Interview with Rich "Making Champs" Massa aka "The Champmaker"

Interview with Rich “Making Champs” Massa aka “The Champmaker”

So excited because I have a special treat for you today. Yep, an interview with Rich "Making Champs" Massa aka "The Champmaker". Rich is a local celebrity who is well-known for helping those in the community discover their highest potential and achieve their goals whether with health and fitness or through building confidence to go after the Big DREAMS. Here are just a few of Rich's accomplishments.Rich Massa

1. Author of "The 5 Keys of Fat Loss" available at

2. Motivational Speaker

3. Owner and Operator of iBootcamp of Orlando

4. 5 Time Nationally Certified Trainer with close to a decade of experience

  • National Academy of Sports Medicine
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • International Sports Science Association
  • National Academy of Strength and Fitness
  • Apex Fitness Group

6. Calender Model for Elite Entertainment 1999-2002

Athletic Accomplishments:

  • Max deadlift 455lbs for 5 reps
  • 365 Max bench press for 3 reps
  • Push press 225lbs
  • Performed “The 300” workout in 11:55 (the recorded best time was 15:00)


Rich I wanted to talk to you about your NEW book. You are an author of a health and fitness book called "5 Keys of Fat Loss" Can you tell us a little about your book?

I absolutely can. I have been a trainer for a long time and started noticing a certain pattern when it came to people when setting up a fitness goal and how most set themselves up for failure. When it came to my clients, however, I focused on education and witnessed AMAZING results. 5 Keys of Fat LossI never have been very good at writing so I decided to challenge myself to write a book but wanted to make it different from others. This book is not a diet book, it is a book showing people why the common mistakes people make don’t work and educate them what does and why it works. I didn’t want to just tell them what to do like robots, but open up their mind and tell the real life stories of the people I have trained to give them hope that it can be done even with all the obstacles they face. Fitness is not a quick fix but a journey. My goal was to explain it in a simple comprehensive way in layman’s terms and throw in my smart ass, tough love personality and humor to lighten it up a bit. So far the reviews have been amazing and I am honored people are enjoying it.



What inspired you to write the book "5 Keys to Fat Loss"?

To be honest I wanted to be more than a personal trainer. I wanted to be an expert in my field and writing a book accomplishes that. I also have a purpose in life of helping people becoming more than what they thought they can be and showing them a way, or a plan on how to do it. This book takes you through my process of what I do with a client from square one and making them believe they can accomplish anything.

How do you feel your book will help folks get healthy and fit?

It helps them set up a realistic plan for success and to use what can be obstacles in their life as tools. It starts by using my techniques of unlocking the mind FIRST, then planning short-term goals. In my experience if you don’t unlock the mind and face your emotional baggage from the beginning, you are wasting your time. This book helps you do just that.

What separates what you say to do from what ALL the other fitness books say to do?

Oh we are going there huh Evey? Ok! The difference is I tell it how it is and I am in your face. I believe in tough love and feel that’s really what people want from an expert. They are TIRED of fads and false promises that got them in the place they are now. My book gives no promises or specific diets or workouts, but gives you education, motivation and a foundation of how to do things on your own without the “quick fixes”. This book is also not “Politically Correct” and has some controversial subjects that other gurus may not cover and it’s funny that it is that quality people like about it so far.

Did anyone help you along the way? Do you have a mentor(s)?

It is impossible to be successful without others creating a path for you. My idols are Sylvester Stallone for obvious reasons: He’s short, Italian and made ROCKY the greatest movie of all time. His work ethic is matched only by my other idol.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, Greatest bodybuilder and movie star of all time and inspired me to workout at 16.

I don’t admire these guys because they are muscle heads, I admire them for their work ethic and passion to be more than what they were. I can identify with them and strive to emulate their accomplishments.

Awesome, what else are you up to? I know you have a lot of projects going, do you want to share with us about some of them?

Currently I am running healthy rapid fat loss programs with iBootcamp including bimonthly workshops at both of my locations. I will also be mentoring young teens on how to be successful in fitness so I can give back my knowledge and wisdom to the next generation.  I am also training for a Crossfit event and scheduling another photo shoot.

Where can we find you?

You can find me on facebook, I'm not that hard to find.

Any future projects in the works that you want to share with the reader's today?

Yes my ultimate goal is to have the top iBootcamp in Orlando and become a motivational speaker nation wide. I am also considering taking my techniques and making them into a DVD series similar to P90X. My methods are unique and effective and should be shared with others.

Well I wish you all the best Rich with your current and future goals. And I want to thank you for letting me interview you and discuss all your amazing projects. You really are doing great things in the community and I am sure you will receive that National platform you are striving for.

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