GET HEALTHY AND FIT. Do you want to know what I believe that one word is? Yes? OK here it is;


working out

Yep, it just takes WORK. Just like getting a degree in school takes work. Takes sacrifice. Takes TIME. Take giving up stuff to get it. Takes doing stuff when you don't want to. Like working/studying instead of hanging with your friends before a test.

Or it can be like working your dream job. Takes sacrifice. Takes TIME. Takes doing stuff sometimes when you don't want to and working instead of playing sometimes.

Or becoming great in anything like athletics or academics or whatever.

Today I was reading my trusted, sort of, WSJ and in there was an article about most folks not wanting to COMPETE anymore. SO like even the 5k runs are now uncompetitive and instead are Color Me Run 5ks and just fun. Like folks don't want to WORK and try to compete with others but instead just participate and do OK. "Hey at least I am doing it" kinda thinking. Hmmm

Now I don't know where this NON COMPETE thingy has come about but I do know lots of MOMS and maybe some dads that don't want JUNIOR to FEEL BAD when he is not athletic or not as smart or not quite up to snuff with something like maybe another kid is so everyone wants to even out the playing field. Yes let's make everyone a WINNER just for showing up.

Now as a MOM of 2 kids I sorta think it is important to their future mental health to teach my kids that there are other kids better than them in some things and that they MUST LEARN TO LOSE occasionally. Of course, you would have to compete to LOSE right? Can't just show up and prob have to WORK TOO.

In health in fitness you can complain all you want, yell and scream it is not fair and guess what? Yep, you will NOT BE HEALTHY and FIT UNLESS YOU WORK FOR IT. And I mean really work for it. You can't just SHOW UP and DEMAND to be healthy and fit because you want it and so and so has it and it's just NOT FAIR.

It doesn't matter how unfair YOU THINK IT IS.

It doesn't matter at all because with health and fitness you have to INDIVIDUALLY work for YOUR results and HOW MUCH you work shows through in how good your end results are. It doesn't matter if you THINK YOU DESERVE TO BE healthy and fit just because you want it or just because you've been lazy and tried every get fit quick scheme out there instead if just sitting down and going to WORK instead.

So like, if you just show up then you will get the 'just show up' results. If you think you are just going to show up and win something because that is happening in everything else in your life I am here to tell you it WILL NOT HAPPEN IN YOUR HEALTH AND FITNESS. Nope, your results are directly correlated to WHAT YOU BRING TO THE TABLE WITH YOUR EFFORT.

  • Yes you can't BUY your health and fitness.
  • You can't SELL your health and fitness.
  • You can't STEAL your health and fitness
  • You can't BORROW your health and fitness.
  • You can't have SOMEONE ELSE get healthy and fit for you.
  • You can't COMPLAIN that you want it as it's not fair that someone else has health and fitness and so you DESERVE to be healthy and fit too.
  • You can't have SURGERY for your health and fitness.
  • You can't take a PILL for your health and fitness.
  • You can STORE your health and fitness for another day.

You can't GET HEALTHY AND FIT unless you WORK FOR IT YOURSELF regularly.

And that folks is why I LOVE HEALTH AND FITNESS. Plus I love BEING HEALTHY AND FIT. Love the energy, the vitality and feeling that I work everyday, make decisions everyday that lead to this outcome in my life, this healthy and fit lifestyle and NO ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME.

And if you want what I have, then go to work for it as .... that is the ONLY way you will get healthy and fit. WORK FOR IT YOURSELF.

Yes, I personally made it a lifestyle choice so this is now HOW I LIVE. Not some temporary situation like a 12 week competition that will end and so then so will my healthy living too. No, I want to always remain as healthy and fit as long as possible so I will continue to work for it day in and day out as I know I will not maintain it any other way. It cannot be stored for another day.

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And all those something for nothings? Keep gnashing your teeth. Keep complaining. Keep trying SHORT CUTS and QUICK FIXES but in the end, plain and simple, GO TO WORK for your health and fitness.

I once had a client say to me, "It just is so much easier to just starve then to work out and eat healthy." Yes that might be so because then you don't have TO WORK to be thin but it is NOT HEALTHY to starve. So you gotta be asking yourself what your goal really is? Is it to be thin or is it to be healthy and fit? There are many UNHEALTHY ways to be thin and really many healthy ways to be healthy and fit. Find one that works in your lifestyle and run with it.

This WORK often comes dressed as FIGURING OUT WHO YOU ARE and some bad habits or thought patterns you have lived with for years. Discovering WHAT IS HOLDING YOU BACK from moving forward emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually - maybe in all areas. Lots of introspection and possibly relearning new ways to think and to live.

For a fact, it is well worth the effort and WORK to get healthy and fit. What do you think about this topic: how to get healthy and fit? Do you agree or disagree? I would love to hear your perspective.

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