Time for Jesus-Shaped Spirituality for my Life!

Time for Jesus-Shaped Spirituality for my life!


The most important part of my life is my Faith and it is time for Jesus-shaped spirituality for my life!! I am ready to make my life Jesus-Shaped. I am not talking about religion or the man-made traditions of church; I am talking about a relationship with the Savior of this fallen world. There is a tolerance of almost anything, but Jesus. I am going to keep telling the good news of Jesus no matter how much this world says keep it to yourself. I am not going to stop talking about Jesus Christ for fear of being rejected ever again!

When I look back at my Life, I see a person just trying to belong and be accepted in this big world. I really enjoyed running with the in crowd. I was "the happy-go-lucky" guy  in spite of surviving so many painful events both mentally and physically. Adversity was my middle name. Lol!

Looking back to November 11th, 1983 - as I laid on that mountain alone dying from a gunshot, I made my deal with God. I promised to serve Him the rest of my life if he would let me live. Just seconds later I saw God's hand come down to cover me. His huge hand was transparent white. No this was not my imagination because I was still very alert. When I saw God's hand cover me... He said deal!! I have broken my deal with God over and over with my selfish nature.  I know God is holding me to the deal and I will now focus my eyes only on Jesus until my last breath.

My intent now is to fully walk with Jesus as a rebel - No more sitting on the fence when sharing my Life Story!! God has me right where I belong and is preparing me  to fulfill my Purpose! No this is not some emotional high I am on right now but rather a decision or choice  to Fight the Good Fight! I have never felt more alive on this journey to live for Christ! I have been broken and humbled by tragedy many times during my life and now I know why... to prepare me for service to help get more souls into the Kingdom. My testimony will not be watered down to be accepted by this world anymore. Jesus is my Savior!

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