It Works Wraps with THE Lindsay

It Works Wraps with THE Lindsay!

So this past Saturday night I ventured out to get an It Works Wrap with THE Lindsay, a very famous fitness personality here in central Florida. Yes I finally caved to try these much talked about or should I say raved about wraps. But before we get into the wrap and the outcome of that adventure I want to share with you a little about Lindsay. I called her THE Lindsay in the title because this special lady is very, very well-known around central Florida as an incredible group instructor, personal trainer and dancer. This lady can inspire, motivate and teach you, yes even if you think you can't move your body at all, she will have you moving and sweating in no time. In fact, from my personal experience, there is not a format or class that THE Lindsay teaches that she is not exceptional at. I have taken pilates, kickboxing, Zumba, bootcamp, Hip Hop and yoga with her and she is THE BEST at ALL of them. She truly is referred to around town as THE Lindsay as she is that talented and that good and she has been in the business for many years now.

Now to the wraps. If you watched the video you see that the process is pretty simple and easy. I will tell you that I invited a few friends to go with me, as this was a wrap party, and they turned me down as they thought they would have to SHOW their belly. Well I did show my belly to get it wrapped for this blog but you do not have to show your belly to anyone but the wrapper. So if you are a little nervous about exposing stuff you don't want exposed well you don't have to, so that is a good thing. You can just go into another room and apparently that is a common system used during a wrap party. My wrap party had a few folks and they had the opportunity to watch the whole process as we recorded it as It Works Wraps with THE Lindsay lol. Here are my side pics, what do you think?

wraps bf after

Some of you may be questioning why I would do a wrap vlog as maybe you think they are a scam and I am a health and fitness expert and why would I give them the time of day. Well, I will tell you what I did know before I ever showed to this wrap party, and by the way, I stated this in a post I had written before about these wraps, if someone can go to the spa and get wraps that diminish cellulite for a time period paying the big bucks (which they can) then why couldn't someone produce a product that is affordable for anyone to use with similar results? Exactly, it is entirely possible and seems to me probable that just such a product has been produced. Now does that mean this is a temporary fix and not permanent? Yes these wraps can and in most cases do produce noticeable results hence their slogan "Tightens, tones and firms" . But really nothing takes the place of a healthy eating and exercise program and Lindsay was quick to point that out.

As I was talking with THE Lindsay during the party she was saying that often folks, men and women, will do the wraps to get that 'jump-start'. That mental progress that folks sometimes need to help them find that strength and comittment to continue to move forward on their journey of getting healthy and fit. That jump start! I totally understand that concept as many of you who regularly read my blog posts know, I have been very unfit and very fit and everywhere in between and sometimes we know that little extra nudge or that "I can see with my own eyes changes" can really push us to the next level. Help us believe that we can make progress. Changes can happen. Check out these pics!

wraps girlwraps guy chest










Also if you were going to go somewhere and you wanted to look a little smoother maybe you would like to use a wrap. I will tell you that Lindsay made it a point to say that at no time does she GUARANTEE inches lost as we just don't know how your body is going to respond. However from my perspective and the fact that these wraps have taken off, something right must be happening. As you and I know, a product that works, sells and these wraps have been selling fast and all over the place. Who hasn't seen an ad for these yet? By looking at the pics here you can see ALL parts of body can be wrapped too. More pics!

wraps armNow if you are wondering how to find out more about these wraps or if you are from around town and want to work out with Lindsay (classes or personal training) here is her contact information.

Although I and many others call her THE Lindsay her real name is: Lindsay Drakulic
FB page- Lindsay Scott-Drakulic


wraps guy

Class schedule for Zumba
J. Douglas Williams YMCA

Please contact Lindsay at the above locations for further information about the wraps, group fitness classes or personal training. She would love to hear from you and answer all your questions. Thank you for stopping by and I hope you got a little something from this post today. I really enjoyed meeting up with Lindsay and doing this. It was interesting and a lot of FUN! Thank You Lindsay for sharing with us your business and opportunities. Please everyone, LIKE below if you like so your friends can see this too or tweet, Google+, pinterest however you roll 🙂 THANK YOU for stopping by and please help us by sharing this post and this blog!

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**With full disclosure this post is a REVIEW blog post. I do NOT sell It Works Wraps nor am I an affiliate of It Works wraps. If I were an affiliate or a seller of the product I would state at the beginning of the post so there would be no question of my position with the product. Anyone interested in finding out more about the product is to contact Lindsay Drakulic per her contacts listed above.

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  1. Sandy Allen says:

    Thank you for this fantastic and informative information. Coming from you means everything. I am a huge fan of both you and Lindsay.

  2. Kathy Browning says:

    Great article and video!! I have been a client and HUGE fan of Lindsay’s for the past 4 years and because I know she has the upmost integrity and only endorses products she believes in 100%. I am now an ItWorks customer as well.

    • Thanks for your input Kathy. Yes Lindsay is very much a person who would only endorse a product she believes in which is one of the reason’s I choose to video and write up this blog. She is quite a remarkable woman and it was my pleasure to work with her on this 🙂

  3. I am so glad you finally tried a wrap! I got results when I first did my wrap but the the results were even more after 3 days – The inches were still gone several weeks later. Just my results.

    • Lol Kathy, I know I was stubborn about trying them. Yes, I did notice results then and now and I know you know how I feel about them. They can certainly serve their purpose 🙂 I am glad I did it and I was happy with the results.

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