Update on my 30 day blog Challenge Part 2

Update on my 30 day blog Challenge Part 2

So we had Part 1 and today is the update on my 30 day blog challenge Part 2 🙂

So much learned and so many great blogger's that I virtually met and learned from and will continue to learn from well into the future.

Again, I want to start with and thank Beth Hewitt and her Simply Blogging Network for putting on this 30 day Blog Challenge and inspiring me and others to participate and raise the bar on our blogging.

So here is my list of blogger's who impacted me over this 30 day challenge and maybe they will impact you and help you solve some problems too.

1. Michelle Fantanza Arbore with her site Savvysocialmedia4U where she shares her expertise on social media and how to make social media work for you and your business. She offers a FREE eBook on Facebook for Business to help you get started and has a newsletter you can sign up for as well. If this is an area you need help in then look her up.

2. Amethyst Mahoney and her site Limitless Abundance where you will 'Unlock Your Purpose and Get Paid to do What You Love'. Amethyst has interesting blogs that help you ask and answer questions so you can make decisions to move forward with your life and goals. If you are looking to live your purpose and get paid for it be sure to check this site out.

3. Agnes Knowles who has a site called AgnesKnowles.ca and her site is all about 'Retirement? What The Hell Happened?' Self explanatory there Agnes helps folks prepare for their retirement through coaching, mentoring and through online business. Go to her site and sign up for her free copy of Retirement? 8 Vital Insights.

4. Next we have KeriKight's site  where she states, 'I'm here to help you take charge of life and become a stronger and happier woman'. Keri also offer's a FREE eBook "5 Secrets to Living a Happy, Healthy Life" so be sure to get your copy today. Keri shares a lot of her life experiences and her posts are very enjoyable and relatable.

5. Another wonderful lady Sharon Williams and her site WilliamsAuthor deserve some recognition. Sharron first got my attention as she offers a FREE eBook download of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill who is an author that I LOVE. Sharron site - 'Providing Tips & Tools to Help You Find & Achieve Your Dreams'. Sharron also has written several books herself on business and LIFE so be sure to check her site our if this is of interest to YOU.

6. Rachael Phillips and her blog are ALL about Notes on; lifestyle, wellness, money, creativity, building a personal brand and online business, travel and anything else that will result in living a better,simpler, more joyful life… She states her tag line as 'A Blog on Living, Working & Playing - Better' and yes her blog is very personable and she has a few things in common with me like living healthy and RECIPES so if this is an area you need to solve some problems in be sure to check her blog out 🙂

7. Paulie Callaghan has a great blog and he shares lots about the mindset and the philosophy of becoming successful and changing your habits and your life to live to your fullest potential. Paudie also has a FREE eBook 'How to Make This Year THE YEAR' so be sure to get your copy today if you are looking for insights and knowledge along these lines.

8. Marty Simons has a very informative and enjoyable site. She tends to bring a lot of herself and her experiences to her blog posts. Marty's site is all about 'Internet Marketing Training & Tips' and I know I've personally learned a few things from Marty. If you are interested in learning more, Marty has a sign up area for you to receive regular Marketing tips so be sure to sign up NOW.

9. Leanne Chessar has a great site all about GRATITUDE. I know I forget sometimes to focus on what I am grateful for and I know it really helps with our daily attitudes what we are focusing on so this site, Gratitude Messages, and Leanne's blog posts were awesome for reminders of the more important things. 'Express What's In You'  Leanne often has GRATITUDE challenges so be sure to sign up.

That is it for today's bloggers that I wanted to give a shout out to but I have to tell you, we had so many more bloggers involved in this challenge and I really just touched on a few here. There are so many more. Hope you enjoyed my update on my 30 day blog challenge part 2 🙂

I would recommend this challenge to anyone and I will be signing up for the next one. Of course, that will be after I get caught up on Beth's webinars that I have still to watch and learn from. SOOOO MUCH INFORMATION.

Thank YOU bloggers for making this past month the LEARNING experience it was. Let's do it again sometime.

For those visiting (and are not the bloggers I mention above lol) and reading this blog post be sure to let me know in the comments if you stopped by any of these sites. LOVE the feedback.

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Thanks for stopping by and supporting this blog site.

God Bless YOU,


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  1. Have to agree, we have met some lovely people and learnt so many new tips and gained some great information. Looking forward to the next challenge.
    Merle Gibbins recently posted…Corporate Giveaways To Make You Stand Out From The CrowdMy Profile

  2. I am sure you enjoyed the blogging challenge. You are so right, we got the opportunity to raise the bar on our blogging efforts. It is also great to watch others do their thing. Hopefully we will continue to interact after the challenge is over.
    Princess Shimari recently posted…HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS SEEDS can contribute to your HEALTHY LIFESTYLEMy Profile

  3. I’m so thankful that I’ve met you during this challenge Evey. I love that I’ve found other blogs that I can come back to after the challenge, especially yours. I have learned so much on this challenge that will help me in my business.
    Keri Kight recently posted…Have you lost your voice?My Profile

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