Supplements to get healthy and fit?

Supplements to get healthy and fit?

Do you need to use supplements to get healthy and fit?


That is the question I have been asked a lot lately. What between Advocare, Isogenics and Shakeology and all the pushing of the supps you would think like many folks think, that YOU HAVE TO USE A SUPPLEMENT TO GET HEALTHY AND FIT.

those who think they have NO TIME for healthy eating, will sooner or later have to find time for illness

I will be honest with you and tell you for the longest time, way back in the late 1990's I did believe that I needed to use a Meal Replacement Shake twice a day to help me get fitter (smaller). I know it worked because it reduced my overall calories everyday and so then therefore I would lose body fat as I did weight train and cardio too. It made my life and my food choices easier and I didn't have to prep and plan, I could just grab a shake or a bar. It was the way I was first introduced to this transformation stuff. Body-for-Life anyone? Yes a supplement company selling supplements and using a contest to do it.

OK so for me, back then that was  THE WAY I first began on this journey that now has me teaching and preaching 'healthy living for life'. Boy I have come a long way since then and now I KNOW you can really just eat real food and get healthy and fit. As that is mostly how I live now and have for quite some time. Eventually you have to 'make friends with food' and live your life.

Yesterday I was hanging with a girlfriend and she was telling me about her husband having a lose weight contest at work and how he got discouraged as many of his co-workers were losing 'lots of weight' and using Advocare and that got him thinking that Advocare HAD TO BE USED TO LOSE THE WEIGHT. No other way and he was at a disadvantage as he wasn't using it.


So, if you know me at all, have read or heard me with this losing weight stuff, I had a problem with basing this whole contest on SCALE WEIGHT first of all as anyone can starve down 10, 20, 30 pounds and this IS NOT HEALTHY. But OK folks can still lose weight on a scale using real food too.

It's all about the calories. Most folks use supplements in place of real food and it reduces their total calories and so then they 'lose weight' which everyone hopes is fat weight and not muscle weight. Lots of factors involved to determine that.



Did my friends husband need to use Advocare to compete with his co-workers?


I know EVERYONE and their mother thinks YOU JUST GOTTA HAVE THE SUPPS TO COMPETE but no, NO and NO YOU DON'T.

Can you use them? Sure, but you don't NEED THEM. In fact, I believe eventually you will still have to address how to eat REAL FOODS and stay healthy and fit while eating real foods at some point in your life if you use supps while getting healthy and fit or losing weight as you might be thinking about it.

permanent results come from permanent changes

One of the cons of using supps (IMO) is that folks don't LEARN how to eat, make, live with eating real foods and when they stop using shakes or bars then what? Pour the weight back on?


This whole idea that I teach and preach here is about LIVING LIFE with healthy habits that are permanent and sustainable for the rest of your life. So once you get healthy and fit, you stay healthy and fit.

Doesn't that sound like a great idea? Get healthy and fit and then STAY HEALTHY AND FIT as it has become your lifestyle and it includes real foods that everyone eats without crazy eating plans and crazy lifestyles that are unsustainable.

What do you think? Do you think you HAVE TO USE SUPPS to get healthy and fit? Or do you see where it could become a problem down the road? Or do you think you can and will use the supps for the rest of your life? Hmmm Talk to me.

Here is a link for a blog I wrote earlier about supps and getting healthy and fit. Lots more info in that blog plus this one and you know where I am at with this topic.

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