Revisiting Past Successes for future success

Revisiting Past Successes for Future Success

Revisiting past successes for future success, no matter what the success was in or for, is often a wonderful way to rebuild that confidence that you really can do GREAT things. So with that in mind I went looking at our old business website that we used with our 3rd Personal Training Studio. Second location was in Casselberry, Fl for 5 years and then we hit turbulence, moved to this last location (for 4 years) and then finally sold the studio about 1  1/2 years ago. We sold the studio to get out and LEARN NEW THINGS and DO different stuff as we were definitely getting BURN OUT with the personal training. LOVE to help the peeps, one on one,  but sometimes it is just time to MOVE ON to new challenges and new endeavors. I know YOU have been there and if not, it is coming for you too.  Part of life and part of living. Besides we only planned to stay in PT business till kids got to kindergarten but ... Time for Lynn to get back to speaking and me too. To blogging and changing and becoming and taking what we learned and learn and sharing it along the way.

So this is a re-post and almost exactly as I had written it back in 2010 so enjoy. Remember we all start somewhere and when you see someone who is great at something, they had a beginning and took baby steps too. Added pictures 🙂 This was was THE FAM in about late 2004 at out 2nd studio (out of house - 1st studio) and in real studio in Casselberry, Fl.




Since Lynn and I started our Personal Training Studio eight years ago ***(13 yrs ago today)*** this past January people have often come to us for advice and knowledge of how to get started and what it really takes and many, many other questions along the lines of running a business. So with all past and recent questions in people's minds about what it really takes with knowledge, experience and money I have decided to share our story. If your interested in going down the path of being a Personal Trainer or having your own studio one day then I hope our story inspires and motivates you to realize that you can do it too.

In the fall of 2001 Lynn and I were living in LA in a guest house of friends (yes that would be you Demi and Larry) while Lynn and his assistant (Dawn) worked on getting Lynn gigs public speaking. Lynn just finished writing his book (which we later self published) and was getting some seasoning with sharing his story of inspiration to others. Our plan at that time was to continue along the path of Lynn speaking and getting the book out there and growing it. At this time we had both personal trained people here and there but definitely not as our main source of income. We only planned on being in LA for 3-4 months working it and seeing what happened. Lots of speaking events Lynn did at that time were for gyms, studios and a few business seminar’s.

Well shortly into our stay in LA I realized that I was pregnant and well this was BIG. We didn’t have a home at the time and it was still hit and miss on the speaking gigs and sooooo  the plan now had to change. So we started thinking, talking and questioning - what to do? And the new plan started to get formed.

First I remember we decided what we wanted our life to be like with having kids as a part of it. For example, I was firmly of the mindset that I did NOT WANT my kids in daycare. So that ruled our getting a regular job. Many people don’t realize this but Lynn with HIV is non hireable… most employers want nothing to do with a person that has a life threatening disease. So that ruled out Lynn getting a regular job and anyway neither of us really wanted to get a regular job. Ok, so what to do? Fortunately we had visited many gyms and studios during this time period and it started forming in our heads that hey we can do that too. We can have a studio, bring our child and future children to the studio with us because it’s our business and best of all it keeps us into health and fitness which we both love and need in our lives.

So the picture started to form in our minds. We stared to envision having a studio and helping people change their lives and do the steps that we ourselves had done to transform (thank you Bill Phillips). Now it’s great to have a vision but you must have a plan on how you are going to realize that vision. So on our drive back across the country and up and down the east coast visiting family and sharing the great news of baby soon to be on board with us, we planned. Some questions we asked ourselves that helped create our plan.

1. Where are we right NOW? Ah pregnant without a home or stable environment to bring a baby into this world. Unsteady income… Also WHERE do we want to do this? For us the where was wide open. Where do we want to live? I personally love the sun and believe that I need to live somewhere that it is out a lot so that narrowed down the options for us. So we decided on Orlando because we still had a couple of friends there and a few acquaintances. At this time we had not lived there for three years. I am sure your plan might be where in your town would get the most traffic or visibility for potential clients.

2. Why? And Where are We Going With This? Well the idea was to get our own personal training studio going so we could keep our kids with us while they were young till they get to kindergarten. In fact the time limit we initially planned on having a personal training studio was 5 years. Till our son Brent was in kindergarten. This changed after Erica arrived 20 months after Brent.

