Supplements for Getting Healthy and fit

Supplements for Getting Healthy and Fit



This topic 'Supplements for getting healthy and fit' is HUGE. Like really anyone could write SEVERAL books and probably still not cover it all. So in the interest of my audience that I usually am writing or speaking to this will be THE VERY BASICS of supplements per my experience, knowledge and opinion.

Let me start by saying YOU DO NOT GET HEALTHY AND FIT BECAUSE OF SUPPLEMENTS. There I said it and because it is in caps I said IT LOUDLY. You have no idea how many times I have had clients and just folks ask my what supplement created that body or what supplements got this one or that one so healthy and fit. Uuuurrrrrhggggg ummm NONE. Listen let's discuss first WHAT IS A SUPPLEMENT? From Merriam-Webster Dictionary:

A: something that completes or makes an addition

OK so if a supplement is something that completes or makes an addition too it is "NOT IT".  NOT THE CAUSE of someone getting healthy and fit. It has it's uses and serves it's purpose depending on what YOU are trying to do with your health and fitness goals. It adds to what you are currently doing for your goal.

Like someone who is just trying to get healthy and fit and lose some body fat will be and should be a lot less concerned with supplements than someone looking to be NUMERO UNO in the bodybuilding industry. You agree with that right? My audience with this blog site is pretty much just regular folks looking to get healthy and fit and lose some body fat so that is what we will be focused on with this post today.

With that in mind let's talk about our lives. I think the question most regular folks want answered is:  DO I NEED TO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS and then IF I DO WHICH ONES and finally HOW DO I FIND A  TRUSTWORTHY BRAND TO USE?

Do I need to take supplements?

Real simple answer here would be maybe the very basics. Now I know that is NOT what you see and hear on Dr. Oz and from ALL THE SUPPLEMENT companies but it is what I believe. I believe that EVERYONE should be eating REAL FOOD and drinking water regularly. There isn't ANY SUPPLEMENT that interacts with your cells and your biochemistry like REAL FOOD DOES. But yes a good quality vitamin and mineral supplement as well as a quality Essential Fatty Acid (EFA) supplement wouldn't be a bad idea.

A couple more supplements that ARE NOT REQUIRED for your good health but can be used for CONVENIENCE are Whey Protein and Meal Replacement Shakes. Both can be replaced with real food if opposed to supplements.

Personally I LOVE whey protein and use it every day with my oatmeal breakfast as I don't want to cook my protein source so I drink it. In the past, with our clients we often had them use Meal Replacement Shakes to help them for convenience at work, to help them control their calories for the day and to help them get used to meal sizes. DO YOU HAVE TO USE THEM? No, totally up to you.

I will tell you most Figure Competitors ONLY EAT REAL FOOD for most of their 12 week contest prep period. WHY? Because there is no better way to control chemicals and you eat food as NATURALLY as you can. Very few supplements beside fat burners and thermogenics used. And NO YOU DON'T need those either.


Ok I think I pretty much answered this question up above. Look for a quality vitamin and mineral supplement. Possibly a quality EFA supplement and if you choose a Whey Protein and Meal Replacement Shakes. If you don't eat veggies or do salads then maybe a GREENS mix for your smoothie &/or juicing too.


And this is the tough question as there are literally thousands and thousands of supplements and hundreds of companies ALL CLAIMING TO BE INCREDIBLE. There are a couple folks that I listen to when it comes to companies and what products work. Here is a couple links that might prove useful to you.



Now with the BrinkZone link, I personally tend to look for folks that have been around, have a track record and KNOW what they are talking about and don't actually sell the supplements themselves. Or if they do sell the supplements then they PROCLAIM that and don't hide it. So honesty and real answers and not just a sales pitch. This guy, Will Brink has been in fitness for a long time and he actually wrote a GREAT book called the Sports Supplement Bible and if you are really interested in digging deep then maybe this is for you. Great reference tool.

There you have it folks. I have personally gone onto and looked at companies that have been around for awhile that have a good following from fitness peeps and those fitness peeps are not spokespeople for that product. Because as you know, if they are spokepeeps then they are just selling the product and not necessarily using it. NO I want to know what they are really using as that is THE PRODUCT that most likely is QUALITY. I have found my Whey protein in this manner. I use Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold Standard and I've been using it for YEARS. You will also notice that there are lots of reviews by users of the products and I really like that too.

Hope this short, brief blog gives you some direction to go when deciding on if, when and what you should do about supplements. Remember LIKE below if you LIKED this so your friends can read it too or PINTEREST, Google+ or even tweet. However you roll. Thanks for stopping by and if you have not subscribed for your FREE "Food and Exercise DAILY JOURNAL" ($18 value) you can do so NOW right here 🙂








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