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I don’t know about you but My Story and THE EXERCISE part of my transformation and all this ‘getting and living healthy and fit’ stuff has, at times, been a little bit of a problem for me. I can honestly state, that probably for the first 10 years after my first transformation in 1998, I HATED TO CARDIO! I know those are strong words but so, so true. Now, it is more of a LOVE/HATE relationship, Very similar to the LOVE/HATE going on in the kitchen. Lol Fortunately the LOVE side has been winning out more and more in both areas, cardio and kitchen, the past 5 years or so. YAY! This picture above was taken I believe in early 2000. Lynn and I had just gotten married a few months before.

It all started when I was a kid, a teen-ager, and I would go running, as in a jog, with my bff and shortly after-words I would LIGHT UP a smoke. Yep, I started off with really bad habits. I often would run and then smoke right afterwards, like this is healthy?

Like a lot of kids/adults then and now it was all about being thin or small, nothing to do with healthy.

As you know if you read my post last week about HOW TO GET Started Getting healthy and Fit, My Story then you will remember that I also was a “STARVER” which for me meant that I only ate once a day and WHAT that once a day meal consisted of DID NOT MATTER.  Again all about ‘being SMALL’!  Not much interest in HOW my body worked and WHY what you eat matters and maybe that there is a healthy way to be small and fit. Just followed those folks around me and copied them without ever really realizing it and just because I thought that was THE WAY it’s supposed to be. Yep, if you want to get small, again not healthy, but just small, starve (ie eat once a day) and exercise.

As you can imagine, running is just not that easy when you are a smoker. Heck it is NEVER EASY! So I never got good at it and I can still remember I would always get headaches. YUCK! Who wants that? Again, I would just do this exercising till I reached the desired SCALE WEIGHT and size and then stop while never stopping the smoking. And I would continue on to eat just once a day until my weight and my size would start to creep up again and I would again add jogging to my starving and smoking and well, you know, the cycle just continued on

So when I first met my husband and we started to date, he kept telling me that I had to eat 5-6 small meals a day, of which, 2-3 of those could be meal replacement shakes. That I had to eat quality proteins, quality carbs, as in as close to natural foods as possible, and fats and that I had to weight train and cardio. WHAT! Did you guess that I fought this whole idea?

YES, yes, yes I did initially. I mean, come on, this was ALL FOREIGN to me. Well, not the cardio, but the eating and the weight training. In fact, I can still recall telling him, while smoking and drinking, “DON’T TRY TO CHANGE ME! I know you are all into this living healthy stuff but I AM NOT INTERESTED.” LOL WOW yep he also told me that he had been fat and unhealthy too and that he had recently gotten healthy and fit. WHAT? Yes, I did not believe him. As some of you reading this may know, my husband, Lynn Lingenfelter, at that time, had just won, literally a month before I met him (1997), Bill Phillips Body-for-Life Competition. Which, back then, in the 90’s, was a BIG, BIG deal for those in the fitness world. And well heck, still is a BIG DEAL!

Lynn made a huge impact on my spiritually as well. In fact, during that initial 12 week transformation I excepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior and WOW talk about drastic life changes. I am absolutely convinced that getting saved, accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, had and still has an incredible impact on ALL areas of my life. It was and is a mindset (biblical worldview) that was NEW to me but regardless still impactful. It is like everything else, a situation that requires you to renew your mind EVERYDAY. Renew you mind and get focused on what really matters in this life. Who and what and why you are here. Yes there is a purpose for your life just like there is for me and well every single one of us who are alive today. I always say, ‘if you are breathing, God still has a plan for YOU.”

Alright, so there I am, a few months into our relationship, listening to this really, really fit guy (head turning fit),  my boyfriend, tell me all this stuff about weight training, eating and cardio and that I had to do it to TRANSFORM or to GET HEALTHY AND FIT. I argued, yes I argued, that I had a system that worked just fine, thank you very much! So he asked me,

“What is your system?”

Of course, I told him,

“Well I eat once a day, I jog/run first thing in the morning and I do that for a time period, like till I get to my desired weight/size. And, of course, I smoke which really helps with the hunger.”

