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Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream

icecream ingredHere is a picture of ALL the ingredients for today's Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream. My Friend Trisha DeVelis on Facebook posted this to my page and asked what I thought. I have to admit after looking at the SHORT ingredients list and the fact the ingredients are pretty good for you I decided then and there this was Recipe FRIDAY for this week. I mean who doesn't like Ice Cream? And if we can find a healthier version that tastes GREAT? Yep, that is what I thought too.

Now the recipe comes from a page on Facebook called The Earth Diet. They have a website, however, I did not find the recipe there as it was listed right on Facebook under an incredible picture of ice cream. lol I don't know if my pics did it the same justice but I will tell you WE LOVED IT. Now remember, this is made with mostly walnuts sooooo it will have a nutty taste but it is addicting which, you know, means DON'T EAT THE WHOLE thing in one sitting. And it should be a treat or snack meal. Not an everyday part of your eating or meal plan.

icecream and me

Here is the recipe:

Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream

2 cup of walnuts
2 cup of water
1 cup of maple syrup or honey
2 tablespoons of cacao powder
1 tablespoon of vanilla extract (optional)
1/2 teaspoon of himalayan or celtic sea salt (optional)ACTION: Either use an ice cream maker, Vitamix or High Speed Blender.
1. On high speed mix all ingredients until smooth fluffy ice cream like consistency.
2. Place in the freezer overnight!
TIP: Freeze for a few hours and then process again in the blender to make it even creamier!+ ADD EXTRA cacao if you like super CHOCOLATE, add extra maple syrup if you like SUPER SWEET!
+ To replace the nuts (for nut allergies) use hemp seeds or sunflower seeds.

I will tell you that I added extra cacao which in my case was carob powder and I did put in some honey as recommended as I LIKE SWEET lol. So I added all the ingredients and blended. Poured into a container to freeze for a few hours and in my case, overnight. Simple, quick and easy! LOVE

icecream blendingicecream before freezer











This morning I re-blended it after it thawed out a little and poured the creamy deliciousness into another container. AND YES I tried it. Lynn tried it and we both LOVED it. Can't wait to give some to the kids. They are going to love it and I will use this recipe as an alternative to store-bought ice cream as we ALL KNOW way too many chemicals in that.

icecream finish

Finished Ice Cream:

icecream done

So this weeks Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream is a winner. Thanks Trisha for sending it along to me to try out. Please give it a shot yourself. If you are an ice cream lover I believe this might be a healthier alternative for you and your family. Now make sure to LIKE below if you like or tweet, Google+, Pinterest and so on. Lots of ways for YOU to share this with those you think might LIKE it. THANK YOU for stopping by and remember we update this site a few times a week so stop back or get out RSS feed so you know when we post again. Have a GREAT weekend 🙂

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  1. Deb Frederick says:

    This will be my treat tonight. I can hardly wait. It is going to take discipline not to eat too much. This is wonderful!!!!! Thanks!!!

    • Deb, and healthy for you but made w walnuts and maple syrup so lots of cals. Let me know how it turned out for you 🙂

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