Is All Greek Yogurt The Same?

Is All Greek Yogurt The Same?

Are you asking yourself, "Is all Greek yogurt the same?'' I know if you go to the store looking there are plenty of Greek Yogurt brands to pick from so finding out if they are the same or what separates the choices might be important to you and is important to your health and fitness.

First, Greek Yogurt just came on the scene a few years ago as before that it was just low-fat yogurt that most health and fitness folks were interested in. Yogurt was and is an OK source of protein hence the interest from fitness enthusiasts. And, of course, the above statement is presuming you do not have a dairy intolerance.

When Greek Yogurt started to show up in stores it got picked up really quickly by those into health and fitness because it has more protein per serving than any other yogurt on the scene and it was pitched as healthier as it is STRAINED yogurt so thicker and HEALTHIER with more LIVE cultures and so on.

Yesterday I was reading my WSJ and came across this article.

WSJ article on Greek Yogurt

Now this article is all about the different kinds of Greek Yogurt and how the Greek Yogurt brands, of which there are now many, are taking over the dairy sections at your local grocery stores.

Now I know we can make this topic really complicated but, really, WHY?

If you want a healthier yogurt and use it as your protein source when on a 'eating healthy' lifestyle then, real simply, your answer is READ THE LABEL of that protein source if it has a label which ALL Greek Yogurt does. And read the ingredients list.

Here are two Greek yogurt that we have in my frig right now.

yogurt in my house

Now the Cabot is a PLAIN low-fat version and here is Cabot's Nutrition Label and ingredients list.

Cabot's nutrition labelCabot ingredients











If you notice the nutrition label above, Cabot's Plain Low Fat Greek Yogurt has 22 grams of protein and just 6 grams of sugar in it. GREAT choice for a Greek yogurt as that protein amount per serving is very high and the sugar per serving is LOW overall in comparison to other Greek yogurt. In the ingredients there is NO SUGAR LISTED in any of its various names.

Here is the other Greek Yogurt we have in the house: Dannon Oikos

Oikos Greek yogurt label and ingredients

Now if you look closely at this label and the ingredients you will notice that it has 12grams of protein per serving and 18 grams of sugar per serving. YIKES!! So a lot lower protein and a lot higher sugar. In reading the ingredients list you will notice sugar and fructose - 2 sugars included which is making the sugar so high.

OK so what did we learn so far? It is important to READ THE LABELS.

I will tell you ALL the Greek yogurt that have fruit in it or on the bottom are going to be high in sugar. My best advice is to BUY PLAIN Low Fat Greek Yogurt and put your own fruit in it and that way you know you are getting HIGH protein, low sugar and real fruit.

Now Chobani another BIG name in Greek yogurt has just issued a warning on some of their yogurt due to a mold being found in some and causing some folks to become really ill.

Here is a quote right off the Chobani Facebook Page:

My heartfelt apologies to our friends and customers if you purchased Chobani products with the code 16-012, best by: 9/11/2013 - 10/7/ 2013 please discard and contact our Customer Loyalty Team for great care in making this up to you:

And for more information, click here:

Hamdi, CEO & Founder


From this point forward just remember to read your labels for any foods you eat that have a label. You are looking for sugar, protein, saturated fat and ingredients you can't pronounce. Yes I will do a post on just labels soon.

Like my son comes home yesterday and says he has been drinking strawberry water at school at lunchtime and he asks me,

"Mom, isn't strawberry water healthy?"

So I asked him,

"Is there actually strawberries in that water?'' which of course made him laugh because you and I know that is a chemical water that is made to taste like strawberries without any strawberries to be found.

So I said to him,

"Can you read and identify the ingredients on the ingredients label?" Yes I did say that as I have taught both my kids to read the labels of foods and so he says,

"No it is a bunch of stuff that I can't pronounce." Uhhuh and so I say,

"So what do you think? Do you think the strawberry water is healthy?" he says,

"NO" and he is right.

Sorry, but if you want  strawberry water then get some clean water and put some strawberries into it. Don't buy some water with chemicals put into it to make it taste like strawberry water and think you are doing something healthy. It just is NOT THAT COMPLICATED if you always remember you are shooting to eat and drink stuff as close to its natural form as possible with as little man involvement in the process as possible. Yes, it really can be that simple.

Hoped this help you with the question, "is all Greek yogurt the same?" What do you think about this reading labels stuff? Do you already do it or are you going to start now after reading this post today? How about Greek Yogurt? Do you use it and if so, what brand do you use? Would love to hear from you.

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