I started to blog because ....

I started to blog because ….

I started to blog because ....

When I was 30 years old (16 years ago), I was a smoker, I was a 'skinny fat' person (someone who is skinny but no muscle due to not eating too much) and I believed that I just did not have the body, genetics or ability to BE HEALTHY AND FIT and still eat.

You see up to that point in my life I believed that to be small I was required to eat once a day and smoke a pack of cigs a day to help with the hunger. Well, OK, I actually smoked because I thought I liked/loved it ๐Ÿ™‚ but that is another story.

Why did I think that I had to basically starve to be small? I thought you just didn't eat because pretty much every woman I knew growing up always DIETED and CUT CALORIES to lose weight when I was younger. My mom, my aunts, cousins and friends. NO ONE I grew up with ever did it another way nor apparently knew another way.

So what did I do when I wanted to get smaller? Yep, I did what those around me did and what I had learned. I DIETED down my calories to next to nothing and guess what? I got smaller. Yes, yes, YES I DID. So, yes, it worked this dieting down. Yes, it worked to get me smaller.

It did not work to get me healthy, strong or not saggy. LOL Uhhhohhh Nor help my metabolism but I didn't learn all that till much, much later.

I would read those fitness mags and think "there is no way these women can do this" and "it is genetics - the reason they look so good" and also "only the select few can really look like this, not just anybody and I really have no idea how they do it"

Yes, I thought 'just anybody' could NOT BE HEALTHY AND FIT like in the magazines. You know with tight skin and firm bodies and healthy looking. Like all those actresses and fitness models knew something I didn't know and couldn't know because I was just a regular person so ... Eating once a day or really cutting your calories does NOT produce those results. Nope you get small, skinny and saggy and it DOES NOT LOOK GOOD or is it healthy for you.

At 30 years old I met this guy, Lynn Lingenfelter (my husband now), and he was in TIP TOP shape. WOW head turning shape and he def turned my head lol. So he was in great shape but he wasn't always like that. He had just competed in a National competition and won as a transformation challenge having himself gone through a very unfit to very fit lifestyle. Yep, he won most Inspirational in that National Competition. Click his name and check out his incredible story.


When I met him, obviously I did not know anything about this challenge stuff, I just knew this guy was in GREAT shape. I eventually asked him how he got into such great shape and maintained it as this guy was constantly eating and this was beyond my comprehension. This constant eating and being in such great shape, this was just incredible to me. I still remember him telling me that it matters what you eat, when and how much you eat and that you MUST weight train and cardio. Yep, he said it is simple in what you have to do but hard to do it consistently and over a period of time.

So I learned and did it and in the process of learning and doing and later having our own Personal Training Studio and working with 1000's of other folks over 10 years I learned that there are many women and some men just like I use to be.

Many folks that believe like I use to believe that they just cannot be healthy and fit. That you can't eat and be small, healthy and strong.

But, YES YOU CAN and through this blog I want to help women and men find their way to 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'.

What I learned was a lot of it had to do with how I thought. Like I had to be willing to let go of some OLD THOUGHTS and LEARN some NEW THOUGHTS and sometimes this is hard to do.

In letting go of the old thoughts I could then DO NEW THINGS that maybe before I just didn't believe could even be done.

So I did it myself, I got into great healthy shape through eating small real food through out the day and learned to weight train as I did NOT KNOW anything about that before 30 years old. Now cardio was always in my life but I had to learn its place in the hierarchy of importance in a healthy and fit lifestyle.

recent before and after

In fact, the whole time I focused on making those changes I kept questioning the WHOLE PROCESS like is this really going to work for me. Nothing has ever worked before and blah, blah and blah ... and he is a guy and only guys can do it and ... you know the lines. I know they go through your head too. Photo above was after a really challenging time in my life at 44 yrs old on left side and 45 yrs old on right side - this transformation was the start of this blog site. HOW I did it and all the details. And the start of something much, much bigger.

SO now at 46 years old I have continued to learn even more and over the years I have learned that to make this a LIFESTYLE and not just a 12 week Transformation or challenge you have to change thoughts, habits and learn to make friends with food. In making friends with food you have to learn to make and prepare foods that are healthy and that YOU LOVE TO EAT - hence Recipe FRIDAY.

I know, it all sounds so simple and in some ways it is, but most of us really have to get out of our own ways via our thinking and past experiences to move forward and embrace change. Because I will tell you, if you are currently unhealthy and unfit then you will have to change your lifestyle to get healthy and fit and that is a LOT OF CHANGE.

Now you might be thinking up to this time it is all about the physical and it is to some extent but another thing I learned along the way and am continuing to learn is that this 'getting healthy and fit' is so much more than justย  the physical. And the impact on our HEALTH? It is HUGE IN OUR HEALTH. How we eat, what we eat, how much and so on is HUGE IN THE IMPACT ON OUR HEALTH.

I personally think, if for no other reason than each of our individual health, we should pay attention to what we eat and how we move our bodies daily.

That was anther HUGE learning curve for me over the years. Like for some reason I never really correlated how I felt and my energy levels and my physical being with the food I ate and what I drank. Like how is that ? But it is everything to do with our energy and our healthy and vitality.

I started to blog because .... I want to share with folks via this blog site how to 'get and live healthy and fit, inside and out' for a lifetime.

As I am doing it, so can you too. So what do YOU think? Are you in?

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  1. Inspiring stories from both you and your husband. It gives us all hope that anything is possible in life.
    Helen Willsher recently posted…7 Motivation AssassinatorsMy Profile

  2. I was lucky, I was such an insomniac from a young age that someone recommended to me I try exercise to sleep. I was about 21, and I was soon hooked. I was really arty back then, I was so out of place at the gym, but I was sleeping, and feeling better, and that’s what mattered! I got really into weights for quite a few years, and I find that that ‘muscle base’ was a life changer, if I get out of shape now I can get toned quite quickly. As for eating, I did go through years of overeating thinking it was okay as I was eating ‘healthy food’ and as I exercised a lot didn’t get overweight, but eating too much of any food is hard on your liver, as I discovered when a natural therapist pressed on my liver and thought i was an alcoholic (I don’t drink!). Now I try to never eat to that horrible full feeling.

    • Reya, how great that you learned early on about eating healthy and exercise. You are right, too much of good food is too much as well. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Evey,
    What an inspiration. You were lucky that you met someone to influence you.
    I must say you look great for 46. Kudos to you.
    I am very good at eating right, but terrible in the exercise department. Need help.
    Nice of you to share your knowledge with the world.
    Princess Shimari recently posted…PLANT-BASED OILS for Healthy Skin Care (Part 2)My Profile

    • Thanks Princess and yes I was very fortunate to meet someone who had such a positive influence on me and by letting myself be influenced. Thanks for stopping by ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. What wonderful, inspirational stories Evey. We can do whatever we set our minds to. I just checked out your bio and saw that you’ve hiked the Appalachian Trail. My boyfriend has been talking about doing that ever since we met, and I’m pretty excited to do it as well. Thank you for sharing you stories. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Keri Kight recently posted…“What I’m Grateful For” Challenge Week 3My Profile

    • Oh yes, Keri, we thru-hiked the AT and it took us 6 months. AWESOME experience and we got married 9 days after we finished it ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys should hike it, some or all. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I think we all need to look after ourselves a bit better..

    We can all eat better.. We can all exercise more..

    I think we all procrastinate a LOT too !
    WILLIAM O’TOOLE recently posted…Do you believe in miracles?My Profile

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