5 Practical Steps to Getting HEALTHY & Fit

5 Practical Steps to Getting HEALTHY & Fit

Happy NEW YEAR! Yep is is Jan 2, 2013 and if you are like many folks you may have decided that this year you are going to GET HEALTHY & FIT. Which is a great goal to have but as you begin to think about accomplishing this goal you start to wonder, NOW HOW am I going to do this? How am I even going to get started? I have gotten more than a few comments, emails, and messages about HOW to just GET STARTED. So with that in mind, I have put together this list of PRACTICAL, as in stuff you can actually start to do TODAY, steps to help you along with getting going on that goal you have of 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out' or maybe just losing 15 lbs lol.


1. Determine WHAT you want to accomplish. Like do you want to lose 15 - 150+lbs or do you want to GET HEALTHY, whatever that means, or do you want to FEEL better and/or fit into your jeans from last year? How about get off your diabetes medication or lower your blood pressure through healthy foods and exercise?  So, first you have to sit down and determine EXACTLY what you WANT  YOUR GOAL(s) TO BE.

I suggest just focusing on one biggie goal to start on and over time (weeks or months) maybe adding in more health goals. Like I just don't know if quitting smoking and losing weight necessarily go hand in hand although they can. I've personally had many a New Year's Resolution to do both and did do it to varying degrees of success and failure lol Really it is all up to you but I do know you want to make it a goal that CAN BE DONE without too many alterations in your life. So a doable goal. This is your WHAT you want to do!

2. Determine WHERE YOU are RIGHT NOW in relation to YOUR goal. Yep this is a BIG STEP. Gotta face where you are right now and in facing that you also might recognize what your choices and decisions up to this point have accomplished for you in this area. So if it is a weight goal, size goal or health goal then you might determine to use the scale to measure your current physical state and as a measuring tool to measure progress and that would mean that you ACTUALLY HAVE TO GET ON the scale to do that. Now listen, I am NOT, NOT, NOT a big pusher of the scale as a measuring tool just because it tends to be really, really discouraging to most folks when that tool DOES NOT show you the numbers you want to see or that you FEEL YOU SHOULD SEE. If that is a problem for you and you have often QUIT previous health and fitness goals in the past because you GET DISCOURAGED by 'the scale' then my suggestion would be to use another METHOD to measure your current physical state and your future progress.

YES there are other methods like PHOTOS! Do you know I was recently with someone who has NO MIRRORS in their house or really anywhere they move around and they saw a picture of them self and COULD NOT BELIEVE how overweight they were ... YEP LIGHT BULB moment. Now maybe you do have mirrors but just tend to not see your body often and are now in denial with exactly WHERE you are RIGHT NOW so yep get some picture taken so you can really, really SEE with your own two eyes WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW. Is this suppose to be COMFORTABLE for you? NO it is not so don't expect it to be and DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP.

You can also choose to measure body parts to determine where you are right now and to measure progress. Like you can use a tape measure to measure your waist, you bicep (upper arm) area, your quad (upper leg area), your butt and bust/chest area. Using this method maybe in conjunction with pictures and you can redo your pictures and measurements every 3-4 weeks to measure your progress.

Another way some folks get a baseline of their current physical state and to measure progress is with their sugar levels numbers or bone density results or blood tests(?)for triglycerides or blood pressure numbers, WOW,  lots of ways and really you can use them all if you want or just some, whatever you decide and whatever way is most beneficial to you and your goals.

3. WHY do you want to do this?  WHY do you want to lose 25lbs? Is it vanity? Is it to get your blood pressure lower? Is it to help your pre-diabetes condition so you don't become a full blown diabetic? Is it so you can run around with your kids without practically having a coronary? WHY do you want to accomplish this goal you have set for 2013? NOW listen, it can be as simple as wanting to look INCREDIBLE when you go on the cruise with your hubs and friends in April or it can be the other end of the spectrum and you really do want TO LIVE LONGER so you are finally going to do something about your heart problem through healthy eating and exercise. WHATEVER your reason it has to be REAL.

Through all my years of training folks at our Personal Training Studio I have heard them all. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't but what I do know is YOU MUST determine your WHY. Because if you accomplish your health and fitness goals, finally, this year, this here WHY will be one of the voices in your head that pushes you past some sticky times. Some of those times when maybe you want to throw in the towel, quit and go BACK TO YOUR OLD life of eating crap and laying around. NOW why would you want to do that, well, that is to be another blog called HABITS!

4. WHEN do you want to ACHIEVE THIS GOAL? Yep ALL goals have to have a start date and an end date. I believe with health and fitness you then have to just set another goal after your last goal is completed and carry on to the next finished fitness goal. NO BREAKS. Always moving forward to the finish line, another next level finish line. If you haven't heard this yet, there is NO FINISH LINE in health and fitness. THERE is NO ARRIVING. There is just tomorrow and making choices that either are for your healthy lifestyle or making choices that are against your healthy lifestyle. A great blog that I wrote about Expectations that you might want to read/watch to help you determine your time line for completing this goal. Yes it will be helpful to YOU.

Again I DO NOT BELIEVE that health and fitness should ever end but your immediate goal(s) should have an end date and where you expect to be by that end date. Healthy living is a LIFESTYLE and will be lived by daily choices you make all day, everyday so hopefully in setting health and fitness goals with a timeline and succeeding to varying degrees the hope is that you then CONTINUE on with a new health and fitness goal and over time, yes overtime (1, 2, 3yrs you move towards BECOMING a healthy person physically, mentally and quite possible spiritually as well. HEY anything is possible. YES, yes it is 🙂

5. HOW do you intend to accomplish this goal? Oh BOY! Yep the DOING. Can't achieve a goal without DOING something. I know sometimes we actually believe we can visualize getting healthy and fit and viola... there we are but, but, sadly no, it takes WORK and sure use the visualizing system too! OK so if your goal is to lose 15 lbs starting today by March 31, 2013 HOW would I plan to do that? Well, yes, you can cut calories, cardio like a maniac and LOSE 15lbs by March 31 but you can also LEARN how to work with your body and actually EAT and still lose the body-fat or size or whatever your specific health goal is.

So you must set up a PLAN, a DAILY PLAN that is doable for you to get you to your end date and in the shape you are looking to get/be in. I always suggest eating REAL FOOD or as God made it food (close to it's natural form) through out the day. Weight train 2-3 times a week and cardio a few times a week depending on your goals. Now these suggestions I just made could be totally NEW to many folks and throw you for a loop or definitely discourage you as maybe you DO NOT KNOW HOW TO MAKE FOOD, or what is natural food, or HOW DO I WEIGHT TRAIN or well you get the picture. This HOW step is where you are going to mostly be stepping OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. You are going to have to learn NEW THINGS. You are going to DO NEW THINGS that maybe you NEVER IMAGINED yourself doing and you know what IT IS OK.

The DOING is the hardest step but the most rewarding too. THIS is the step that will get YOU THERE to your next level of health and fitness. And, just so you know, many others have walked the steps you are about to walk. Yep, yes we have. I am one of them. If you have not already, make sure to check out My Transformation. Also I have (v)blogs on Healthy Recipes, Weight Training, Health/Fitness TIPS and really any/all questions you might have about 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'. And if I do NOT have the topic you are looking for covered yet, just let me know and I will be sure to get TO IT.

Thanks you for stopping by, I really appreciate it and YOU. Be sure to LIKE below if you want you friends to see this entry or Tweet, Google+ YOU know the drill 🙂



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