He said,

“OK how about we have a little bet on this? How about you do it your way for the next 4 weeks and if it doesn’t work and stay working, like after that time period is up and you start eating a little bit more and you gain weight back then maybe you will follow my advice and give my way a shot. If not, and you still stay small even after you start eating a little bit more and stop exercising then we will drop it.”

So if you are like me and have yourself tried the old starvation and exercise (cardio) system, program then you know what happened. Yep, I started my jogging/running first thing in the morning, while continuing to smoke and cut my calories probably down to about 300-500 a day. SOUND familiar to anyone? And not so surprisingly I got smaller. I did it, got small, time was up and so then I started to eat a few hundred more calories again, stopped jogging and guess what? Yep you guessed it, I quickly gained weight and that is when I realized I needed to stop being so stubborn/determined and listen to this guy. First, because he was ALWAYS eating and STILL stayed, somehow, someway very, very fit. And second because I really do like to eat. And if he can show me a system where I CAN EAT, cardio and learn to weight train and still BE SMALL then why not give it a try. What did I have to lose?

So I was very excited to realize that I could actually eat and I mean really eat, like 5-6 times a day, throw in some weight training and cardio and LOOK INCREDIBLE. WOW. Who wouldn’t do it? If I could LOOK as fit as he did, really? And all it takes is eating quality foods, learning to weight train effectively and still cardio’ing? SO that is when he asked me,

“Do you think you can do this? Are you going to listen to me about your food, your cardio and let me teach you to weight train? And you are going to do this for 12 weeks NO MATTER WHAT?

My response: “Yes Lynn. I will listen to you about food, cardio and weight training for 12 weeks NO MATTER WHAT. I know I can do this.”

Yep, no matter what THE SCALE says. No matter what I’m thinking in my own mind. No matter what I FEEL LIKE DOING. No matter what my friends say. No matter what my family says. No matter if I think it is nuts. No matter if I am afraid to gain weight from eating. NO MATTER WHAT!

So I gave up the smokes, drinking and started to Rollerblade everyday first thing in the morning instead of lighting a smoke to have with my coffee. Yes I sorta liked to Rollerblade at that time and really cardio is cardio. The most important step with cardio, as with what you eat, is FINDING WHAT YOU LIKE OR LOVE so you will continue on with it. At that time I sorta LIKED it. Like I did it because I KNEW IT WAS A MUST but really I would have much preferred to stay home watching a movie, reading, sleeping or heck even working was better than breathing heavy, sweating and spending TIME doing CARDIO! For me it was always about GETTING IT OVER WITH. Yep I would put in the TIME, didn't want anyone to talk to me and just move forward and GET IT DONE. Now it is all about MY TIME and reducing my stress. LOL oh how times have changed.

So if you have ALWAYS hated to run I would NOT start off running as your cardio choice. If you LOVE TO swim, or play tennis, racquetball or really WHATEVER gets you to move your body, ZUMBA anyone, then DO THAT. Is it what you will do FOREVER? No. You will grow, change and become. You will move on to other things and maybe do 5k’s or triathlons or maybe biking will become your thing. Who knows till you step out with those very first steps.

SO what about the weight training? The weight training is a HUGE part of anyone ‘getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out’. It is important for so many reasons and I have written about all the benefits in previous posts. Makes sure to check out all that information, right up above on the tab that says weight training, and I even have video blogs that demonstrate some exercises that you can do right in your own living room. I will tell you that from the get go, and even though I was very weak, I LOVED to weight train.  It just made me feel STRONG and powerful and still does. Next week’s blog post will be about “Weight Training, My Story”. SO be on the look-out for that.

Are YOU ready to give this new/old system, this system where you CAN EAT 5-6 times a day, can do cardio of whatever exercise you LIKE to do and learn to weight train to get YOUR health and fitness back? The same system that I have used successfully since 1998 to get healthy and fit or to regain my health and fitness many times over, year after year after year?  It really is not that complicated but you WILL have to change some things. You will have to change the foods you eat. You will have to find TIME to weight train and cardio. Your days will change as you will be doing more for your health and fitness than ever before. But isn't a fitter and healthy you worth it? Isn't it finally time to JUST DO IT? If not now, WHEN?

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