Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming Adversity

Overcoming adversity for me this week+ is lower back pain!  Who would have guessed that I am nearing 10 days of excruciating pain in my lower back. The funny thing is, I simply turned wrong while cooking in the kitchen and managed to throw my back out.  I can not believe that it is possible to do that much damage while making a simple turn. So 1 day turns into 2 days and another day turns into 3  and so on and on it goes with no healing and yet my back feels the same no matter what I do and even after going to a chiropractor. Now at this point I am starting to wonder why God is putting me through this crap and what is to be learned from this.

Now after a few more days of wondering why, I realize this is not going to get better on my time schedule. Anyone with me here? Also, I had to learn how to suck it up more than a few times like for example at my recent speaking engagement last Friday that I could not cancel and then a day later to participate in a 5K run with my family. Both occasions where I felt I could work through the pain regardless. I mean I am going to be in pain anyway at least I could still move forward with some things like my speaking comittment and spending quality time with my family. I think at this point I have taken a whole bottle of Ibuprofen or ''Vitamin I''.  At many points I felt like crying and at another point I did manage a few cries.

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Yes I did start my wife Evey's  Member's ONLY Next Level Club group at around the same time I pulled my back out. I have had a lot of challenges while dealing with this back problem and still making the decision to move forward anyway. Because really what is the option for you or me? To wallow in our pain and misery? To not at least make the effort that we are capable of making? So no I have not been able to exercise but I have been able to eat healthy and for now that is good enough. When my back gets better I will move forward some more with the rest of my getting healthy and fit plan.

My lovely wife, ''an oak'' has pushed me to see the light especially when it comes to solving a problem. She has expressed to me of all these difficult things in your life, this is par for the course.   Now, this is not what I wanted to hear, but after having time to think about it I am finding hope and strength in this drawn out challenge. And today Monday April 15 I have come to accept that I may not be able to control this situation but I can control my thoughts and emotions on handling this set back. I am moving forward slowly but surely. Heck I am in a 12wk challenge... better get moving!

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  1. Jackie Gartner says:

    Hey Lynn… awesome post!!! Working with back pain stinks big time!! I have had a long journey with a severe back injury from a fall ,determination and persistence and having the amazing attitude you have is HUGE. Try a chiropractor, that has been huge for me to come off the big gun med (opiates).. Chiropractor, massage and simple stretches. Thank you for being transparent! I will be praying for you that you heal up really quick. 🙂

  2. I, too, have had issues with lower back pain for years. I have learned a few things over the years and posted what I know here (includes a free PDF book from a back-pain specialist that has helped me): http://healthybodyofchrist.com/back-pain-relief

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