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HOW TO Get Started Getting HEALTHY & FIT! MY STORY

I have been asked the past few weeks quite a few times about HOW TO get "started" getting healthy and fit. HOW TO actually get the ball rolling and like, I guess, what the very first steps you or me would take to start BECOMING a healthier and fitter person. So I have been thinking about HOW I wanted to get my ideas on how to do this across but without it being yet another 5 step or 7 step program for you to sorta understand and maybe follow and decided instead that I would share the process I ORIGINALLY used to accomplish this feat. Believe me it is not JUST my original process but THE PROCESS that I have used over and over again for the past 15 yrs with either staying healthy and fit or regaining my health and fitness.

The very first time I TRANSFORMED I was 31 yrs old. I was a pack a day smoker and LOVED the vino and well really only ate once a day as I wanted to stay SMALL. You see I had grown up around women that believed that the road to smallness (notice I did not say healthiness) was to starve or in my case eat once a day. So what did I do? Yep I followed the program. And usually what I ate once a day was NOT important either. I remember many a time just eating a yogurt or eating potato chips with onion dip (YUUUMMMY I still love that onion dip) or Oreos. For some reason or somehow I made it through college and to 31 yrs old and still had NO IDEA HOW THAT WHAT I ATE EFFECTED MY HEALTH. Or my weight, or my moods, or my __________________, put your own words in there but WHAT YOU EAT EFFECTS everything there is about YOU and me. WHO KNEW?

Anyway so I had used a failing plan all through my teens and twenties and at 30-31yrs old it just did NOT seem to be working so good anymore. I would hardly eat anything and still unless I really did not eat anything I was slowly getting fatter. I swear to any woman reading this, WHEN YOU TURN 30ish your body changes again. It just is NOT as easy as it used to be even if you are using the starvation technique. So anyway, I was small but sloppy small. Like I looked good in clothes but take the clothes off and it was ALL DOWNHILL and I MEAN stuff was already heading south. Hahaha I know some of you reading this know what I mean. And I did not even have kids by that time yet so I couldn't blame it on that as so many women do lol.

SO I met a guy. Yep, I met a guy that was very, very fit. I mean head turning fit. He ended up being my husband but at that time he was just a fit guy I met and started dating. He told me something that was so contrary to everything I believed up to that time that I swear it literally took me many, many years to really believe him and it. Fortunately, I did not have to really believe it to do it. Yep he told me that I have to eat small meals through out the day that consist of quality proteins, carbs and fats. He said you can do meal replacement shakes for 2-3 of those meals and your other 2 -3 meals must be QUALITY, Nutritious foods that are as close to nature as you can eat them. WHAT?????

As you can imaging I was SHOCKED. I spent most of my life doing the EXACT opposite of this. Now granted I had read a few fitness mags by this time. Always trying to figure out HOW THOSE fit women did it and had read about EATING to get healthy and fit but, but, but.... WOW but won't I get FAT EATING? This was a TOUGH one for me to swallow and created a little FEAR in me. Like if I eat I will get fat because I barely eat and am getting fat so....

I don't know if you are an eater or not but usually the very first step is addressing WHAT YOU ARE DOING and the fact that it IS NOT WORKING. Like maybe you eat but you have a serious sugar addiction well, that FACT would have to be admitted and addressed. Maybe you are lazy and don't like to cook or PLAN or exercise. WELL those issues will HAVE TO BE ADDRESSED. So if you ADMIT that what you have done to this point in your life DOES NOT WORK then you will be ready, maybe to look in another direction with a NEW WAY. If you are unhealthy and unfit your WAY DOES NOT WORK. You are reading this because of that and you are looking for another way soooo...

As you noticed a couple paragraphs back I stated that this process of changing what I was doing and doing the exact opposite caused a little fear in me well, well, how about you? Do you think you will be a little fearful about some things? Like fearful about what you HAVE TO GIVE UP? I will tell you right now this whole idea about WHAT YOU HAVE TO GIVE Up is really just an illusion. It is an illusion to keep you right where you are right now and often we allow it to dictate to us because we don't really want to change. Yes we mouth the words but we are comfortable. We are comfortable smoking. We are comfortable drinking. WE are comfortable eating chocolate sugar EVEN IF IT IS KILLING US. And it is EASIER to continue on then to CHANGE. Yes EASIER!

So after Lynn, my husband told me I would have to EAT MANY TIMES A DAY he then told me I would have TO GIVE UP smoking, drinking and LEARN TO weight train and cardio. I was like WHAT?? He let me digest that for a few minutes and asked me, while lol I was drinking and smoking, if I thought I could do it. Yep he asked what I thought I was capable of doing. I will tell you even though I was at low point in my life at this time I had up to this time done SOME HARD STUFF so I told him YES I can do this. I truly believed I COULD DO IT!

