MY 5 TOP Tips to Getting Healthy & FIT!

MY 5 TOP Tips to Getting Healthy & FIT!

Yes there really is just 5 top tips that, if you follow, will take you a LONG way to getting to that fitness and health level you are striving for in 2013. Make sure to incorporate a few of these and, if you do, I guarantee you will see lots of results in your health; in how you feel; in how your clothes fit; and in your ENERGY levels.


Discover healthy foods/meals that you LOVE. Yes even if you have to try a NEW healthy recipe once a week. Recipe FRIDAY anyone? This one step accomplished to the point where you have a few healthy recipes/meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that you really, really want to eat will take you more than half way to your goal of 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'.

This ONE STEP will change YOUR LIFE and your HEALTH dramatically. This is one of the reasons I post my Recipe FRIDAY, new healthy recipe, every week. Gives you and me a chance to try something NEW and healthy and see if we like/love it and want to add it to our weekly meal plans.


Discover exercises that you LIKE/LOVE to do. Not everyone is going to like or even love to run/jog. Not everyone is going to like or love to swim, or even know how. Not everyone is going to like or love to roller-blade. Not every one will want to pay a Personal Trainer or might LOVE to do p90x DVD's in their living room. You are getting the idea here.

Yes if you don't KNOW what you like then get out there are try some NEW stuff.  There are sooooo many ways to exercise your body. Set a goal to maybe try one NEW thing every month or every three months. Stick with one exercise or system for a month or three and at the end of that time period decide if this something YOU really like and want to continue to do? If so, continue to do it. If not, pick up ANOTHER exercise you want to give a try. If you are persistent with this step, you will eventually discover exercise that makes you move your body a few times a week and that you really like or love to do.


Find someone or someones to be accountable with. This can be your significant other, a friend, an online group and really the list is endless. Find SOMEONE who will encourage, motivate, support and be there for you through the good times of getting and living healthy and fit and through the bad times. YES there will be times when you want to quit and times when you want to celebrate your success. Always much more fun and more likely to be continued if there is someone or others in on your goals with you.

I regularly, like 5-6 times a week, have an Accountability TIME on my iwilldoit2 face book fan page. A few folks are regulars and we would love to have more. WE can ALL encourage each other and help along through our NEW healthy lifestyle challenges.


KEEP A JOURNAL. We want to track WHAT we are doing DAILY. To live healthy and fit we must know what we are regularly eating, drinking and how, when and how much we are moving our bodies. So keep a daily journal to track your food, drinks and exercise. This will help you to trouble shoot if you notice certain behaviors that DO NOT work towards your health and fitness goals and vice-versa. The journal will track what IS WORKING for you and if it is working.


Lastly, PACE yourself. Wow, now who hasn't burned out with this changing everything in our lives and exercising like a maniac or like we are trying to fit in all the exercise we missed for the last year into our first week of the New Year? Uhhhh. Most of us have at one time or another. We gotta learn to pace ourselves. If you have not exercised in a few months or years you are starting over. Starting from scratch. I know you might not want to read this. You might be thinking you were in GREAT shape and running 3 miles just last year but, but, well come on. That WAS last year. You are not and you should not expect it of yourself to be able to go out TODAY and run 3 miles. Work INTO it. Find the exercises you LIKE and have fun.

Health and fitness is not a destination sport. It is a JOURNEY so relax and LEARN to enjoy the journey. TRY and find foods you LOVE. Find exercises you enjoy doing. Get with other folks that like it too. Track it and just continue on, your NEW life is taking shape and your health and fitness is getting better and better everyday 🙂

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  1. Lynn Lingenfelter says:

    I love your tips!! Thanks for all you do to help people get Healthy & Fit! 🙂

  2. Good Stuff Evey!!!

  3. Deb Frederick says:

    Thanks, Evey. Great blog and helpful, sensible tips. Good stuff.

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