The Secret to Getting Healthy and fit is DOING!

The Secret to Getting Healthy and fit is DOING!

The Secret to Getting Healthy and Fit is DOING!

Hopefully many of you reading this know that I have a Member's ONLY Next Level Club group which is a 12 Week Lifestyle Change group where I take folks through 12 Weekly Action Steps to hopefully HELP and GUIDE you on the way to LEARNING how to get healthy and fit.

In this learning how to get healthy and fit, it most often is about learning about your own body. Like foods you like. Foods your body likes. Exercise that you like and that is helpful to you. About learning to LIVE DIFFERENTLY then you lived when unhealthy and unfit.

So you have to step out of your comfort zone and DO stuff different. Live everyday different. Different foods, different way to spend your time.

This is where it gets hard. Folks want to oftentimes join and watch. Join and wait and see what happens.

It takes a PLAN and WORKING that plan, everyday, even when you don't want to. Even when you don't see it working. Working your plan and trusting the outcome even when the outcome is not so clear.

Yes, having faith that if you eat different, eat healthy foods in small portions and exercise then you WILL GET HEALTHY AND FIT.

I had a good group of folks for my initial 12 Week Lifestyle Change and I would say that the folks that did best were the ones that got involved with our group with accountability and talked/wrote about challenges and successes along the way. GOT INVOLVED which reinforced the DOING of this process.

Yes it is a process that requires daily intentional living that anyone can do but you still HAVE TO DO IT.

I think sometimes folks join stuff and think I am going to miraculously make them healthy and fit. Listen, if I could, I would but you will appreciate it much, much more working for it yourself. Plus you get to know your body and health like no other and you will always KNOW WHAT TO DO in the future and beyond. No one can ever take that away from you cause you earned it and learned it đŸ™‚

If you are interested in joining my group here is the link: Next Level Club

I can guarantee that you will have the tools necessary for some health and fitness changes however, how much healthier and fitter you get? That  is ALL UP TO YOU.

So be ready to commit, to participate and to LEARN new things about YOU.

See you in our group!

God Bless YOU,


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