He followed with the questions,

"No matter what? For 12 weeks you will do what I tell you to do with food and exercise?" And I said YES.

"Yes I believe I can do this and I am committing to doing it your way for 12 weeks."

So I committed to doing what he said with eating and exercise for 12 weeks. SO for you I would recommend is for you to COMMIT for a time period. And when I say NO MATTER WHAT that means no matter what THE SCALE says. No matter what your significant other says. No matter what your co-workers say. No matter what you OWN MIND SAYS. No matter if you just DON"T want to do it today. No matter if you really want to sleep in instead. No matter HOW MUCH you want to eat that donut. No matter HOW MUCH YOU WANT TO QUIT!

With all this in mind and this commitment to a time period I have to say ALL I thought was HEY I can do anything with an ending. It has an ending so it's not like FOREVER. I can always go back to starving when this is over right? I can eat my Oreo's and my potato chips and dip and my sloppy burgers after this is over. See, then, I did not look at this like a lifestyle. No I just looked at it like a CHALLENGE. And one I was determined to finish as strong as I started. I also had met a few other folks that were fit who told me I couldn't do it. WELL for this stubborn missy I was then going to DO IT just to prove to so and so that I COULD do it and I was going to do it so well that NO ONE WOULD MISS IT. Yes I know that thinking is a little immature but well heck I was 31 and often liked to prove others wrong. DID I do it. YES and I did it well.

Along the journey I LEARNED how THE SCALE and jean sizes controlled my thoughts, moods and life when I let it. I LEARNED to weight train as I had NEVER done it before that time. I mean I KNEW NOTHING about it. Did not even know what a dumbbell was. So there was a large learning curve. LEARNED what is healthy food. LEARNED about cardio and different kinds and ways to do it. LEARNED what I liked to eat that I should eat. LEARNED to love weight training. Did NOT learn to like/love cardio till this past few years. Yep I learned to do stuff I did NOT like or want to do because it was NECESSARY for me to achieve my goal.

So lots of learning NEW things. Lots of changes. Changes in my daily life. Like before I would get up and smoke a cig and have a coffee. All the sudden I was getting up and having a coffee and roller-blading. Initially it almost seemed like MY WHOLE LIFE revolved around my eating, my exercise and my weight training, my sleeping and yes I still worked too. IT is a real commitment when you want to change your health & fitness  because you will change the hours of your day as well.

If you want my opinion on exactly WHAT PROGRAM to follow to help you along on your journey to "getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out" that is not something I want to do here and now. However, over the course of this year I will be REVIEWING many of the programs out there and will give you my pros and cons of each one. All I will say today is it should be a program that you trust from folks who you believe will give you quality trustworthy information. But remember a fitness program will only work if you WORK IT. So often folks say this program sucks or that program sucks or doesn't work but the reality is there is NO PROGRAM that does not work. Even the starving program I lived till I met my husband worked to varying degrees but it only WORKED according to what I BROUGHT TO IT. How I worked it. ALL programs will only deliver to you what YOU BRING TO THEM. If you come in half-assed then you will get half-assed results. NO MATTER THE PROGRAM. If you come in ready to change and give it 100% till the END you will have INCREDIBLE results.

Yes some programs are healthy and some programs are NOT healthy. When looking for a program or exercise situation that you want to get involved with do some research. What do you have to invest? Yes lots of these programs want you to use their supplements and so on. Should you use their supps? I don't know the answer to that. Do supplements work? Supplements are like anything else, they only work if you work them. Like if you only take supplements then most likely YOU WILL NOT GET health and fit. NO SUPPLEMENT is going to be the MAGIC pill, magic shake, magic anything to get you healthy and fit. They are to SUPPLEMENT your life. Like meal replacement shakes and/or protein shakes are to be used to HELP make your life easier. Yes some of them have quality ingredients so you will get some nutrition from them but you will from your healthy eating too.

I would ask myself first what I am trying and wanting to do. Then find a way to make it happen. It can be through challenges that are everywhere online and at your local gyms. Hey the most important step is to START. Is that challenge going to answer and be your everything? Probably not. Remember it is about growing, changing and becoming. You should NEVER stop learning about your body and about health and fitness. You should NEVER stop. Yes maybe you will do a 12 week program but should that be the END? No you will learn from it, have progress from it and move on to YOUR next level. Where you will learn some more about who you are, where you want to go and HOW you are going to do it.

Hope this helped and next week will be talking about my experience with the exercise part of this getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out. Hope you stop back for that story. Thank you for stopping by and if you LIKED this blog entry then LIKE below so your friends can see it too or tweet, Google+ you know the drill. Thank YOU 🙂

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  1. Lynn Lingenfelter says:

    Best blog yet!!

  2. Deb Frederick says:

    I’ve heard it over and over, and I fight it and fight it. I committed often and it always worked. This time I really want to do the right thing and make it a way of life. Lynn’s right, best blog yet.

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