SMART Goals and Your Health and FItness Success

SMART Goals and Your Health and Fitness Success


If you have not heard of SMART goal setting then today is your day to learn the details so we can use those SMART goals for your health and fitness success.  YAY! If you are planning on jumping aboard and joining my Member's ONLY Next Level Club here at iwilldoit2 then this will be a necessary step for you to do. In fact, that is WHY I am  writing this blog post for today, so you can GET PREPARED for success with your health and fitness goals.

This S.M.A.R.T. is an acronym or abbreviation for steps necessary for you to SET your goal. When I say set, I mean get a pen and paper and let's WRITE out EXACTLY what you are going to be doing here with your daily living to attain your health and fitness goals. The beauty of using this goal setting system is once you get it down here with your health and fitness goals it can be applied to ANY area in your life. Financial, educational, work related, relationships ... you name it.

S = SPECIFIC: all this step means is you CANNOT be vague and say "I want to lose weight". That is NOT specific enough. So instead maybe say "I want to lose specifically 15 pounds".

M = MEASURABLE: goals must be measurable so it must have START parameters and END parameters. Lots of folks use the scale as a measurement tool. Another can be blood pressure numbers, blood glucose numbers or really any health situation or body size like body part measurements that we can measure.

A= ACTIONABLE: Just means you gotta have  DIRECT CONTROL over the outcome. I will tell you right here if you believe your weight is BEYOND your control then, well then message me as we have to have a conference on HOW YOUR BODY works. So let's go with the 'we do have DIRECT control over our health and fitness' and so therefore our behavior will be actionable.

R= REALISTIC: Sometimes when it comes to health and fitness folks get some unrealistic pictures in their heads so when setting a goal, if you don't know if it is realistic, ask someone who does. I will tell you for most folks, over a 12 week period, a realistic weight loss goal would be anywhere from 15 - 25lbs. depending on HOW MUCH you bring to the endeavor. YES don't be shocked as I know, yep I know you put it on WAY, WAY faster than that.

T= TIMED: Finally a goal that is within a time period. So a beginning date and an end date. HELLO 12 week Lifestyle Change!!

Here are some goals that past clients have used for their goal setting.

I'm going to have a personal trainer for 3 weight training sessions a week, cardio 6 mornings a week as soon as I get up and eat 4-6 small meals a day with protein and carbs in every meal 6 days a week and I will lose 15lbs of fat by July 1st, starting April 8th for a full 12 week program.

I am going to cut out all processed foods from my eating, eat 4-6 times a day proteins and carbs, do body pump 3 times a week and walk/run 3 times a week and lose 20lbs of body fat from April 8th through July 1st.

I am joining a gym so I can spend 1 hour a day either weight training and/or cardio'ing 6 days a week. I will eat 4-6 small protein and carb real food meals through out the day for 6 1/2 days a week, veggies with at least 2 meals a day. I will have one window of 4 hours, every week, to have foods that are not healthy for me and I will lose 20lbs starting April 8th and finishing July 1 st for a complete 12 week program.

I do believe the more specific you are with your goals and how you are going to attain them, the better. Like the first and 2nd goal up above is good but not quite as specific as the third goal. You might also notice that all the goals I listed had body weight as the measuring tool and that does not have to be how you do it. I have had clients have goals to increase their bone density numbers so they would get a bone density exam before starting with me and another exam after a specific time period. Also blood pressure and MEDICATION usage are BIGGIES for measuring progress on getting healthier and fitter. Or even a combination of measuring tools. Like maybe measuring your body fat when you start the program. Measuring your blood pressure and medication usage too. I often also suggest to measure your body parts with a measuring tape as well just because THE SCALE just has too much power sometimes over folks mindsets and ability to move forward with your goals at times.

Lastly, I highly RECOMMEND that you WRITE your goal down and place it somewhere that you can see it and read it at least twice a day. Like maybe on your mirror in the bathroom. Yep, so when you are brushing your teeth in the morning and at night you get the added pleasure of reading WHERE YOU ARE GOING and HOW you are getting there. YAY! Say yes to these SMART goals and your health and fitness success.Here is a link to a site that you can join for FREE that will walk you through the steps if need be: 101 Smart Goals

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