Jumping from fitness program to fitness program

Jumping from fitness program to fitness program

Jumping from fitness program to fitness program - is this YOU?


And if so, how is that working out for you?

I have to say, everyday I get on my Face Book personal page and my fan page iwilldoit2 and I SCROLL just like you do. I read about peeps personal lives, at least what they share, just like you do. Oftentimes you might have noticed, like I have noticed, that folks like to TRY NEW FITNESS PROGRAMS or diets or exercise routines or eating programs or supplement programs and they jump here and there and yet NEVER appear to get anywhere over and over and over again.

AND then they GUSH and OHHH and AHHHH and this is the best and I LOVE IT and I finally found my answer to this 'being small' dilemma and .... Yes, it seems very similar to how most folks FALL IN LOVE lol. This is "THE ONE". And OMGosh YOU GOTTA DO IT TOO.


SOOOOOO excited EVERYDAY and YAY  WOOHOO and YEAH this is awesome and Yes I can imagine doing this the rest of my life and blah blah blah.

Then 2 weeks or 4 weeks and really that is about it, and suddenly, YUCK this sucks and I HATE THIS and 'this just does not work for me' and blah blah blah. It's just not for me maybe that other program will work better for me.

Or my absolute favorite that just DRIVES ME NUTS, 'I just CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE' ... really and why not? I can't stand that can't word lol. CAN'T CAN'T ... are you a can't word person? Be honest. If not with me then at least with yourself.

OK, so the question is does any of this sound familiar? Do you think you have experienced these LOVE LIKE FEELINGS when you 'discovered' yet another fitness/diet/lifestyle/exercise program that YOU THINK will end your constant struggle to 'stay or get small'?

When training clients for YEARS with my Personal Training Studio and now while coaching through my online Lifestyle Change Group Member's ONLY Next Level Club I can say this happens way, way, way too much.

It is like peeps just don't learn. Or don't spend the time evaluating or dare I say THINKING about what the heck they are doing.


Like when I first got into this healthy living lifestyle yes, I did question everything and most of it went against all the BELIEFS I had about how to get smaller (I didn't say healthier) and what others had taught me and showed my through example and spoken words. When I finally sat back and actually THOUGHT ABOUT IT I realized I was in a 'cycle' that just continued to loop around and loop around and really no one was out to educate me on what REALLY WORKED. It was like false information that everyone believed was true but is wasn't true even though everyone I knew lived it and thought it was.

core belief

Like I know many companies in the fitness and health industries really are just selling folks and not necessarily TEACHING FOLKS like how their bodies actually operate.  Instead they are just selling their PROGRAMS but if we could stop and think just a little before we jump in all gung-ho... and maybe evaluate how past programs or fitness stuff has worked for us overall, not just losing weight but health wise too maybe just maybe we wouldn't keep losing at this getting healthy and fit thingy.

You see, when your focus is JUST ON LOSING WEIGHT on a SCALE then it is not IMPORTANT HOW YOU DO IT which allows many unhealthy options to become available for your use to achieve this goal. With the most simple one being slowly starving as in cutting calories way down to next to nothing and YEP there are a few programs out there selling like hotcakes that offer that system.

don't focus on the skinny, do focus on the healthy

Unfortunately, that cutting calories system backfires on you and presents a WORSE HEALTH situation after awhile but for you, the consumer, you have probably already quit the program anyway. Much worse off then when you started. And you don't even know it.

Now I am not saying ALL FITNESS/HEALTH/SUPPLEMENT programs are a scam but there are quite a few that ARE NO GOOD WHATSOEVER  and even detrimental to your health and yet business is booming ...

So you might sit back and think like I do, but how can this be? How can so many people who live day in and day out in their bodies not take the time to LEARN how there bodies operate. At the very least, maybe learn about like what is a calorie and why it matters. Or WHY do we eat? Is food necessary and if so, what kinds of foods ... You know, questions like that. You can start with the very basic questions and work from there.

My point in writing this post today is to hopefully get YOU thinking about what you are doing and WHY.

If this post pisses you off, OK. I'll take that. If it gets you thinking, even better.


If you are going to continue to go round and round and round this topic and situation and jump from fitness program to fitness program FOREVER just recognize that the companies might be producing the products but you are making the DECISION TO BUY IT. It is in your hands to educate yourself and realize that you can solve this problem of living healthy. You can find what works for you with your body, your likes and your goals.

Yes you might not like HOW THAT HAS TO BE like the word WORK, as in exercise... weight training and cardio and how you might have to say NO to some dessert foods and processed foods but DISCIPLINE is good for you. Yes, yes, yes it is.

Let me know if you want any advice on your current FITNESS PROGRAM LOVE and I will be sure to let you know if it is a healthy LOVE or unhealthy LOVE! Like one that will teach, inspire and motivate you to live healthy or if it is just another program that takes your money and leaves you off worse then when you started. Yeah just like some old boyfriends/girlfriends you were 'in love' with in the past too.

I am pretty sure I am not the only one observing this NEW LOVE for the fitness/supplement/lifestyle program behavior repeated over and over and over again. And if you see it in yourself, stop and think about what you are doing and WHY. PLEASE!

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Your Coach,


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