3. When are we going to do this? Well for us this was a no-brainer. Like as soon as possible. You know the baby comes out in just 9 months. My plan…something will be in place before this baby arrives!

4. How? OK so this was the toughest question to answer. We didn’t have a home. We only knew a few people in Orlando and we didn’t have a lot of money to invest in this endeavor at that time. But we did have some equipment. Lynn and I always had the basics like a bench with attachments and lots of free weights. So the very first order of business for us …as we were living in a hotel when we got back to Orlando was find a house. In fact our plan was to find a house that we could also train out of. With the plan to build it up and move to an actual studio. Thank you God and friends we found a house we thought would work for us in two weeks. And we moved in and set it up.

The house had a sun room and that room became our studio. Now remember I am pregnant and just getting bigger and bigger everyday. Now to get clients first we were constantly praying and we also never thought for one moment that it wasn’t going to happen. We believed it could and would happen for us. No self doubts even though we really didn’t have too much experience training people and no certifications either at that time. We didn’t know too many people but we knew we HAD TOO MAKE IT WORK as baby was coming soon. So our faith was very strong!

Needless to say getting the clients is very, very important. As it is your business. I was and am the salesperson for our business. Not to say that Lynn never sold it because he did. In fact we often sell it together. What were or are we selling? We are selling you the opportunity to change your life. Just like our lives were changed when we embarked on the path of living with intention and focusing on being healthy and fit our clients lives can as well. And we show them how. We set up our training packages to coincide with Body for Life training and stuff happened. Later and over the years lots and lots of changes and eventually our own system.

Everywhere we went we talked to people about getting healthy and fit. What it takes and that we had a studio to teach them how to do it. In short order we had 11 clients training out of our sun room (2 months). This was a small house and I remember thinking very early on, we have to get this studio our of this house before this baby arrives because it is just not going to work when the baby is here. So we started planning on moving the studio. Also bear in mind that I am a pregnant women and progressively getting more pregnant telling people about getting healthy and fit and guess what …they believed us anyway!

We constantly talked about moving it and looked at locations and one day Lynn goes to a used equipment store to buy some smaller dumbbells like 3, 5 and 8lbs for the women we were training. When he goes into the store the guy working behind the counter recognized him from BFL and in fact pulled his book out and pointed to Lynn in the book and said “Is that You? Sure is and Lynn told him what we were up to and that I was pregnant and that we had a studio out of our home. This guy says hey come check out this studio we have upstairs. Lynn did and within a couple of weeks we took over that studio. This was May 1, 2002 and my son was born the next month of June 18, 2002. So we had done it….

Here are some of our pics, starting with one from our sun room studio in our home when I was preggs with Brent. Yes I worked out the WHOLE pregnancy but still managed to gain 60lbs or so.

Picture 017


studio 7

This picture above is my son Brent at our 2nd studio in Casselberry and yep we started him young working out. Little cutie pie 🙂

This next picture is in our 2nd studio and where the kids played when mommy and daddy trained clients for quite a few years. Erica wasn't born yet but she got to use the PLAY AREA and we enlarged it later lol

studio 4

This is a picture of Lynn training his brother and in the upper left corner you can see our logo at that time and business name: Thrive High International, Inc

studio 5

Erica, my girl with her  brother playing/laying on the equipment studio 2!

Jan Late 2-old 002


Couple pics of Lynn and I training in Casselberry Studio. My baby girl is talking to me while I'm training. uhhhhohhhhhh! Lol

brent 3 039brent 3 001








Our last Personal Training Studio in Longwood, Fl. This is one we sold!

168 - Copy










And there you have. Little bit of Lingenfelter's memory lane. We had such good times and met and helped so many people over the years. It was fun finding some of these pictures and remembering different situations and times. Hope you LIKED this post and like below so your friends can see it too. Or tweet, Pinterest or Google+ because we do them all. And if you haven't subscribed to your FREE "Food and Exercise DAILY JOURNAL" yet you can do it right here and now.


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    Your story never gets old. Never! Let’s see where God takes you guys next! Bless you!!!

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